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  1. IAmSpartacus71

    Does big girth make length gains harder to achieve?

    Is that true? Should I focus only on length until I'll reach my final goal and only then start to focus on girth? What do you guys think about it?
  2. R

    How Much Expansion Seen After A Workout

    Hey guys, I was reading around and trying to see what is typical for expansion after a workout (for example girth before workout 5" and after a workout 5.25"). I see people posting girth gains after bathmate, jelqing, etc where they are enlarged after the session. I would think the more the...
  3. jekyllnhyde360

    About girth!

    I have been working girth harder and more consistently than i ever have before, and i have nothing to show for it. It's funny though, you would think that someone who gets an inch plus every session would be making atleast some gains, but no. I've even been using the BM xtreme x30 religiously...
  4. T

    VLC Tugger

    I was going to try the VLC Tugger with the Sizegenetics. Of course you have to give your measurements to order the VLC. Will the VLC still work/attach after a Bathmate session? Also is there still a MOS code for the VLC Tugger?
  5. Simyan

    My New Routine

    So I'm refocusing on my training and have started my new routine. Coming out of the SG, I do 1) LengthMaster session (bundles, stretches, A and Y, Bundled stretching) 2) 6 minutes BM , 6 minutes jelqing. Repeat. 6 Mins BM 3) 10 mins x 2 clamping 4)Post girth clamping for several hours...
  6. H

    Is Masturbation/Edging good for gains ? (DLD ?)

    Hey everyone I wanted to hear your opinion of Masturbation and EDGING because i gained big girth but nearly no length, maybe 0,3" after 5 months .. and didnt masturbate or edged at all ... this question is especially for the big gainers how do you feel about this topic did these two...
  7. S

    A question on penis statistics

    So from what I gather, having an 8 in length is around 1 in 100. Having 6+ girth is around 1 in 300. But what about having both? If we take guys who are 6+ girth, they aren't all super long. I have seen 6x6.5 even. So even if we say half of them have 8 in length(seems really high), that would...
  8. H

    SG base too tight for me

    So I have received my SG this morning and I used it but the base is just too tight for me and I cannot feel comfortable because it keeps shocking the life out of my penis. I'm very angry and disappointed once again. Now I'm telling myself one thing, I am already 8 inches Bone pressed and I still...
  9. G

    Girth Gain's Slow Sqash Jelq

    This variation of the slow squash jelq is not for newbies or the under conditioned penis. This is the slow squash jelq in case someone dont know Slow Squash Jelq: Nothing Give Me Better Expansion!. Now What you do is get 80 to 100 percent erection...
  10. Z

    I found the exact size and penis I want to get.

    I found this dick on tumblr and it's EXACTLY what I want my dick to look like. Exact size and everything. Any guesses on size? I'm thinking 8.5inches long and 7inches of girth with huge width.
  11. jekyllnhyde360

    Horrible flaccid dick experience!

    first off, ill start off by saying im 7x5.1, so im not huge but im definitely not small when erect! Anyways, today i had a girl from my class sit on my lap, now i am not a shower by any means, plus i have the bonus of being over weight (sarcasm) so when she was sitting on my lap, she was like...
  12. J

    Having more girth than length?

    Hey there, just started getting into PE and been reading info and people's experiences. After measuring myself I noticed that my numbers seem unusual. I got a girth of 6 and 1/3 inch in the middle and almost 6 and a half " in the lower part of the shaft, while my length is only a little over...
  13. Perestroyka

    Implementing new designed routine. Post your opinion.

    Warm up/Warm down - 5 minutes Basic stretching - Up 2x2 minutes. Down 2x2 minutes. Left 2x2 minutes. Right 2x2 minutes. Erect.stretch - Outward pull(3 repsx30sec). SRT SIZE BLASTERS - 10...
  14. Perestroyka

    Got some gains here brothers!

    Hey brothers, I've edged ten minutes ago, session was about 35 minutes and I got big urge to measure it, last time it was a month ago, when I have put on tape, it was paradise to me, went from 6.7 to straight 7 inches yeeeeeah SHIT IM SO HAPPY, but unfortunately girth hasnt moved much but I feel...
  15. M

    Newbie with some Questionis for DLD and anyone else

    Hey, 19 year old guy here. I have been reading about pe for the last couple years on and off, but haven't actually got to doing anything regularly. I have some health issues, and have been having ed issues for the last year and a half. I can still get an erection, but it isn't as easy as it...
  16. S

    do you have to give up blowjobs at 7inch girth

    i wonder cuz thats the girth ima stop at i truly dont care if i give up bjs just wondering
  17. 9

    Comfort Mods for Phallosan Forte

    Hey fellas, Just a quick post on how I made the Phallosan forte comfortable for me. The things I use may seem like overkill, but it was necessary for me. Others may not need all or any of what I use. I use silicone comfort pads, one beneath my glans, and another at the base of my penis...
  18. Solid Snake

    The Enigma of finding the right size!

    Hey guys, I've been doing PE on and off for a few years and I'm starting ANOTHER progress thread's like my 4th lol. I've made some decent gains, when I first started I was 5" NBPEL now I'm 6.25, was about 6.2 BPEL now I'm 6.8-7.0 BPEL (I'm still the same weight). I think my...
  19. jekyllnhyde360

    I have to pick between length or girth? Need your opinion!

    So recently i've come to the conclusion that i've only got room for one pe session a day, for right now due to work, uni, etc... Now, im already 7'' bpel from back in 09 when i hit the length hard, it's nothing huge, but i've had a couple girls tell me im big and that's with a girth of 5''...
  20. C

    Vacutech or LA Pump

    Hey guys i'm looking to get a new pump, and the two companies I was looking at were LA pumps and Vacutech. I'm going to get the elliptical one. I want to go with LA Pumps because they are a bit cheaper, but is there anyone that has experience with either of these pump companies, who can...
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