1. Lightning

    New MityVac ProLine Series Thick Wall HydroVac Penis Pumps

    This video shows the unboxing of the MityVac ProLine Series HydroVac Penis Pump set up for water pumping and dry pumping. The MityVac ProLine Series offers hand crafted untapered professional lab grade penis pump cylinders with 7mm thick walls and acetal quick connect valves and fittings...
  2. C

    I am at a crossroad with continuing PE

    Since my hysterectomy thread got derailed with jokes.... My wife is facing a hysterectomy very soon. They've been running tests and scans and hopefully there's no cancer or we're really screwed. They need to remove her cervix and uterus from what we're being told. Fortunately the upper 1/3 of...
  3. C

    I'm certainly not Forrest Gump

    And even if Jenny was yelling "RUN CLAD RUN!" I'm not sure if I'd go any faster. Training for my first real 5k in a few weeks. I haven't really ran in almost 20yrs up until 2 months ago. When I was in boot camp I managed 21:30 on a 3 mile run (5k is 3.1 miles) and the next 4yrs my average was...
  4. N

    Getting Blood Blisters on my Foreskin

    Ok, I have taken quite a bit of time off from pumping to deal with a HUGELY annoying case of Phimosis. I was prescribed hydrocortisone for 2 weeks but knowing hydrocortisone thins the skin I only used it for 10 days rather than the prescribed 2 weeks. That unfortunately was enough to thin the...
  5. X

    Steel cord / septum

    Hey guys, I've been focusing on length a lot lately and yesterday I finally noticed the phenomenon referred to as the steel cord. When pulling straight out flaccid stretch, I feel a distinct cord running through the entire penis which is DEFINITELY the limiting factor. Every part of the...
  6. T

    For those who pump before sex...

    What about the times you fuck without the bathmate? Dont your girls realize it? And what do you do?

    Working out while wearing Phallosan?

    I work out at the gym a lot doing all kinds of exercises, upper body, lower body, whatever. I know wearing the PF while walking or doing simple movements is fine, but would any PF users recommend to work out with a PF on? Or do you think this may cause the PF to break, cause an injury, or...
  8. O

    Wrapping mode for clamping

    Hey guys I’ve had this idea on my mind for allot of time but never applied it. I’ve noticed that during clamping session wrapping makes the erection go down and I needed a way to make it as fast as I can. So today I took a wristband and a piece of mousepad(the flexible type) and I put the...
  9. iGrowSteady

    Shaving and Supp Updates...

    Hey everyone, hope everything is going well in the PE realm we all inhabit! As it is, just have a question about shaving on and around your C N B's; which is to say what and how do you do it \ what do you use in general? And now that I'm on a steady supp routine for my gym goings and what not...
  10. M

    New still

    So 2 years ago 2016 first started pe by stretching I did it for 2 weeks but got bored with it but I did see how it made me harder I tried jelq but hands keep getting tired so didnt do that much I didnt even do it for a week my goal was to get to 9 inches from my 8 and have way more thickness...
  11. R

    Pump clamping

    Has anybody tride doubleing a thick rubber band around the inside of a penis pump sleeve? Its more powerful than just a clamp alone.
  12. P

    im back and with doubts

    hi guys , hi DLD .been a while i came here. was caught up with an injury first and then work. so cutting the bullshit i wanna get straight too it and begin PE again. so my doubts. 1. ACE WRAP- i had this ace wrap that was thick material and would stay in place when wrapped, the new ace...
  13. X

    Biggest Measured Dick I've Seen Holy Shit ! I know DLD has pics on his 10" dick, but in terms of Volume, I ve never seen anything like that. Thats 9.5 " x 7.6 " !!!
  14. B

    Bathmate length

    I would like to know if the meausrement of Bone pressed erected length in Bathmate of the sticker of Bathmate on the tube is the true Bone pressed erected length or else true erected length. Thanks
  15. F

    Prostitute's take on Average Penis Size

    Saw this in an online article this evening. It pretty much jives with what we know about averages, and also confirms there are monsters out there. I don't know if I should provide the link, so I'll just copy and paste the relevant paragraphs: Sex Secrets Prostitute who earns £2,000 a week...
  16. F

    The phallosan and the xl bell

    Gentlemen, I'm preparing to order a Phallosan Forte, but I have a question as to proper sizing. I know the kit comes with 3 sizes and some extra sleeves. But I'm pretty damn sure the small bell will be too small. The medium may fit, and I'm sure the large will work. The issue is this: If I...
  17. johnny-wang

    Once and for all!

    Everywhere on the forum, there are a lot of conflicting statements, theories, beliefs as to what is the better equipment for length workouts and gains. So, I'd appreciate if we could clarify this here: A hanger or the Lengthmaster? Give reasons if you can.
  18. W

    Traditional Pump

    Ive been into PE since 16, and have always lurked on forums for a bigger dick. Ive always used a hairbow at the shaft and massaged it with conditioner, lube, etc. Now that I'm 20 I want to go in full force and get the penis Ive always wanted. My measurements are 6.5x5 and ideally be 8x5. I...
  19. iGrowSteady

    So, Are You Embarrassed?

    Not by your size, as logic would dictate that by being here in the first place, whether as a contributor or lurker, you’re not exactly bowled over by what’s in between your legs. But in talking about my experiences with the Phallosan Forte and nearly getting caught in my other thread, this one...
  20. W

    back in after long layoff-Large base girth?

    So I was pretty involved for a time 3-5 years ago for about 3 years. I went from 5.9-6.1x 5.1 to 6.8x 5.4 or so over that time training 30 minutes 4x a week or so mostly deep stretching jelqs ulis etc no equipment per se. Good results in my mind and turned from skeptic to believer as a simple...