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  • Hi mate, Ive got Peyronies and was wondering if you had a some advice for me. I'm currently using Penimaster pro for 2-3 hours per day & twice daily pumping...
    My bend is 40-45 degrees to the left...
    Hey GS, im a fellow PE bro looking for a little more insight to what you said in your story, you mentioned gettin passed or level with exit point and what not. I was lost of the whole concept of what you meant behind that and just wanted to know exactly what you meant. You talked about the gooch area (between anus and testies). What do you mean with all that info and how to get more length? Thank you in advance.
    I am back on line and will try and help as much as I can. I defeated the dreaded Peyronies disease and hope I can help others with that. I also have a long history of PE and have done just about if not everything that there is to do in the lengthening and also girth area. We all learn over the time spent what works and what doesn't and what gives lasting results. Be glad to help any of you in any area.
    German Stallion's Paradoxical Pullout
    I really like this Length technique but are there other Length exercises like this one that I can incorporate in my own routine?
    I had a severe case of Peyronies disease. I lost in the damage, 2 inches, was down to 5.5 inches and now am 7.5 inches. Girth is 6 inches.

    mit welcher größer hast du vor wieviel jahren angefangen? und wo bist du heute...

    with wich size you began serveral years ago? what about today?

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