1. N

    Pop when expressive stretching

    While I was doing expressive stretching while erect and was griping at the base suddenly I heard a pop like cracking your fingers . Is it normal and safe ? Generally is something good or bad ?
  2. Hung-Honcho

    wearing a sleeve after hanging / stretching

    Hi guys @DLD @stillwantmore @REDZULU2003 @Lightning @arkailija I have been thinking if it would be a good idea to find a penis sleeve that's about 8.5 or 9 inches long and then wear that after PE to maintain the stretch and prevent turtling. Maybe wear it for 20 - 30 minutes. Would this help...
  3. M4L!K

    Penis stretching and legs flexibility

    Hi it's M4L!K I wanna share with you something, when I do basic stretching, sometimes I attempt to put a straight leg on a couch edge or something high enough at 11 o'clock, and the other leg straight from the ground at 6 o'clock, and do my stretches. When I do that I can feel the ligaments...
  4. C


    I’m looking for a little advice from some of you PE veterans.... would I be better off substituting another daily hanging session in lieu of 15 minutes of jelqing? I don’t have time for both. I’ve read several places that you increase both length and girth from hanging. I currently do...
  5. smokey622


    I guess I am suffering from the spoils of the LM. I am traveling right now and pretty much the only time I can do PE is when I am in my bed (privacy). I know that sounds weird but thats just the way it is lol. Suggestions on how I can do the beginner routine stretches without the LM and...
  6. Naranjito

    What is this feeling while stretching?

    Hello brothers, I have been feeling something since i started stretching. It is like something in the base or inner pennis that I feel when i stretch to the right, and more when i start the stretch stright out and the keeping the tension I go to the right. It is like a cable tension or something...
  7. J

    How long should we wear the sleeve after hanging & or stretching?

    Hey peeps. So I've seen some slight gains from some work I've done with hanging & the length master. I took a break due to some stresses but I also know my gains would come faster if I use the sili sleeve after I hang & or stretch. Sometimes I hang durig the day & most of the time I hang...
  8. Sycheaus

    Stretching seriously

    SO, I have used a bathmate, air pump, extender, wrapping and a slew of manual work to get from 5.5-5.75 EL to 7.25-7.5. Currently just post bathmate session I hit 8 barely with a bone pressed measurement. Was considering starting a stretching routine as it sounds to be the most productive...
  9. T

    Sleeves stretching out

    I purchased a few sleeves. After a few weeks of wear, they have stretched out and no longer fit like they did when they were new (perferct fit). How can this be prevented? Thanks!
  10. Avglen61

    PE without equipments

    Has anybody tried PE without equipments...... I have been doing PE(without equipment) since November and I have only gained so little...... Is PE really possible without equipments? I am sharing my current routine Feel free to advice some changes..... Stretch Day: Phase 1: DLD A stretches...
  11. Avglen61

    Basic Stretching

    Hey everyone.... I have been doing PE for 5 months and only recently i have came to know about MOS.... I have a simple question which has been bothering me for a month now..... The question is: When doing basic stretching(stretching your penis with your hands), are we supposed to stretch with or...
  12. bigogeek

    Glans sensitivity during stretching exercises

    Lately, I've been watching some videos to see the correct technique of different stretches and I have realized that a lot of guys from those videos actually grip under the glans but also in the middle of them. Does not hurt you/them? Or it's only that I have more sensitivity for being a total...
  13. J


    Hi, does anyone have experience with phallogauge I can get it on but it slips of easy and it only seems to stretch my ligaments not the shaft of my penis .. also if you stretch the ligaments does this make your erection angle lower instead of point upwards? Thanks.
  14. B

    doubt about the bundled

    dld in srt you say we should do 5 to 10 minutes of bundled before the exercises, should i hold 10 minutes the bundled? or should I split and in how many split second bundled?
  15. N

    Discomfort at base with O ring

    Just curious if I’m the only one who experiences this uncomfort but the best way to describe it is stickiness at my base where the O ring is at, it feels like a slight burn. Does anyone have any remedies? I was thinking of just using a little baby powder maybe that would help, unless anyone has...

    Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  17. C

    Estimated arrival?

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing around the MOS forums along with other PE forums for a while now and trying to gather as much information as I can about the Phallosan Forte and I've made the decision that I would like to buy it. The only question that I have is how long will the product...
  18. D

    How Long Should It Take To See Results?

    I've been at it, 20 min of jelq plus 20 min of hard stretching, for probably 2 months now and nothing has changed at all. My eq isn't even all that great. Should I be getting some tiny amount of growth by now or not?
  19. G

    Tapered Girth

    Hi all, at the moment I’m doing some jelqs size genetics stretching and dld superset bathmate/SSJ’s. My girth is 6’’ base girth 5.25 mid and 5 just below head. What exercise would be good to equal it out? I would like to get to 6’’ all over.
  20. V

    New member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Based in UK - PE'ing on and off for a while. Was 5.5BPEL x 4.8 Max 6.5BPEL x 5 Now 6.25BPEL x 5 Main method Phallosan. Interested in pumping, will look into. I usually put a small sleeve on to get a supertight seal - it's a bit of a squeeze but...
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