fat pad

  1. H

    How to interpret the marks on the ruler

    Can someone please tell me how to interpret the marks on the wooden ruler? I only know the inches but the other marks I don't know how to interpret them. If anyone can do so with a picture illustration it would be helpful to myself and a lot of brothers and guests here. Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    I'm certainly not Forrest Gump

    And even if Jenny was yelling "RUN CLAD RUN!" I'm not sure if I'd go any faster. Training for my first real 5k in a few weeks. I haven't really ran in almost 20yrs up until 2 months ago. When I was in boot camp I managed 21:30 on a 3 mile run (5k is 3.1 miles) and the next 4yrs my average was...
  3. O

    BLACKED guy models

    so I came across this : "The hottest interracial website is looking for brand new male talent within the US that are between the ages of 18-32 who have an athletic or muscular build and penis is 9 inches or over. We are located in Los Angeles and if you are selected, we will fly you out here...
  4. T

    How much of your bpel is useable?

  5. megamike

    Fat pad!

    Has anyone tried a local fat burner to get rid of lower belly/pubic fat pad??
  6. acromegaly

    fat loss + dick gains= more dick gains

    I have lost 50 pounds of fat since dec 2016 and now im a muscle man loi. I know it has been said before, but if you are overweight and want a bigger dick you should start your journey with diet and exercise. I know its not the answer a lot of guys want to hear but YOU NEED TO START WITH DIET...
  7. X

    Biggest Measured Dick I've Seen

    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c5/Penis_Size.jpg Holy Shit ! I know DLD has pics on his 10" dick, but in terms of Volume, I ve never seen anything like that. Thats 9.5 " x 7.6 " !!!
  8. A

    New Measurements pics

    Too bad i didnt have my pics when i first started PE, anyways here are some recent ones
  9. B

    Anyone on this forum super low bodyfat?

    I am curious if there is any level of bodyfat I need to get to that would fully get rid of my fat pad. It would be great to not have a fat pad covering some dick and if instead the whole dick was visibly exposed. I assume if I got down to about 6% bodyfat the fat pad would be gone but I am...
  10. W

    For Size Experts, how big is he ?

    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/Pmf9W"><a href="//imgur.com/Pmf9W"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  11. T

    Advice for overweight newbie?

    Hi, I’m a newbie to PE and I’d love some advice. I’m pretty overweight, and my equipment wasn’t big to begin with (even back when I was thin). My measurements last week (when I started PE) were 5.0” BPEL and 4.6” EG, but because I’m overweight (and my fat pad is … fat) my NBPEL is only 2.4”...
  12. Q

    My Beginings

    I just decided to put these up as motivation to make me work harder at this P.E thing. On January 1st i took these pics to start my PE journey. These photos were my first attempt ever to take pics and they are inaccurate mostly the girth ones as you can see. I have a fat pad so they are...
  13. E

    Sore tissues

    Hey guys! Recently I've been having some tenderness on the right side of the base of my dick going down to my testicles. If I feel around, I notice some inflammation of the "fat pad" (insert actual anatomical name here, lol). Could it be thrombo of something going to my testicle? Had some...
  14. megamike

    Girth and age

    I have read somewhere that girth comes as you age,is that true or is it just another myth?
  15. D

    Drew Going for 9x6

    Hey guys, thought I would start a log thread. I am using VLC with the SG. I have stopped using the Bathmate due to red dots every time I use and I'm focusing on length. I work from home 2 days a week and have been logging 6-7 hours on those days, during office days I usually get 3-5. I take...
  16. Sinthious

    Jelqing and fat pads

    I am trying to wrap my head around this properly, I'm confident i know how a jelq works but in practice i dont feel right about it the issue starts with the fact that im overweight. Starting at 60-90% erection and well lubed up starting at the extreme base i can get a jelq in but the pelvic...
  17. X

    Staying motivated when you have plenty..

    Soooo, I'll admit. My motivation is kinda crap rn. I've had a super "busy" 2 weeks and it destroyed my drive for PE. Basically me and my gf broke up and I banged 2 girls (I was emotional and lonely and I'm on some testosterone so I'm horny too lol). Both of the girls commented on me being their...
  18. R

    8 BPEL but only 6.5 NBPEL?

    Hi guys, I've just remeasured my BPEL, to my surprise im now at just over 8" yet my NBPEL I'm only 6.5", I am lean built, fat pad is pretty low, anyone able to share some insight why such the variation between measurements? is this a good thing in regards to potential length gains? - just...
  19. B

    BPL NBPL and overweight

    hello, this is my second post here and as my first, this one also concerns penis length and overweight. I am an overweight guy, I started a diet on January first and I lost so far 7kg (15lbs) (it doesn't concern the topic but just wanted to brag <label for="rb_iconid_6"></label>) My penis...
  20. M

    Weight Preferences of a person

    Brothers in the coolest brotherhood.... I have a question... I am sorry I am asking to many since few days... Just too curious.... Does it make a difference gaining when guys are slim or medium or heavy sized.... which ones easily gain?

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