1. T

    What size Bathmate should I get?

    Hello! I'm finally buying my first bathmate after literally years of consideration. I'm fully girth-gain focused so I'm not worried about length gains. My question is that, since I sit at exactly 7 inches for my NBPEL measurement, what size bathmate should I get? It seems I fall right on the...
  2. B

    pumping size question

    is youre pumping size youre real soze
  3. 7o9

    Penis Volume

    Hello All, I started messing around with some numbers today and I thought you may find it interesting. Looking at the penis as a cylinder and attaching a volume value to different sizes. I copied from a spreadsheet, so the top rows are just the calculation boxes. I think the math is right. At...
  4. Hung-Honcho

    Best way to measure flaccid size?

    Best way to measure flaccid size and get a correct length measurement? Flaccid measurement seems very tricky.
  5. dangerMOS

    Longer Term Bundled Stretches With X4/Sizegenetics

    Hey, Danger back from the grave. Been working on a couple of different ideas! Here is one of them: Recently I was able to get an absolutely amazing feeling one-half turn hands-free Bundled stretch by using the noose strap on an X4/Size Genetics style device. I had it on the absolute minimum...
  6. T

    Seeing a decrease in size

    For some reason I’m seeing a decrease in size and I can’t figure out why. I usually measure at 7.75nbel but lately I’ve been measuring at 7 nbel and I’m. It sure why this fluctuation is happening. I also feel less horny and haven’t been getting as hard and easily as I usually do. I even look...
  7. A

    Can sleeves be used as "All Day Stretcher" or to prevent turtling and maintain size after jelqing?

    I'm wondering if a simple sleeve can be used to maintain longer size, prevent turtling and remain size after jelqing sessions. Looking for something that is easy to wear in sleeve form for night or daily. But will it be of any use? Can sleeve actually extend penis or maintain gains better? Or...
  8. R

    Girth work What size pump cylinder to order? How to accurately measure your penis for pump cylinder sizing!

    What size pump cylinder to order? Gain Length The rule of thumb is if you are focusing on penis length , order a MityVac pump cylinder in a diameter that is closest to the thickest part of your erect penis girth (see measurements below). The idea is to pack your erect penis in the cylinder...
  9. Getbiglonger7

    question about Mity vac cylinder size?

    Have a question about the mity vac cilinder my girth is average 4.75 to 5 should i get the cilinder whit the diameter of 1.75,or the cylinder of 2"diameter ??any idea...
  10. C

    Size genetics tugger attachment

    Hey guys, I am hoping one of you experienced guys can help me out. I have a sizegenetics extender that I can’t use because it’s so ? uncomfortable. I was wondering if the tlc tugger mod is a viable option until the traction mod is available for the silistretcher, which I also have. From the...
  11. S

    Size genetics trouble shooting

    Hey my first attempt at experimenting with the size genetics was post manual jelq with a lotion. I have been having trouble with the comfort strap slipping off and losing traction. How can I avoid this? I tried cranking down the strap as tight as possible. I’m going to try cleaning strap and...
  12. O

    A study about womens penis size, body shape and height preferences

    long story short. they love tall men with a V shape body and a big dick lol
  13. G

    Which way to put on the head of the size genetics

    I just got the size genetics extender and some long sili sleeves along with some mos powder and wraps. I noticed a picture of the sili sleeves with the head of the size genetics backwards on mos. Was this for display or is this a better way to use the size genetics with the sili sleeves? Is that...
  14. DLD

    Never ever ask your girlfriend what her ex-boyfriend’s size was! ????

    It’s wise to not dig into the past of your girlfriends. The only thing you get digging up the past is dirty. Your girlfriend is with you now because she loves you. Believe me she’s not thinking about someone else’s penis, she’s thinking about how much you care and love for her. So don’t ask...
  15. S

    Size Doctor

    Just ordered mine, really excited about this device, Ive been waiting for a device like this for a long time.
  16. C

    Phallosan Plus or Size Doctor?

    Hello all, I have been away from these boards for over a year and completely stopped PE. I did make maybe 1/4 inch gain in a couple months the previous year and that wasn't really being consistent. I want to give this a good crack now. Currently out of work - so far too much time on my hands...
  17. adventure

    I'm new here, so I hope some of you guys can clear up some misconceptions...

    I've been interested of trying to get my dick to a size bigger, as I am not quite satisfied with its current size... so I took onto the internet and searched throughout to see if there was any possible way to get a bigger dick, I came across a few videos mainly pointing out towards the bath mate...
  18. DLD

    The MOS Members Pay Site is now open to the public!

    Members Pay Site is now open to the public! Thats right we have decided to no longer charge for the pay site so everyone, poor or rich, has access to the entire site. The Brotherhood is all about giving back. I am giving this to everyone so everyone has the same opportunities we have! Now...
  19. Getbiglonger7

    At what age did you guys started whit this PE stuff?

    HEY everyone one of the questions i have about PE is at what age a man gets concerned about the size of its Penis if they ever get,i was worried about my size in my teens i had this skinny penis was ridiculous.but didnt know a goddamn thing about PE.It was until my mid 20s when i found out about...
  20. V

    XL Bell

    I've had the XL Bell for about ten days now. My glans is not XL but the standard one was too small, esp as I always wear the protector cap. Feels much more comfortable. I use it with the medium sleeve. Another thing: a couple of times when the suction was really good I saw my head swell up...
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