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  • Hello,
    Hope all is well with you. I was wondering how your progress with Bundled stretched is going. I'm done with my first month, so far only flaccid stretched gains. Apologies if this sint the right way to message someone, I'm still new to this forum. Best of luck.
    Hi REDZULU2003, I am starting again this PE journey after a 3 years break , i want to start from the beginning. I know you are Pro in this community and dont mind me asking some guidance from you. I appreciate the knowledge you share in this forum. Can you suggest me a good beginner routine? Thanks
    Hey zulu i have a question, i was clsmping but didnt notice gains after 9 months, now i switched to ssj + pumping 5x5x3 but what is better ssj with a device or with the hand?
    i have a question please , a week ago , i was stretching to the left and i felt a sharp pain in the base then i warmed down and stoped , the next day i've got a nice morning wood but my erections felt bit hallow and penis was bent to the right a bit , i stopped exercising but i still fill sometimes a little pain in the area , is it possible that i might get a serious injury and what should i do please ?
    I’m trying to get into clamping(never done before), my routine so far
    Bundled Stretching
    5 minutes. 2.5 minutes to the left and 2.5 minutes to the right.
    Three 10 Minute Sets Hangin
    Set one: 1 1/2 pounds
    Set two: 3 pounds
    Set three: 5 pounds
    Expressive Stretching
    10 minutes
    Erect Stretches
    One set a week of 10 minutes
    Kegel Work
    As much and as many as you can do daily.
    To be determined
    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
    Hey man.....I know, with your experience on the constrictor topic, and PE in general.....you probably get a ton of questions.....But, I hoped you didn't mind answering a couple for me. They're not dumb ones, at least I think, and I did search first! Lol. Hate when guys ask a basic question, that's been asked, and answered, a thousand times, in 100 different threads, just cause they didn't want to do a little digging........those are the ones not getting results IMHO....! Thank you!
    I have a question about Tao Jelqs

    I have been thinking about doing erect Jelqs since it brings great Girth gains as some guys claim but I also want a bigger head as well. So are erect Jelqs the same as tao jelqs and will this technique not just help with a bigger glans but the penis shaft as well?
    Can you send me links to a pumping routine you recommend for a pumper that has been pumping for 6months. I pump for fifteen min in the morning and evening, 7-10 hg for the a.m. Session and 5hg for the p.m. Session. Thanks.
    hi red

    you say you have a 7" girth do you have any pictures


    I just never seen 7" girth and would love to see what it looks like thats all.

    My main area im going for is girth and I was hoping to get to 6" I am currently 5" midshaft.

    Thanks mate and all the best
    RedZulu Hello i signed up for a membership back on 02/29/2012 and i haven't gotten a username and password my email is itachi0224@hotmail.com you think you can help out by giving me some info to shed some light why it might be taking so long
    Hi Red,

    Could I PM you? I've lurked on the forum on and off for a while, and need some help.. I want to order some PE equipment (Length Master & clamps) but has to be delivered to where I live (in the middle east). I just want someone to take personal charge of packaging & shipping (to a US address, from where it'll be forwarded to me) so that it can pass customs as hardware or exercise equipment etc.

    There is absolutely *NO* risk whatsoever involved for you (or whoever helps me) as far as I can see.. I just want someone trustworthy cos I'll obviously be paying them in advance for the equipment & I want to make sure whoever it is doesn't run off with my money or something LOL.
    I have, from your forum activity (and your signature), always regarded you as an upstanding guy with good principles, so I would prefer you to be the one to help me. (naturally I'll try to recompense you for your trouble in addition to equipment cost).

    Let me know if you can help me.. thanks!
    It means nothing to me and is pretty biased. You fail to mention how much help we have offered here for you! myself incl. I got you back on the forums because I KNEW it helped you. You PROMISED me that no more shit would start, bit you lied and started making more accounts to cause trouble. Dont deny this, we have the proof. What did it, is the fact you hate MOS so much to place corrupt coded scripts so that we get false malware warnings to whoever visits here. That isn't hacking by the way, your a script kiddie! It will be dealt with and once that is completed expect Mike to file charges against you.
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