1. W

    Will my foreskin tighten up while i take a few months break?

    My ac just died about 2-3 weeks ago making my bathroom feel like a sauna with 90 degree temps and near 100% humidity at night when i do my exercises. The profuse would be tolerable if that were my only problem, however, bleeding out the urethra recently just cropped up twice. The 1st instance at...
  2. Lightning

    Foreskin guys - Need beta testers for new Foreskin Sleeve

    We have a new foreskin sleeve we are testing that helps control foreskin. We are looking for a few participants to try. Send me a PM if you want to be beta tester.
  3. Avglen61

    Basic Stretching

    Hey everyone.... I have been doing PE for 5 months and only recently i have came to know about MOS.... I have a simple question which has been bothering me for a month now..... The question is: When doing basic stretching(stretching your penis with your hands), are we supposed to stretch with or...
  4. DLD

    Fryou're skin restoration of the gonads and their supportives

    Messing around and I thought if the SiliSleeve could increase foreskin. Using the longersleeve with a good grip work your foreskin up as you roll your SiliSleeve and when you reach the top stay in this position as long as you desire. You want the Sleeve to be tight so it has the strength going...
  5. N

    Getting Blood Blisters on my Foreskin

    Ok, I have taken quite a bit of time off from pumping to deal with a HUGELY annoying case of Phimosis. I was prescribed hydrocortisone for 2 weeks but knowing hydrocortisone thins the skin I only used it for 10 days rather than the prescribed 2 weeks. That unfortunately was enough to thin the...
  6. A

    Return to PE. cleaning BATHMATE?proper jelq? Avoiding stretch marks?

    Hey all. So I've been doing off and on pe fir like 4 years and I mean I never honestly sat in to it long enough to see permamnt results. It's been about 5 months since anything. I went to get backdate that was left In the shower but theres white powder stuff in the outside around the rubber. I...
  7. F

    Another frenulum tear!!!!!

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I figured because the PF is my main enlargement tool, I'd go here. As the title suggests, I've torn my frenulum. This is the 3rd time over the years. I'm almost positive it's not because of the PF, because wearing the PF is virtually painless. So, I'm...
  8. S

    Growing myself a shower - need fellow experimenters!

    So I've always been one of those guys who grows more than triple when I get an erection. When flaccid I can be anywhere between average on a good day, to hardcore turtling down to like an inch and a half on a bad day. Needless to say, I've never been one for locker rooms. Happily, this seems...
  9. L

    Weird erections after circumcision

    Hi Guys I have a (couple of) questions about adult circumcision? I got circumcised 15 days ago.. everything looks great. The scars and swellingness are healing very quick. (The bruises are still there but getting better). I've notest that my erections looks very weird, as if there is only one...
  10. P

    im back and with doubts

    hi guys , hi DLD .been a while i came here. was caught up with an injury first and then work. so cutting the bullshit i wanna get straight too it and begin PE again. so my doubts. 1. ACE WRAP- i had this ace wrap that was thick material and would stay in place when wrapped, the new ace...
  11. Egghead1

    Should I PE with a small frenelum cut?

    So my frenelum and foreskin were a little tight when I started but they have been stretching naturally because of PE. No discomfort or anything. Recently I got rid of some penile Papules that were on either side of my frenelum just on the underside of my head but in doing so my frenelum was cut...
  12. W

    Bundled stretch in SG

    I decided to experiment at low tension a bundled stretch in the SG. I only was able to complete a half rotation. But I'm sure it's still good. It must mean my tunica is tight. Has anyone tried these? I need to gain girth desperately at 5in
  13. L

    Help Needed Please

    As my title indicates, I am in need of some help from anyone here that can. I have been using the LM for a few weeks now and am having a hard time with my skin rolling up at the end of my wrap closest to the glans. This is causing some extreme discomfort and when I try to use more tension it...
  14. S

    Penis pump to get erect for exercises

    For putting on my LG hanger I need to be mostly erect for my wrapping method. My wife helps most of the time but some of the time I need to get a erection without her and I refuse to use ����. I was wondering if a pump would work for getting me erect so I could do my wrap. What are your guys...
  15. N

    Penis Health Tight foreskin? Tight Foreskin Relief Non Surgical Device Option

    So roughly 6 months, give or take into PE with primarily a bathmate and the greatest level of discomfort I experience is that the opening of my foreskin seems to be the spot that gets sorest from pumping and seems to be decreasing in circumference. NOW I know how to stretch it out by grabbing...
  16. K

    Vacu Vin Mod vs. Xtreme Hand Pump

    Hey guys, I'm reading a lot about the Vacu Vin mod for the Hydromax, but I'm wondering if this yields the same effect as the Hand Pump that comes with the Xtreme models. Any experience with these? Thanks in advance!
  17. W

    Erect Stretching with uncut?

    Is it possible? I pull the skin back, hold just below the head with one hand and at the base with the other but always seem to only pull on the skin. Is there a better way?
  18. smitty2590

    Question about ads

    Ok so I'm considering trying another ads along with my routine. I never cared for my pf just to much shit and replacing stuff all the time etc. I've been looking into two thighs both seem very simple in design. The esl40 and the tlc ventless tugger. I believe that's the correct one on the...
  19. A

    Bathmate brownish spots on shaft

    So I used the Bathmate since December and I noticed around early April I got these multiple brown spots on my foreskin on the shaft. I had gotten one before it went away after a couple weeks. So I kept pumping for a week or two more and decided to stop. The brown stops are still there and I...
  20. W

    What to expect?

    Hey everyone. Im new to PE and just have a few questions. Ive been keeping up with this site for a while but never dig to deep. Figured nows good a time as any to join. What can I expect from BM? I have been doing simple stretches and jelqs for about a month now and will be ordering a BM soon...
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