1. 92tmorgan


    Im about 4 months in and only able to do about a 180 degree bundle. Will this affect my gains? Is there something I can do to help this or does it not matter?
  2. 92tmorgan

    Shoulder surgery

    I recently had to have surgery in my shoulder because of a snowboarding injury. Now I’m limited to one hand. I’ve was going pretty hard at it with LM3 bundles BTC stretches. But now with the one arm out of commission I’m wondering what I can try and do to make up for the force of pulling with...
  3. K

    Cheap extender?

    Id much prefer to buy one from mos but i just dont have the money for one that price rn is there any good ADS devices under maybe 70 bucks anyone could recommend.
  4. N

    If i stretch 3-4 times is better than 1-2?

    I am currently doing the phase 4 routine : DLD's Shock Stretch Super-Sets This is done everyday! Bundled A-Stretch Blasters Get into the Bundled A-Stretch. Once in position stretch at 80% strength while doing a 5 second kegel smoothly go into a reverse kegel stretching at 100% for 10 seconds...
  5. A

    Doggy-Dong Stretch

    Hey, whats up guys, long time lurker here. First time posting :) I have started with a another stretching exercise and wanted to ask you guys if you have done this before because I have never read anything about it here. Its basically a lig stretch/behind the ass stretch but with a different...
  6. H

    How to do the RB fake arm stretch

    I'm currently doing the dld blasters with my length master but my hands get too tired and it's now affecting my routine. Dld said I can use the RB fake arm to take the stress off my hands when using the length master. The problem is, I don't know how to do the RB fake arm stretch. Can you guys...
  7. R

    Silisleeves work on the SizeDoctor for a much better stretch

    It got me thinking yesterday after reading several threads about this device. So, at night, alone :) I got the SizeDoctor from his cave, and decided to do some experimentation with the silisleeves (movember) and the results...... I managed to fit inside without much problem at all...
  8. Sycheaus

    Teaching partner PE exercises?

    Have any of the brothers ever taught their significant other any enlargement techniques to practise on you? My girl has expressed interest in me showing her some manual work for her to do on me, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or experiences to share? Thinking I'll show her how to...
  9. W

    First time __________ stretch - INSANE !

    Hello people yesterday I tried that __________ stretch, I am still newbie and my routine is that made by DLD, I dont use bundled stretch because I cant maintain good grip it hurts my glans, __________ stretch suits me fine and all I can saw is WOW, cant tell if Im doing it correctly but it works so...
  10. Avglen61

    PE without equipments

    Has anybody tried PE without equipments...... I have been doing PE(without equipment) since November and I have only gained so little...... Is PE really possible without equipments? I am sharing my current routine Feel free to advice some changes..... Stretch Day: Phase 1: DLD A stretches...
  11. E

    Hydrocortisone and stretch marks

    Hey y'all. Been doing the newbie routine for almost 6 weeks now and a couple weeks ago I read on here that hydrocortisone was good to apply after stretching. I tried doing this for a week or so but I thought I was seeing the beginning of stretch marks. I see that a potential side effect of...
  12. J


    Hi, does anyone have experience with phallogauge I can get it on but it slips of easy and it only seems to stretch my ligaments not the shaft of my penis .. also if you stretch the ligaments does this make your erection angle lower instead of point upwards? Thanks.
  13. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...
  14. B

    doubt about the bundled

    dld in srt you say we should do 5 to 10 minutes of bundled before the exercises, should i hold 10 minutes the bundled? or should I split and in how many split second bundled?
  15. A

    Wearing it on the golf course?

    Is the pf concealable enough to not be noticed wearing it on the golf course?
  16. T

    I can’t gain girth for the life of me.

    So for the last 5 months I’ve been so busy with everything I can’t dedicate hour on hour to PE. My routine has been 5 min tunica stretch each way and than 15-20 min in the bath are. During my one month off I was doing your bath mate sessions every day. I didn’t see a little little bit of...
  17. C

    Unable to hold stretches at all

    The only factor limiting my growth at this point is my inability to hold stretches for over 20 or so seconds (and after those 20 seconds I need to take a break for about one minute because my hand is so tired). I have the time, motivation, etc. to grow, but this one factor is just destroying...
  18. A

    Flaccid hang/public nudity help

    Hey all. So i live close to sf and like to go to the events and walk around nude. When hard im 7.2 inches x 4.6 inches but soft im like 1.5 inches. Ive never been consistent with PE but even using the bathmate before the parade doesnt help much im larger for like maybe half an hour. I see...
  19. IamSpartacus

    Tunica deformation

    We have heard about the deformation of tissues and cementing them. However I have heard once the tunica is stretched it's permanently stretched like a piece of leather so therefore is cementing required for the tunica? Or is this just for the ligaments suspencery and fundiform ligaments? I...
  20. K

    Uncle Jim’s Wrap Video

    Anyone know whe I can find a tutorial video of how to wrap using the Uncle Jim’s Wrap technique?
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