1. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  2. K

    PE Partner?

    Does anyone have a PE partner that you do PE with? Just thinking that a lot of people benefit from having a workout partner in the gym, so what about a brother to keep you accountable?
  3. S

    Overnight use

    I’ve been trying to make it through the night with phallosan and I’ve still been getting results with just a few hours, but should i continue with the current and see if i can build up to the current tension or should i decrease the tension and go from there?
  4. X

    Losing Suction with the default condoms? No longer!

    Hey yall its been a while since I've been on here but I only have a few minutes of internet and I thought I would share with you guys what I have learned using the PF for two months now. I had an issue at the beginning not being able to get enough tension to grow. I couldnt get it past the end...
  5. B

    silicone sleeves.

    I feel the sleeves is ready to go, If you would DLD I send you a pm, with my phone number, as I currently have no internet at home, so if you would call me and we can discuss the details, I have the sleeves I have cast and I have had no issues so far with them,
  6. D

    Spring Tension

    Hey Brothers, I'm currently very happy with my Phallosan. I was planning on using it with progressive force, such as: - < 250 hours, in the green zone during the day and at night - 250 - 750 hours, yellow zone in the day, green at night - 750 - 1000 hours, red zone in the day, yellow zone...
  7. J

    All Day Stretcher

    Hey guys... I'm looking for suggestions. I've tried exercises & I would get initial length & girth but it seems that my ligs are extremely tight & my flaccid length tends to stay the same or reduce in length the more I do exercises. Which always causes me to start & stop with...
  8. N

    Better condom sheaths

    Does anyone have any recommendations for better bell condoms for the PF. IMO the ones that come with the PF are cheap and difficult to roll from the bell to the shaft. I am looking forward to documenting my progress and gains for those who are limited on time or have a busy life and are looking...
  9. B

    anyone try this with a piercing??

    Hey I am just wondering if anyone on the site has this as well as a cock piercing?? if so have you had any issues with the phallosan???? I ask because I asked if it is usable with a piercing on their customer support area and they said it will not work with a prince albert??? If there is...
  10. M

    Thinking of purchasing

    Hey guys I've been looking into the product. For those that have it how are your results? Can it be worn while having to bend down and complete work task? Or should it be used during the night while I sleep?
  11. B

    Took Cialis, still went limp... help

    Yesterday I knew I was finally going to get laid for the first time by the chick I have been seeingso I took 20mg generic cialis 2 hours before she was to come over. First with a condom I went limp immediatelt after I put it on so I pleasured her via oral clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation...
  12. M

    ADS silicone

    Hey guys how's it going? Has anyone tried using like an AB silicone for an ADS? I don't mind using an ACE wrap just wish my job and being sweating the ACE wrap kinda hurts when removing. I'm wondering if anyone has used any with success.
  13. M

    Anybody have a large bell they can spare?

    Long story short my large bell isn't working. Phallosan wont respond to my emails, and they don't sell a large bell on the site. Any brothers have one they can spare for cheap?
  14. B

    silicone sleeves.

    does anyone have a source for silicone sleeves that will not split after a week, I picked 2 up on flee bay for 13.00 and already one has split, and the other is close to it.
  15. GoodLookingNerd

    Bib starter vs. hanger & Hanging advice Please

    Not trying to start a war. I've seen hanger's vids on wrapping and putting on his device. The inside of the device doesn't have those plastic moldings protruding out that the Bib starter has and is a smooth surface. Also, not a lot of wrap was applied and the device was put on. I am a...
  16. A

    Penimaster Pro problem need help

    Hi everybody ! English is not my language but I'll try to be precise. My problem is that every time I use the PMP I have hickey on my glans that remains approximately one day and I don't know what to do to prevent that. If anyone has already face that problem please help me. Thanks guys.
  17. eugine8plz

    I have terrible turkey neck...

    Hey brothers, so it's gotten to the point in my PE "career" where I've had enough of this damn turkey neck. My flaccid looks tiny with it and I hate is. When I push back the turkey neck and extra scrotom skin around my penis, it adds an extra .5"-1" to the look of my flaccid size. Does anyone...
  18. X

    Staying motivated when you have plenty..

    Soooo, I'll admit. My motivation is kinda crap rn. I've had a super "busy" 2 weeks and it destroyed my drive for PE. Basically me and my gf broke up and I banged 2 girls (I was emotional and lonely and I'm on some testosterone so I'm horny too lol). Both of the girls commented on me being their...
  19. B

    Major prayers needed my brothers.

    My brothers the last few days, there has been alot of stress here at home, alot of fighting with the mother inlaw, well she will be moving out in a few days. but with her moving out money will be tight, I have a job interview lined up for Monday for 40 plus hours a week. it has put so much...
  20. BeefyBee

    My thoughts on Phallosan Forte (progress thread)

    the Good: 1. It's comfortable and actually kind of pleasant to wear. 2. Immediately noticed a reduction In turtling. 3. Imediately noticed increased sensation in my penis during sex. 4. Using Phallosan to assist in my manual stretching is awesome. I have a very hard time keeping grip on...
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