Is it possible to plateau from the Jelq exercise?

    So I've been doing very intense erect Jelqs for at least a few months already, pretty much every morning I gained a bit of length and especially girth But now it feels like my inner penile tissue is already used to the very high intensity and I don't feel that slight burning expansion much...
  2. G

    Tapered Girth

    Hi all, at the moment I’m doing some jelqs size genetics stretching and dld superset bathmate/SSJ’s. My girth is 6’’ base girth 5.25 mid and 5 just below head. What exercise would be good to equal it out? I would like to get to 6’’ all over.
  3. L

    Old injury

    Hey guys After you the community helped me with Length master through out the week, I was hoping you could help me with an old stupid injury I got by jelqing wrong 12 years ago. I remember searching for PE online when I got misinformed about Jelqing or probably misunderstood what was written...
  4. A

    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  5. I

    This Might Be Awkward: It Involves Ur Asshole...

  6. D


    How do people maintain erections for girth work without turning to ����. I just can't stay up 30. Minutes with no stimulation.
  7. T

    How do i actually make my temporary bathmate gains permanent.

    So ive been pumping 6 times a week 1 day off consistently for a month and have literally made 0 gains. I wear a cock ring for an hour after my bathmate session. I have the wine vac mod. I have the air pump. I get a little temporary gain but it doesnt last longer than 2 hours. Seeiously how...
  8. DutchAthletic92

    Question about hanging and extending

    Hi MOS, I was wondering why people are recommending 20 minute sets in hanging while extending for 1 hour is totally fine :p ? I used to do 1 hour sets in my size genetics extender few years ago, but I don’ like extending so I quit. I had a shoe lace with some wrap and it was comfortable...
  9. D

    Importance of the Jelq

    I've finally decided to get back into PE as I had noticed a decrease in EQ and NBEL from gaining weight (I'm not even close to overweight, just always been extremely skinny). Every time I start back, I always quit before getting any significant gains. I think the most I've gained was .2" in...
  10. T

    How to keep the post girth for awhile?

    Ill get a good girth from the bathmate but itll go away. How do i keep the girth on for longer?
  11. A

    Back again

    Hi all. Im back again after a few months' break. For the strt im doing manual erect jelqs around 150 in numbers. Ill be slow to start stretching again as i always go overboard and thn my eq hurts. This will be my routine. Erect jelqs 150 (Start) aftr 1 month ill double it. Stretches...
  12. G

    getting back to it

    I’ve drifted in and out of pe for years, I’ve just started back at it again doing some light jelqs and bathmate/ssj sessions only light work while I condition myself to it again. This time I’m enjoying it more than ever. Done about 2-3 weeks training since starting back up and seeing better...
  13. B

    looking to gain a inch more in girth

    hey all I have been stuck at a 5 inch girth for right at 6 months, is there anything I can do diff, I have been using the bathmate doing the 5x3 along with bundle stretches. one thing I haven't always been going into the pump erect...
  14. kitfisto

    The Great List Of Girth (All Girth Exercises)

    List Starts On Page Two All Penis enlargement exercises seem to be scattered throughout the internet on various forums and threads. I've never seen a single list documenting every single exercise. I'm trying to discover different and new ways to grow my girth but it's like hunting for bigfoot...
  15. W

    Help Me Gain 1in Girth

    so i have been doing PE for about 3 years on and off. mostly pumping for larger girth before sex. back when i first started pumping with vacutech i gained about .4-.5 in girth. i went from 4.5 to 5in. since then i have not really consistently did much manual work. which i think is why i have not...
  16. DLD

    How big can you get? How big can you imagine?

    Penis enlargement is much more than exercises and tools and the physical portion of things, there is a mental factor that is just as important as the physical. Many ask; How big can I get and the answer is always, as big as you believe you can get. So if a man comes into PE with expectations of...
  17. L

    Is Fluid Build Up the Biggest Enemy of Girth?

    I've had the bathmate for over two years, tried supersetting with SSJ, jelqing beforehand, and jelqing afterwards but I haven't gained anything, length or girth wise, despite going 5-6 days a week. The thing is, since PE has given me some extra skin, no matter what I do I get a slight donut...
  18. B

    Chemical + Manual routine

    I've been off PEing for a while, but now it is time to get back at it! My goal is to reach 8'' in length. To me, this is the magic number. As for girth, 6'' would be great. Here is the routine I'll be trying for the next few weeks. -Basic Stretching in the morning (3 sets of each)...
  19. D

    Cock Ring Post/During workout

    I’ve been trying to focus mainly on girth but also doing length stretches as well. My routine for the last two weeks has been about 5 minutes of blue whales __________ stretches, followed by 5 minutes of jelqing, and then 3-4 minutes of slow squash jelqs. Repeated 3 times. After that I wear a cock...
  20. T

    Need help with my Routine. Cant make any gains!

    Hey guys, I've been doing PE for like 3 years now and made huge gains. I started with 13cm in length and now i have a 18cm long penis. I always had a decent girth. 16cm at the base, 14,5cm at the shaft and 13,5cm under the glans. So let's get to my problem: I have a really hard time...
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