1. stillwantmore

    My Review Of Bandits' Silicone Sleeves

    Hey everyone. First off, thanks Bandit for sending me a sleeve to review. I chose a 8 inch long sleeve. The inside diameter appears to be a little over an inch. That's fine, as this sleeve is very stretchy. If you cut it to the approximate width you think you want first, roll it up for...
  2. J


    Hey guys! I just have a small question, should I be targeting discoloration while I get to my ideal size or should I wait until I achieve my final goal to do it?
  3. B

    Is a cock ring able to keep you at 95-100% erection for intercourse?

    Is a cock ring able to keep you at 95-100% erection for intercourse? If so whats the best one? My ex and I didnt use condoms for years but we have broken up and unfortunately for me condoms cause me to go limp once inside the vagina.
  4. R

    Questions about the phallosan

    I bought the phallosan forte a month and I have some questions 1. Should I wear the protective sleeve? It seems that it suppresses the head and I’m thinking that could be bad? 2. I can not get seem to get a good suction. I had it on once for an hour and it fell off. I can’t risk having it...
  5. S

    My unit wont stop turtling and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Its like all my junk wants to do is to turtle. No matter what i do , all it wants to do is to turtle. It was like this even before PE. Its beginning to Piss me off cause my flacid size is tiny because of this issue. Its like whenever i start moving or walking , it begins to turtle. After a good...
  6. T

    Do cold showers kill gains?

    I love taking cold showers but the penis isn't as stretchy after a cold shower than a hot shower it seems like my penis shrinks in this I'm guessing it kills the gains when you are resting?
  7. T

    Penis is getting harder to stretch

    So my routine has been 40 minutes hanging 5 min tunica and than newbie routine stretching and than 40 minutes hanging. 10 minute jelqing than cool down. Ive been doing this 6 days on 1 day off for the last 4 weeks going on 5 weeks. But this week Ive noticed my penis is getting tougher to...
  8. A

    silicone sleeves

    does anyone know where to buy different size sleeves, diameter not just length...
  9. C

    Got my LengthMaster today!!! Have some questions

    I was jumping up and down for joy this morning when it showed up. I've watched the videos on it and it seems pretty easy to use. I clamped myself in and away I went... Maybe it's because it was my first time using it or maybe I was doing something wrong but it was uncomfortable when I started...
  10. megamike

    stretching and stiffness

    my penis feels stiff and unstretchy like it used to be,why is this happening and how can I prevent it?
  11. T

    Penis still wont stretch...

    Ive posted this so many times but still someone has yet too help me. My penis isnt stretchy during routines anymore. Like i tug ans pull as hard as i can but it feels like its being held back by something. Yes i warm up yes i do bundled stretches beforehand. But my dick just wont stretch...
  12. T

    2 Inches or More Girth Gain

    Looking for members of the brotherhood or somebody you know that has gained 2 inches or more in girth to share their experience in gaining girth. What were your or their routines and how long it took?
  13. D

    Viagra/ cialis. Generic or brand name

    Hello guys. Just Want to know who has experience wth both "generic" and brand name cialis and/or viagra Do you notice a difference a difference in quality between the generic or brand name? I'm asking from a PE standpoint, as to which is more beneficial. I've been using "cialis"...
  14. eugine8plz

    Best substitute silicone sleeves for Phallosan Forte?

    I bought a phallosan recently and should be coming in the mail soon. I have been hearing that the sleeves that come with it arnt very good sleeves, they rip easily, and they help lose suction fast. So i am wondering what silicone sleeves you guys have used as substitutes for the phallosan and...
  15. T

    Homemade glands protector cap?

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my phallosan forte but I believe it's the last piece of the puzzle. I would like the help of the brotherhood to collaborate on the best way to protect the glands in the phallosan forte. The piece of cotton ball doesn't seem to be enough. What happens is when...
  16. P

    How to stay elongated all day without having to worry about circulation?

    Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while, I'm getting back into PE mainly because I had quite a scare I've been taking supplements to help inhibit DHT,and also because of my disability I don't get regular erection throughout the dayand in these situations penis has been known to permanently...
  17. T

    How to wrap with the LengthMaster?

    Ive searched videos on it before, and Ive done what Im instructed and I wrap it like I should with pre tape layer than layer it with tape or a wrap. when I do the BTC stretch its fine, but once I get to the straight out stretches (this is the newbie routine btw) when I pull my dick head is in so...
  18. M

    great gain

    started two.months ago bearly.measured cause I didn't month and.i went from 5.5 to.6.5 hell yaaaa feeling like a king and girth went.from 5.5 to.6
  19. habban

    Penis curve and girth

    Hello! I have the standard regular curve on my shaft that you can see in some guys, and the thing is that i can't get my base of the penis inside a toilet roll on 5.5 inches when i'm hard. Between the area where the curve of my penis starts at the base i can measure at the very base 5.2...
  20. D

    How Important is Heat in PE?

    How important is heat while doing PE? Some swear by it. I find when I use heat my penis is more "stretchy" after but is it important or not?
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