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Jun 3, 2003
I have been Penis Enlargementing for around 2 years now.
I have gained alright as well in that time.

But a bad side effect seems to be with me...........loose flappy dangly skin at the top of my penis [base], top of testicles.

I have to push this back whenever I want to show my full size.
PLEASE dont get MIXED up with the fat pad and this.
The Fat pad is an area of fat around the pubic region and is NOTHING at all to do with this.

Now with that point made:

What about the flappy skin?
Well, I have come to a conclusion that anything forwards after this skin is OLD GROWTH [Before NPenis Enlargement]; anything before [backwards] of this skin is NEW GROWTH [After NPenis Enlargement/Now].

The reason I think this is simple;I get a ruler and measure from the start of this *Flappy skin* back into the pubic bone, and I get an EXACT measure of what I have gained in BOTH erect and flaccid length.

It all makes sense as well, if ya think about it when ya NPenis Enlargement you are NOT stretching/working ya testicles are you? so when the penis grows more forwards in length the point where the testicles werre attached stays the SAME, alas THEY ALSO move with the old growth, when I say they move with the old growth I mean the skin that attaches itself from the testes to the penis and not the actual testicle sack itself.

It all makes perfect sense to me and would explain why I got this *loose flappy skin* their.
Its growth.

This is all just MY THEORY, all EXCLUSIVE to PridePenis once more.

But I cant understand why big gainers like DLD aint got this *baggy skin*?Maybe they do testicle exercise? Its the only way I can think of if this theory is right, to stop this *syndrome*.

I would like as MANY of you as possible to look at your penis'es in front of a mirror.
Do it flaccid if ya can, keep it all the same.
Look around the side of the base area near the pubic region.
Check for the flabby skin near the top of your testicles thats covering some of your cock.

If you get two fingers and push it back into the pubic region you will see this better, that you have it or not.

Just check and report back in this post with ya findings.

Also all of ya can you please answer this?

Have you noticed the flappy skin more noticible since NPenis Enlargement?


not only do I get the *Baggy skin* but also another growing up the shaft of the penis.

I have noticed that nearly half of my flaccid penis is covered in hair.
I also noticed that where this hair ends, my *Baggy skin* does too.

So what is this hair?

Its basiclly from stretching.
Over time not only do ligaments and such stretch but also the skin.
The skin from the Pubic region, the bottom area to be precise is stretched downwards and than ends up growing on/into the new growth of the penis, alas thats why I get hairs now on my actual shaft.

I only get them on the top of my cock, A few bug hairs here and their.

What does it mean?
That you/I am growing.
Can also tell how much you have gained from measuring from the end of the hair growth to the Pubic bone, mathces the *Baggy skin* measurements.

Why mention this?

I mention this hair *Syndrome* as I think it is DEFFINATLY connected with the *Baggy skin* condition when you grow, so you know you'v grown and can also find out how much from these conditions.

What do the rest of you guys think????
Can you also do a test for me?

See if you got this hair growth as well, on the top of ya penis?

I have the hair but not the flappy skin. I have gained a little under 2 1/2" (2 1/2" fingers crossed for next measurement) length and 1" girth, but then again perhaps the methods by which you achieve your gains has some sort of correlation.

Ie. manual stretches creating more loose skin than jelqing? Just a thought.

Good theory btw.
Hi FreakyBig,
Yeah I agree with you abit on that, but I need more dudes to post what they have wuth regards to this, who knows maybe I am onto summut.
I also have had loose, flappy skin at the base of my penis, I don't mind it.. Also has anyone else noticed that sometimes when they lay down on their back that their balls kinda "go up into their skin" I hope so.. Cause that's just odd for me.

Hi REDZULU2003...looking forward to more contact with you and support for MOS. About the extra skin. Boy, when I started this Penis Enlargement thing and did some pumping, suddenly I am "uncut." I mean it, man. It is really something. Totally, totally covered now. I had a more generous circumscision anyway, but now, I have a total foreskin. So, I did this thing you are talking about and I think you are right. I pushed that skin back to where it belongs and that is about the growth I have seen. When erect, the skin is gone and I am back to circumsized. With the growth in my girith and especially the glans, the foreskin is actually tight when flaccid. BTW, enjoyed the links to your pics. Very good looking cock you have there! GS
Yes I have had/had scrotum skin on my shaft, as well as hair. However, I've found that it can be held at bay by getting erect and stretching the skin back down. I do this occaisonally, when I'm able to sit around and beat it for a while... :)
I've definately got the same condition as you redzulu. Almost like my balls hang off the base of my dick rather than from my body. But I can still use all of my size during intercourse.
I don't have the flappy skin that you describe; however, I do have the hair growing up my shaft....only, I think I've always had it. In other words, long before I ever Penis Enlargement'd, I had hair up my shaft. I distinctly remember this because in my single days I had to shave that shit so I could wear a condom - or when I'd roll off the condom it would catch the shaft hair.....ever see a grown man cry???
I'm hoping the hair up the shaft doesn't get any worse for me or I'll look like I have a dog's cock!
Hello to all!

I have both. The hairs don't bother me to much 'cause I'm shaving my balls and lower shaft since 15years(10years before Penis Enlargement) anyway.
But I have an other condition which I don't like and want to describe here:
Since I gained a total of approx.2" in length, I have this skin pushed forward on the TOP AND SIDES of my base everytime I have a blue steel erection. It looks somehow like an increased fat pad (but it isn't! Difference between BPenis EnlargementL/NBPenis EnlargementL is always around 1/2"). Plus my nuts get almost "sucked" in the body with such an erection!
Note: Me, beeing cut but having fairly loose shaft skin and still more of a grower (my average NBFL is about half of my BPenis EnlargementL on rest days!).

take care,

I noticed the same thing. My EL gain is nearly one inch and exactly the same length of hair appeared on my shaft. I always compare my ruler assisted gain measurement with the length of hair on my dick. They are always go in parallel. When it comes to testicle skin stuff, yes I observe the same thing.
Well this theory looks like its correct.
As for guys saying they saw hairs already on the bottom part, yea me too, I am talking about the top of the penis running down to the head area.
That area the top of the penis ya look down on, getting hairy along the shaft, thats from NPenis Enlargement.
Well, I definitely have the looser skin from Penis Enlargement. When totally erect, I can pull the skin on my shaft up over my glans. I'm "cut" too. I dont consider it an issue though. I like it in fact because, I can masturbate without lube because the skin moving back and forth over my glans is enought to stimulate me.
RED, I am the same way, have the extra skin, hides my really true flaccid size. I was cut longer than most anyway and now I have a totally covered glans. GS
Cool, so am not alone.
ATS [Aftertheshock] thinks that this skin thing , in my case is because of my big Girth to Length ratio, as my girth stat is nearly that of my erect one, it has done this to the skin, in the flaccid form.

When erect it aint as bad, still abit but not as........
He thinks that as I grow longer that the skin should spread out.

I think he has a fair point and it makes sense, how about you?

Also what is your erect girth and length? amd what was it before NPenis Enlargement/Penis Enlargement?

This is so I can see if you have a Big Girth to length ratio like me and that could be what is causing this.
I just hit 7 erect. Pushing for 8. My girth is 6 1/4. It is obvious that the erect state is going to stretch the skin, never thought of that before. So, the bigger girth, the looser skin. Flaccid, I am really wrinkled <grin>. If you didn't know, when I let the skin come down over the glans, I look totally uncut. The skin covers to cornea ring and folds down nicely over the end of the glans. Really different from what I have had all my life. It is not as convenient as being cut, IMHO. But, I get along. It appears I am not going to have the difficulty getting girth as much as length. DLD told me that after he hit 7 he really started to see gains, so I am hopeing. GS
Thanks for that.
Seems you have what I do.
Your girth is very near your erect length stat and that could be why the skin is like it is, similer to myn.

Or could it be an exercise we use?
Or a NORM of pe/npe?

I think the girth to length ratio, as I have talked to quite a few males and they aint got this and they exercise.

What you think?
I have purposefully not worked on girth, guess I am afraid to with what I already have. Maybe I should and let the length take care of itself, what you think? I think I could easily push my girth up. I can feel the "heft" beginning to blossom, if you know what I mean. It is just more engorged and feels bigger.

How do you like the extra foreskin, does it bother you. I frustrate about having to work more to be clean. I have been thinking about going back to some hanging. Have not done anything but light hanging. Made a carrier for the weights I have and do have a bib hanger. Tried the padlock. I sure wish there was a way or something made or that could be adapted to give an all day hang that was more weight than a padlock yet discreet to wear and comfortable. Something of a clamshell idea that was the right diameter inside that would not slide off the glans yet be easy to put on and off. Maybe someone can come up with it. I think if it was heavy enough it would really help to get that flaccid gain and keep out what we pull out. Your girth at the base was really awesome, RED.. Do you think you can pull out more?? GS
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