1. L

    Evening out shaft girth distribution, gaining girth, and increasing glans size.

    New to the forum. Did mild PE stuff about 10 years ago and wanting to get back into it for girth gains. Currently 7.75" BPEL so length isn't an issue for me. Looking to do the 5x5x3 routine to improve girth. My erect girth is 6" at the base and tapers down to 5" just before the glans. The...
  2. M

    questions about girth-work

    Good morning to you all, I'm new to this forum but not in entirely new to PE. I know about the basics, like SRT. I have two questions about the girth-workout in general. I ordered the MityVac just yesterday, I want to upgrade from doing the SSJ only to pumping and SSJ, if my EQ allows that...
  3. R

    3 years doing PE: results (& a couple of questions!)

    Hi guys - Hope you're all well (and getting results!). I've been lurking on these forums for quite a while, so just thought I'd finally post/share my experiences. I've been doing PE for around 3 years now... these are my stats: Start: BPEL 6.7" MSEG 4.8" BPFL 5.2" MSFG 3.9" BPSPL 6.9" Now...
  4. 92tmorgan

    5x5x3 before sex and the ACHIEVEMENT

    So I had a girl coming over from a dating app. I knew we were going to have sex so I decided to take some citrulline and do the 5x5x3 before she got here. Ended up doing 10 min for each pump round. After all said and done my unit looked so much bigger. (Obviously it’s not permanent). My girth is...
  5. D


    Hello Everyone! Current BPEL: 8.5 inches EG: tapered. 5.375 average in top half and 5.75 average bottom half (6 right at base) Goal: EG: 6 inch at smallest point. BPEL: Honestly, I don't think I want any more length. I wouldn't mind losing 1/2 inch if I could convert to girth lol. Issues: I...
  6. Day.


    Dlds girth workout as shown bellow, I’m guessing that the 5 minute slow squash section is broken up with jelqs in between 60 second slow squash jelq reps but I’m not sure, any advice for this section of the routine? Cheers!
  7. V-TAX

    Overtraining on purpose for maximum gains?

    I`m a newbie and I`ve been thinking. Is it possible that If I take no days off, no matter how fatigued my penis will be and no matter that I wont be able to achieve erections at all, would this force growth in big amounts? I mean, I hope this wouldn't destroy or kill my penis, I`ve never done...
  8. Veedubb0508

    Best device with best results of length and girth

    I'm new here I just started the newbie exercises yesterday. I'm looking for advice on the best device with the fastest results that can help me get length and girth I'm going to continue with the Newbie exercises but I would like to see what else I can do for better results anybody who knows...
  9. T

    Cant gain girth

    I have done the bathmate 3x3x5 srt routine, have done the clamping. But cant manage to gain girth. Why??
  10. O

    advice for girth only program

    I haven't really begun my PE routine with manuals. I have some EQ issues so I've been doing erect kegels and edging for the past two weeks. I've also been using Bathmate for about a month. I'm 7x4.5 and don't really care to gain any length, only girth. The routines I find always have length...
  11. Z

    I'm a newbie and I'm having problems with my routine!

    Hello guys! It is the first time in my life that I write in a forum. I'm 23 years old but for some reason I've never liked these things. Even though I've read forums all my life. I have an important question to ask you. Has anyone ever used JesExtender yet? I bought this deal for 3 weeks...
  12. H

    Does girth excercise with the bathmate causes peyronies disease?

    Someone in the progress log section just told me that he read somewhere that doing length and girth exercises causes peyronies disease. He said girth exercises in particular causes peyronies disease. My question is, will I face this problem since I'm currently doing a length and girth routine...
  13. C

    SiliSleev not as tight

    Hi, I don't know if it's a problem or I just did soemthing wrong but I want to ask anyway. I already have a PF and a week ago I used it during the night. It was always pretty uncomfortable, so I tried wearing the SiliSleev under it for testing. It was still not good but I could sleep through the...
  14. M

    SiliRing vs SiliRing + SiliSleeve for girth

    Hey guys, Looking primarily for girth gains and was curious if it would be better to use only the siliring by itself to keep expansion or both the siliring and silisleeve. I use the cap and sleeve with the BM and the expansion is great so I'm trying to maximize my healing setup for girth. The...
  15. DLD

    Exclusive 5x5x3 MityVac/SSJ girth workout ? MONSTER GIRTH!

    EXCLUSIVE SRT 5x5x3 MityVac/SSJ day girth workout ? MONSTER GIRTH! There are many portions to the SRT routine which deal with both length and girth but I’m often asked for a good girth exclusive SRT work out. So here is a SRT exclusive girth routine. 5 Minutes of Bundled Stretches using the...
  16. hnb

    need help with girth

    Hey guys. I have been blessed with an amazing cock but im still doing PE. My mid girth is over 6 inches, base girth 6.5 + but the area just below the glans is not as girthy. Does anybody know how i can focus mainly on this area with jelqing ? Thank you.
  17. J

    After-girth cockring?!

    Hey guys! How long should I wear a cockring for after a girth session? I usually wear it for about 3 hours after the morning session and for 1 hour after the afternoon's. I feel that anything over that is way too much for my dick...
  18. Wintergates

    Hanging position

    I hang erect in a chair , whats better: lay down on the back of the chair this make my penis slightly fall down due the force or its better the push my chest forward making my penis totally straight down
  19. J

    1 year and no gains, please help

    I've been pumping for one year now. I almost gave up, because after the first 2 months, I got zero temporary gains. Literally no difference in girth after 20-30 minutes pumping, not even for 5 minutes. Finally I started seeing some temp gains so I stuck with it. Here is a rough chart Starting...
  20. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...
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