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  1. Hung-Honcho

    Looking to start hanging, need advise on an affordable hanging device

    Hey guys, I am new here but not new to PE, I have done all the conditioning and now I am ready to start hanging, I am looking for a good hanging device so far I have seen sizedoctor here and that looks very good but its a bit pricey so I am looking at the hanger and the bib hanger but I...
  2. L

    Routine review: Routine review: Hanging + Clamp

    I've been dipping in and out of PE for awhile now. So, veteran sorta? My routine that I want to do is 30-40 minutes of total hanging + 20 minutes of clamping. Twice a day Clamping will most likely be 2 x 10 minute sessions. Hanging will be of various weights starting from light to little...
  3. NIK1

    Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger

    Just wondering about this lace up Hanger.The Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger / stretcher with silicone sleeves..
  4. F

    Length master for sale!

    Regretfully, I am selling my Length Master. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I cannot use it as a hanger because I'm uncut and skin keeps getting pinched. I've tried every kind of wrap and technique available, so please don't offer any such suggestions. I've used the Bib hanger...
  5. F

    LM uncut problems and solution?

    Good day brothers. The day before yesterday, my Length Master arrived in the mail. I was pretty excited about it, because I had read so many great reviews. But I was also a little apprehensive because of one crucial problem. I am uncut! I have been playing around with PE for almost 4...
  6. F

    Sup guys

    whats up guys! well, short long story i wanna try some hanging but i cant afford to buy a device right now... Its rly safe to build one myself?
  7. K

    Serious Questions/Suggestions Please

    Hello everyone. I am a long time reader but rarely post. Thanks for all the great information that is shared. I have a couple quick questions that I was hoping to get help with because I want to get into PE seriously. I have a BIB hanger and a Bathmate so I have done some experimental PE...
  8. N

    Injury / Feeling terrified.. help

    I did a improper hanging technique w/ the bib hanger about 9 months ago. I had about 8lbs hanging, and stopped right at about 25min when I realized I couldn't feel my penis. My glans went white. I've seen three urologists now. "There's nothing we can do for you" "It's probably nerve damage"...
  9. eugine8plz

    What is the best hanger out there?

    Looking on starting hanging soon and i am looking for a good hanger to buy. In your opinions what is the best hanger?! :)
  10. D

    BIB Hanger causing Urethral Stricture? Urologist thinks so

    So I got a very bad UTI (presented no symptoms until it spread to kidneys and then I was in a world of trouble). When men get UTI's it's serious biz. All my tests proved negative (BPH, kidney issues etc) so I sat down with the Urologist to go over what is going on. I told him I penis hang...
  11. N

    Hangers & clamps ! chime in.

    whats up everyone. So I ran into a dilemma with my Cpt. Wrench hanger. I use 2 Clamp to attache the hanger firmly to avoid slippage,however, I keep breaking my cable clamps. I buy them from amazon as my local dept. stores dont sell them and running me a fortune. In this case, im looking into a...
  12. D

    Any real users gain usingthe BIB hanger?

    How much credence is given to BIB? He has stated claims of 4-6". In one interview he claims 6" , at a later he claims 4.5". Personally he sounds like a charlton. So has anyone gained these types of gains using the BIB?
  13. Tahir Aqbar

    Tahir's Phallosan Forte Review and theory

    I feel it's about time I post this review now that I've had a Phallosan Forte for two months. So for those of you who don't know me, let me tell you about my background in PE. About 3 years ago I discovered MOS. I was 5.7-8 inches BPEL. After a month of PE, I built a crappy home-made hanger...
  14. master_mind

    Suggest , I make micro bib hanger to attach to an extender to avoid slippage.

    I am thinking to eliminate noose and strap style in extenders. Make a special modification for our brother hood like a micro bib hanger to attach to an extender to avoid slippage. Suggestions.
  15. G

    Hanging stretching targeting the ligs with video.

    what you do is attach a hanger close to the balls as possible without pinching any of the sac or turkey neck if you have one. I'm using a Bib hanger but you can do this with the length master as well. I suggest using a quality hanger like one of the two I suggested. In this video I'm using 10...
  16. R

    phallosan + hanging? which hanger?

    Hey guys. I am currently working on wearing my phallosan everyday. Trying for 8 hours but I really want 9 or 10. I can't wear it at work so I get in as many hours as possible at home. I am desperate to max out my length gains so I am wanting to include hanging in my routine. Would hanging be...
  17. M

    For heavy clamp users what's your routine?

    I tried a search didn't get much of an answer. Im wondering for most hardcore clampers what your routine is like? Specificly people who base their PE around clamping. I'm getting really girth focused again after talking with my wife and wanting a break from pumping . Im hoping to find a...
  18. A

    Hanging vs manual stretching

    Whatup peeps, so I started pe a couple of months ago & purchased a bib hanger which I've used religiously 7 days a week for 3 sets of 25mins hanging up too 15lb with no gains thus far which is a little dissapointing but anyway so I decided to change things up a bit to prevent me getting too...
  19. P

    Fianally done it.

    Hi Guys, I've been browsing this forum for months, finally committed and signed up. I would like some advise, i know there is plenty of stickys but there is so many i'm not sure what one to follow. I'm seriously considering enlargement surgery but i am going to hold off for 2-3months...
  20. stillwantmore

    Introducing hanger 2 The Best Overall Weight Hanger Value $39.99

    Hello MOS. First of all a big thanks to DLD and MOS for letting me suggest hanger to men who are looking for a weight hanging specific device. A percentage of all profits goes back to MOS and the Brotherhood in the form of a $15 commission per sale. More information about hanger...
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