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  1. H

    Effective solution for flaccid length gains

    Hello to the Brotherhood, I hope everyone is well. I'd like to have flaccid gains just as much as erect gains, but what is the best solution for that? I don't want to get into hanging just yet, so would a combination of manual stretches and silistretcher be my best bet? It's been difficult...
  2. T

    Length gains

    How come most PE’rs gain at most 1.5-2icnches and very few gain more than that?
  3. DLD

    SRT Passive to Active: The fastest possible way to make length gains SRT approved 🔥🔥🔥

    Ever since I got my SiliStretcher I have been creating routines and different methods of using the difference components. I think that I have created a new way to go after length gains that will be so much faster when you think about this logically. The best time to make length gains is when...
  4. C

    Unable to hold stretches at all

    The only factor limiting my growth at this point is my inability to hold stretches for over 20 or so seconds (and after those 20 seconds I need to take a break for about one minute because my hand is so tired). I have the time, motivation, etc. to grow, but this one factor is just destroying...
  5. S

    Girth from stretches?

    I can’t do much girth work for now, so I’m just curious if anyone gains from straight stretches, ie if i do the newbie routine sans jelq, plus phallosan, should i expect any girth? Just wondering, thanks!
  6. H

    Does Bundled Stretch Work On The Ligament?

    We all know that doing bundled stretches gives length gains and also deforms the tunica making it easier for girth gains to come. But does doing bundled stretches also work on the ligament as well or do I need another exercise entirely to target the ligament?
  7. S

    Maybe a new way of stretching for me

    I had an idea to utilize my rehab band with stretching and I actually felt like I maybe onto something. Gonna fine tune this and see if I see any noticeable benefit.
  8. Golden Crotch

    Questions for DLD about Erect Stretches

    Hi. These questions are mainly for DLD but anyone who has had experience with this exercise is also welcome to join in and answer my questions. So I recently saw in a forum post where DLD stated that erect stretching helped him gain length faster, now here are the questions I have: 1. What...
  9. DLD

    Bad Ass LengthMaster Bundle Routine by SuperDick!

    Yo Members, Here is the #2 video In the Superdick Video
  10. J

    All Day Stretcher

    Hey guys... I'm looking for suggestions. I've tried exercises & I would get initial length & girth but it seems that my ligs are extremely tight & my flaccid length tends to stay the same or reduce in length the more I do exercises. Which always causes me to start & stop with...
  11. jpgm1

    Bathmate Success??!!

    Hi guys I want to get a Bathmate, more specifically the xx40, but I constantly get conflicting information on whether the gains are permanent or not. To the people that have a Bathmate; -Have you made permanent girth gains? -How significant were they? -Have you made permanent length...
  12. IAmSpartacus71

    Does big girth make length gains harder to achieve?

    Is that true? Should I focus only on length until I'll reach my final goal and only then start to focus on girth? What do you guys think about it? https://www.🙈.com/forums/pe-theory-science-forum/16295-length-first-girth-second.html
  13. megamike

    What is the limitation on length gains from extender?

    Theoretically speaking,what is the limit to gaining length from extending? what I was thinking about a while before that if you max out using the current rods one could have,you could just buy more and add them and keep gaining. does it work that way (disregarding time factor) or do I...
  14. jekyllnhyde360

    Hanging flaccid from hanging

    Coming to this conclusion, as someone who has NEVER been a shower (always have shrinkage actually.) I've been noticing that after heavy sets (30 +lbs,) i regularly have a good flaccid hang.
  15. B

    What is this??

    Ok , I was cut at a young'ish age of around 8 years old. It has crossed my mind from time to time as to the way I was cut is normal? I'm looking for an answer to what this piece of skin is that is attached from my shaft to the head of my penis? I've never had any serious problems with this...
  16. T

    Need help with my Routine. Cant make any gains!

    Hey guys, I've been doing PE for like 3 years now and made huge gains. I started with 13cm in length and now i have a 18cm long penis. I always had a decent girth. 16cm at the base, 14,5cm at the shaft and 13,5cm under the glans. So let's get to my problem: I have a really hard time...
  17. megamike

    Expert help needed!

    I need some of the veterans on here to help me construct a routine for optimal length gains. I have been gaining girth easily with my current girth routine but I am afraid I can't say the same for length,been stuck at the same length both bpfsl and bpel for a while. help?
  18. Castiel

    Does the gravity...

    naturally stretch the penis and balls? what do u think about guys?
  19. D

    Tips and tricks for length?

    I've reached the 6 month stage and have managed to gain 0.5" in girth but nothing significant in length. This puts me at 6.2" NBP x 5.5" MEG. At this rate my girth will surpass my length. I've increased the time I stretch following the newbie routine stretching model. Any manual only bros out...
  20. G

    Returning to PE, need a manual routine for length

    Hello brothers, I am returning to PE after a year off as I want a little more length purely for aesthetic purposes. Recently my girth increased out of nowhere and I look shorter. Current Stats: 7.5Nbpel 8.2Bpelx6.1 girth Goal: 8Nbpel Thankyou to anyone who responds :)
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