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Jun 3, 2003
DLD Bends for incredible Girth Gains

This is a repost of the DLD Bend. I could not find the other thread and I a few people were asking about this exercise.

Basically the illustration show the exercise. Gandolf also made a video of the exercise. What you want to do here is this:

Get 90% erect.
Grab penis at extreme base and with other hand grab just under the glan.
Now in a slightly bend the penis in a rolling motion to the space between your hands. This can be done in different directions. For an added punch I like to set up the exercise then compress my hands together slightly ahen engage in the rolling bend.

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This is an extremely dangerous exersize and should be done by experienced Penis Enlargement'ers that understand the risks and their own limits. I belive there is a very fine line between injury and gain, learning this limit comes with Penis Enlargement experience.
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I can personally say that I have underestimated this exercise in the past and went beyond my physical limits. I think this exercise is great, but one should ease into this exercise with a minimal amount of repetitions, and then over time build up with it. This way you can learn your limits all the while keeping things safe as you go along.

This is definitely not a newbie maneuver, and should only be attempted by Penis Enlargement'ers with about 3 or more months of exercise.

Risks aside though, this is a great exercise, and should definitely be a tool in your arsenal as you become a Penis Enlargement veteran.
Originally posted by dyslexic_smile
This is definitely not a newbie maneuver, and should only be attempted by Penis Enlargement'ers with about 3 or more months of exercise.

AGREE...Thanks DS
I actually have yet to really dig into a regular Penis Enlargement routine, so I'm a definite newbie. However, I was intrigued by the video of this exercise and I tried about 5-10 reps. It all seemed pretty good to me and I definitely felt worked by it.

What is it that makes this exercise potentially dangerous? What could happen and how should I ease into it in the future?
What is it that makes this exercise potentially dangerous? What could happen and how should I ease into it in the future?

Being honest with you......if done wrong....i.e. to hard at a to far angle than you could end up rupturing the shaft, than you'd get a tear in the penis resulting in a bent one.
Of course NO1 I know has got an injury like this.

I say stay away from this until you have say, AT LEAST 4 months under your bealt as your penis needs to toughen up ALOT before doing this, it even hurts me at times when I do it.....but saying that I am a crazy fucka anyway ;) I aint tryin to put you off, far from it...just marely pointing out that if done wrong and at the wrong stage it can be VERY bad to you.

best of luck.
You mean it could actually tear the corpora cavernosa if you pushed it beyond reasonable limits?
arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg im scared to do this exercise now, i will have to be extra carefull.
Hey, don't be scared to do it. Just pay attention to what you are doing, and if at any point it doesn't feel right, just back off.

The injury I referred to me sustaining earlier was caused by me doing more reps than I should have, combined with the fact that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, as I was watching TV. So yes, pay attention to what you're doing, no matter what Penis Enlargement exercise you're doing. I pay a lot more conscious attention to what I'm doing now, just so I don't manage to injure myself again.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I got a thrombosed vein doing this exercise, and it went away in about 6 days. So no, I didn't crack my cock in half or anything bad like that. But yes, if you decide to try to do this exercise at 100% erection and expect it to bend, you got another thing coming. I think that situation is probably where an injury would have the most tendency to occur.

So make sure you have 3-4 months of Penis Enlargement behind you before trying this, and then start with a few reps to get a feel for it. Increase the reps as you are comfortable and go from there.

Hope this helps.
I really look forward to eventually incorporating them into my routine. Any recommendations on how to ease into them? For example 10 reps per day, 20 reps per day in week 2, 30 in week 3, etc.
I will be extra careful then and if i notice anything going wrong then il post it up befre i carry on and see if any advice can be given.

Your schedule sounds fairly good. However, I would probably try to gradually increase your reps as follows (assuming a 5 day per week Penis Enlargement workout):

Day 1: 10 reps
Day 2: 12 reps
Day 3: 14 reps
Day 4: 16 reps
Day 5: 18 reps

This way, you can start week 2 at 20 reps and it won't be as huge of a shock as coming from doing 10 reps a day the previous week. Then just continue this trend of adding two bends per Penis Enlargement session.

To give you an idea, right now I do about 9-10 bends during a 30 second interval, and do 4 sets of those.

Now, when you actually start doing these, you will probably feel as if you could do more than the number you set out to do. Just try to stick with the plan, and you will be better off in the long run.

- d_s
hey DLD, sorry to ask but could ya fix the link? I really wanna know how to do this exercise

What is one rep equal to? Or do I just do that "rolling" motion for thirty seconds at a time?
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Originally posted by Godsize
What is one rep equal to? Or do I just do that "rolling" motion for thirty seconds at a time?

Well, I guess it's just best to do the rolling motion for a constrained time period, such as 10 seconds, or 30 seconds or what have you. I did my breakdown as "reps" (as in a bend rolling from base to head) just so it was easier in some ways to visualize. From seeing the way that DLD does them though, I know he does the bends at a much faster rate than I do. Also, he does the bend from head to base in addition to the bend from base to head, whereas I focus my energies in bending from base to head, exclusively. Due to these facts, you may find my listing of "reps" irrelevant to your individual case.

Things to consider are:

1.) how comfortable you are with the exercise
2.) your erection level
3.) your penis size

All three of those factors will influence how fast you can bend, so I guess that means that my "reps" terminology is kind of meaningless. So yes, it's probably best to go by a basis of time and stick to that.

Sorry for any confusion I caused.
Okay... now when you grab just under the glans, do you squeeze more blood into the shaft, or do you just hold on to it?

What does it feel like when you've done it right? I've only toyed with this exercise a few times, never really making a commitment to it, so I don't know what to expect to feel. I know, I know...I just gotta try it, but if anyone can describe the feeling of a successful DLD Bend session, please do. How do you know when you're done? Or will my dick tell me?

Also, does anyone have any theories as to why this exercise builds girth? What is going on inside the shaft that makes this exercise so effective?

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