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Nov 20, 2022
Below is my incorporation of items for my personal PE. Note: These are just my personal routines and supplements. I am not a physician so can’t make claims other than my own personal outline of what might work for me. Maybe it might help some out there. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Cheers.

CitraNox- OrthoMolecular.

Ingredients of this supplement help to boost, naturally, Nitric Oxide for better blood flow, relaxed blood vessels etc. Mated with the usage of Sildenafil, Bioclinics Mitochondrial formula(which I’ll explain below) makes the PE sessions so much more productive and better penile blood flow and expansion.

BioClinic Naturals-Mitochondrial Formula: This is crucial for cellular energy and allowing the body to produce more ATP (adenosine Triphosphate) PE is a stressor on our penis at a cellular level. We need those cells to conquer and divide, so giving them the power to do so is key. I follow directions and mix and drink, with the CitraNox and Sildenafil prior to morning PE routine. I take my MitoCore multi after breakfast with my eggs, bacon and avocado. I know that some might not see the bacon side as too healthy (bacon is a gift from God. Lol). But us Men NEED cholesterol. From the bacon and eggs and other sources, cholesterol is absolutely key to production of testosterone for us dudes. Period.

MitoCore daily MultiVit: This is the best and most balanced multi on the planet. Look it up and see the balanced ingredients. All will help, synergistically for not only PE, but health as well. There is Vit D3 in there as well so take this multi with a fat. Preferably with organic coconut oil (tablespoon) in your coffee or tea. Vit D3 is fat soluble so you need the fat for this. And coconut oil is also outstanding for lube when using a pump or doing DLD SSJ’s, jelqing etc.

Ashwagandha: Make sure it’s the KSM-66 formula for efficacy and proven potency. This is a natural way to boost (at least some studies suggest and my blood work recently has shown) testosterone levels as well as overall mood balance and enhancer. I have been cycling this on for a month. And then off for 2.5 weeks. Then back on. It’s an adaptogen. Just for the record, I had some blood work done (after about 2 months on this as well as the other supplements, dietary regiment etc) and my testosterone level is a solid 740ng/dl. For 52 years old….that’s right in the ballpark of being stellar and well above average for my age group and demographic. Etc. And yes, optimized testosterone is critical to this whole deal. From anPE standpoint as well as “performance” when the time dick-tates. Another pun. Sorry. If y’all are getting daily solid wood in the mornings when you awake, descent sign your testosterone levels are still in the wheel house. If you’re unsure, just go get a simple blood draw to see both total and free testosterone levels and work with a provider to discuss options. Just my opinion.

40mg Sildenafil. Taken on Empty stomach prior to morning PE (can take alongside and with the CitraNox and mitochondrial formula) needed when you take this. Works, for me at least, within 30 minutes tops. 20mg daily on low dose for other health benefits). There is also Verdenafil that is another option. And others have formulas that formulate with Apomorphine. That is a dopamine receptor enhancer and that option is most likely to be used when having a date night and sexy time. Not necessarily for daily PE as it’s an expensive option.

WATER! Hydration is absolutely key in any of our PE routines. But here’s the kicker; water and hydration, while key, means nothing unless the H2O gets into our cells. This is why I use “Celtic Sea Salt”. About 1/8 teaspoon in my Zero Water filtered water. Sodium helps to push that H2O into our cells to ensure cellular hydration. You could drink water all damn day long, (which is not advised in excess as that is a whole different set of ill consequences) and still might not be as hydrated as you think you are. I drink 2-8 ounces in the am and also use to take supplements. Then I drink about 6-8 more glasses through the day. Just an additional pinch of Celtic salt along the way to ensure proper hydration.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: A solid, 5 type collagen supplement is key as well. We know that our penis, and all of our body for that matter, structures are made up of collagen. Especially the Tunica and also in the Corpus Cavernosa. PE workouts break this down to a degree, and supplementing with hydrolyzed (better bioavailability) collagen will help to supplement this. Not too mention, ALL the essential Amino Acid profile in collagen. Which is my next point:

Protein: I use wild caught Salmon, organic-non hormone lean chicken breasts, sardines (so awesome of a choice in fish and protein source if you can stand the taste) as they are low in mercury and have such good fats and content. A solid, 93/7 hamburger. Yes, meat is good. Choline, B’s, protein etc. I shoot for at least 120grm a day. I divide my protein into 4 times a day segments. You can break these up and implement if you work out as we know high quality protein is needed for weight training etc. I also have employed an organic Hemp protein as this is also easier

In digestion and so many additional benefits to Hemp protein I can’t list here. Also employing a balanced food intake of clean fruits (limited. I used blueberries, pineapple, melons) and veggies (dark green leafy. Screw the iceberg lettuce. That’s garbage and of no nutritional benefit) that will also aid in additional food balanced nutrition.

MK677: Peptide Sciences offers this product and it is NOT cheap. I’m the slightest. However, do your research on this and realize that it is what it is. It seems to help release natural Growth Hormone (take it before bed) and aids also is sooooo deep of sleep cycle. Especially the cycle for reparative restoration. That leads me to the next:

Rest/Sleep: Getting a “good nights rest” sounds great. But the sleep and rest needs to be actual deep reparative sleep. I, with the help of above, shoot for and have been getting 7-8 hours. Which is solid for a 52 year young man. Sleep and rest is key. I know that some do PE daily, and that is what your body tolerates. For me, PE is an on-one-off one deal. On PE days

Of pumping sessions, DLD SSJ’s, stretches etc, I max out and blast my penis into submission. I’ve done this a bit and am somewhat conditioned, (I’ve taken some time off due to some injury deals, but back in the game) but I do not overdo it and allow a day in between, with the above supplements and protocol, to recover. I know that some do not take off days, and that’s cool. Rest days just seem to work for me.

PE: I now utilize a particular pump-named after the City of Angels -my other posts were using HydroMax but no gauge on those and that can spell disaster for some as you can’t get accurate pressure setting) with coconut oil as a lube and some water based lubes as well. Whatever trips your trigger, as long as there is some used and gets a solid seal on the pump. My sessions are the DLD 5x5x3. SSJ’s using my pump and also Jelqs which are MONSTERS. You gotta go slow and careful as I learned the hard way and that is why I haven’t been back for some time as I was recovering from an injury that sidelined me for some time. But now I know! Trial and error and we may have all been through this before and live and learn.

I usually do my PE sesh in the am’s. This is when my/our Testosterone is at peak (nighttime as well, it’s just that mornings work best for me. For those who work nights etc, just flip flop the routine I guess?) and my penis is fuller and ready to go.

One CRITICAL item I need to mention is warm up/ warm down. This is an absolute that cannot be missed. I use an electric heating pad. Careful not to burn or injure your Johnson, but I usually wrap and stay there about 10-12 minutes PRIOR and POST PE sessions. Gets the blood flowing, loosens up the penis and ligament and aids in success. I do some light stretches in all directions and then get about 80-90% erection prior to PE pumping etc. (Also on last sesh at 100% erect) Just to get my penis ready to go and lengthened out. Don’t skip this part AT ALL!!

I incorporate either an ADS silisleeve (which needs to be improved as they wear out fast and are, in all actuality, expensive AF) post PE or a wrap. There are some ideas on these all on this forum, just make sure that your penis is and stays in the extended state all the way up to bedtime to heal in extended state.

I’ll share starting stats as I mentioned, had a set back and back to a solid routine that seems solid and will work, IF I work it and be CONSISTENT! As many have said and it’s so true: This is a Marathon and NOT a Sprint. Gonna take at least a year (maybe sooner depending on the routine and modifications of what works best for me after any plateaus or roadblocks or how my body adapts and grows) I would imagine to get to goal(s). Possibly longer. But I will tell y’all, that when I hit 54, (two years to go time on that) this Stallion gonna be coming (sorry for the pun) outta the stables and into the stud pastures. Lol. JK.


BPFSL: 6.75”

BPEL: 7”

EMSG: 4.75” (and that’s maxed out after PE and pump sesh)



BPEL: 7.5-8.0”

EMSG: 5.5-6.0”

(The Golden Ticket size award!)

Some of you have seen my media and pic posts, so y’all know it’s me and not just some AI Bravo Sierra bot stirring the “hopeium” pot of nonsense. It’s me. All me and no bullshit.

I know that some on here are at 9+ with an EMSG of like over 6”…or like DLD approaching a 10” whip, and that’s cool AF. But 99.75% of ladies out there, I would assume, would bow down at the alter of a 8”x6” all day long and ensure that breakfast is on the table and the bed is made at all times. Lmao. JK. But let’s be completely honest here: It’s also about how you use what you got! It’s WHO you are as a Man and the passion you bring to the table. To be in tune to your lady and her needs. At all times, especially in the intimacy times. It really does matter that two individuals, who are so deeply in tune to each other, physically, and possibly in Love, play the role in total sexual satisfaction. Yes…girth and some size matters. For sure. We know that girth especially, does indeed stimulate a woman’s vag a little more intently. But as I have said, ya gotta know how to use the

Whip, brothers.

Well, that’s all I got for now. Will update when I can with progress updates and pics

To ensure there are no BS games and lofty goals and truths being….stretched. Pardon the pun. And I will also incorporate some edging and HOLD off the urge to let the juice loose!!! lol. That’s for a whole different discussion and forum talk.


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Where should the levels be at?

Man, you just touch up on the subject I've recently read over. Here's the short excerpt link:
What Is a Normal Testosterone Level for Young Men?

However, once you reach the late 40s and beyond, you should acquire testosterone levels when we were in the 40s. There are too many influencing issues, such as diets, physical activities, rest periods, dynamic fluid retention, and health status. This is merely the "I go home and do nothing" levels, which is the vast majority of the populus.
Man, you just touch up on the subject I've recently read over. Here's the short excerpt link:
What Is a Normal Testosterone Level for Young Men?

However, once you reach the late 40s and beyond, you should acquire testosterone levels when we were in the 40s. There are too many influencing issues, such as diets, physical activities, rest periods, dynamic fluid retention, and health status. This is merely the "I go home and do nothing" levels, which is the vast majority of the populus.
Thanks I will read it later. Really appreciate your post. I take KSM-66 DAILY as well.
Ideally, 780-875 ng/dl. I’m shooting for the upper range. Nothing wrong with a middle aged man being optimized. But, there also needs to be a check with estrogen levels, FSH and LH.
Understood! Thanks.
I will probably need this when I get older.
But then I need to get to a private clinic, because the regular health centre will define low levels as normal. Because it's "normal" for men to get low testosterone levels as they get older.
But then I need to get to a private clinic, because the regular health centre will define low levels as normal. Because it's "normal" for men to get low testosterone levels as they get older.

Never let any medical facility/centre define your normal level when it comes to your health. There is a general baseline "normal" and your definition of normal to maintain optimal health. I may be in my 50s, but my optimal range to shoot for is in the 40s and into the 30s. When you are in your 40s or 30s, aim for the better optimal statuses of the early years toward your primes.

My grand dads ans great grand dads surpassed their and my generations in terms of the new optimal normals while they were in their 80s and 90s by enforcing their normals in their 50s. Crazy enough, two of five managed to live one to two years shy of their century, active in their lifestyles to their very last breaths. Take on the new normals, be of health or PE.

Just to let you old gents know, the older the ladies, the more regressive they are into their wild primal days. Keep your PE improved and push for enhancement until your body literally falls apart.

I have to read and reread your supplement loads while comparing to mine, and at the same, find alternatives so the brothers can obtain a less costly approach as well. I'm very proud of you to pursue this kind of endeavor to keep yourself healthy and pursuing your PE to its max.

CitraNox- OrthoMolecular:
  • Drinking straight up L-citrulline malate might be best, but sour as a lemon directly. Serving size for 4-capsules is 3g of L-citrulline. Bulk Supplements for L-citrulline malate may be easier on the pocket book for most of the brothers, including me. Add a bit of D3 powder, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and salt (your choice) to boost the capacity of your body to quickly assimilate all the essential supplements. Add zinc and iodine to the mix, and you got yourself a boosting mixture to fuel your entire body.
BioClinic Naturals-Mitochondrial Formula:
  • Biochemists and pharma promoters will flock me for this, but the alternative is B-Complex (easy to digest, double the daily recommended dose) with calcium citrate and Omega-3 oil from krill to kick everything into high gear internally
  • Add red light therapy an your before you head out for the day after drinking the mix above to super-boost your system as the cells will be craving of bioavailable materials.
MitoCore daily MultiVit
  • For brothers living near Costco/Sam's Club, or local stores that stock mega vitamins for men, it should be nearly 1/3 of the price. I'm drinking that myself. The trick is to break the pill into half. 1/2 early morning, and 1/2 around the late noon hours. Your body will thank you. The full pill will be wasted since your body will not have the chance to break it all down before the pill gets expelled from your body.
  • Quite cheap, and good to have. I also add this to my horney goat weed supplement to kick it into the next level, and promotes longer bioavailability in the blood stream for the next 16 hours.
40mg Sildenafil
  • Definitely not for the young and horny. You might cause yourself to suffer erratic cardial palpation. It feels like your heart wants to leap out of your chest for an hour. I tried something similar in the past and I thought my heart, two brains, and stored loads want to do the conga line for the next hour.
Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • There are many types of collagen products on the market aimed at females. Chose the most sensible one for yourself. So far, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptites works for me, and this is the leftover batches my wife decided to ignore from finishing.
Balanced dietary consumption
  • Proper balanced dietary consumption is essential. Notice I used "dietary" and not "diets" as in "fad diets". Eat well, and eat with balance.
MK677 + testosterone supplement/booster
  • Those who use this may find a good Bulk Supplements HMB to work in the same fashion at a fraction of the cost, however, smells like a woman's armpits. How do I know how both smells like? Well, she loves me enough to suffocate me with her embraces at night for 7 hours. Activation of HMB under red light therapy will do the same as MK677. Ah...the power of sciences.

  • YES! YES!! and YESSSSS!!! Standard filter water is fine, and try not to drink reverse osmosis either. Need those minerals.
If you need more measurement per mix, let me know. We'll go into full details.

  • No late night games young grasshoppers if you want your little men to grow healthy and strong. 6 hours is a minimum for mental reset, 7 hours is required for physical restoration, and 8 hours required for sufficient cellular regeneration and cognitive revigoration.
  • LMAO. Leave it at the Disappointment Doorway. It's all hard work, sweat, blisters, and screaming pains. Just like your strong body, you don't
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