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Hey guys

I need some advice. I am currently using the Penistretcher 7days/wk and performing Ferrari trios 3/wk.
My issue is, is that during the day I don't hang as full as I feel I should be. I am currently 7 and 5 E.
I don't think it is an issue of overtraining or is it? Any thoughts?
Do you think a pump would be of any benefit to keep it fuller through the day and would it be useful for cementing gains?


Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
Pumping will definetly keep you bigger all day due to the swelling. DLD
Or, the bloating. Whats a Ferrari Trio??? LOL.


Jun 8, 2003
Originally posted by Inkyoctopuss
Hey guys

I need some advice. I am currently using the Penistretcher 7days/wk and performing Ferrari trios 3/wk.
My issue is, is that during the day I don't hang as full as I feel I should be. I am currently 7 and 5 E.
I don't think it is an issue of overtraining or is it? Any thoughts?
Do you think a pump would be of any benefit to keep it fuller through the day and would it be useful for cementing gains?
How many hours a day you use Penistrecher ?
And the same question as SWM : What's the Ferrari trios?


I use the stretcher a minimum of 4 hours per day.
I ordered it from http://www.🙈.com/ and it ships with an instruction manual explaining the usage of the device.
There are 2 methods: Regular method - min of 10hrs/day and a Special Method -min of 4hrs/day.

I have been following the special method for 3 weeks. In 4 months following the instructions to the letter my the device will be at 25cm (10inches) The difference between the 2 methods is that the special method is more intense stretching (the increments come quicker) while the regualr method is more passive stretching .

I will keep you informed of my gains and I am logging my hours daily.

The ferrari trios are 3 girth exercises designed by a guy called Ferrari hence the name Ferrari Trio.

The following is break down of the exercises by Ferrari himself. Enjoy!!

Ferrari Trios

I have been recieving quite a few comments about my girth routine that i posted a while back. However, it wasn't complete and people are asking for the third exercise.

Well here they are - all 3 exercises in one place! They have become known as the Ferarri Trio and when combined with traditional jelquing , stretching etc, they really do result in a powerful combination of exercises that will considerably increase you size.

I added a half inch onto my girth thanks to these exercises alone - and that was done in the space of just 4-5 weeks! My gains have slowed now but that intitial spurt is well within reach of anyone (caution - not for begginers - these produce some serious internal pressures! I accept no repsonsiblity for any one acting on these exercises)

I start off with the usual - hot wrap , 10/15 mins jelqing etc. Next, i perform 3 exercises that i have kinda made up myself - well not all myself but i have adapted some old classics to suit my own way of doing things. Here goes...

1) Ferrari Mega Pump

Finish jelquing and get a 60-70% erection. Make a tight 'o' grip at the base of your penis with ur right hand and slowly slide it to the head (just like a standard jelq ), when u reach the head, tighten ur 'o' grip and hold it there just below the ridge. Next, pump ur pc muscle HARD so that the shaft fills with blood behind ur right hand 'o' grip - then take ur left hand and make another TIGHT 'o' grip right at the base. Squeeze both hands very tight so that you completely trap all the bllood in your shaft between the two grips. Continue holding ur pc muscle tight - after about 10 seconds your penis will start to swell BIG TIME and u may even start to feel a little pain as your shaft expands. Let go of your pc muscle but keep ur hands tight - with your right hand at the top of your penis, start to bend your penis downwards to further expand the (already engorged!!) chambers - in effect, you are trying to 'snap' your penis (obvioulsy you dont push hard but just enough to feel the chambers stretch ). You may also like to stretch the penis left or right to expand those chambers too.

This whole process should take about 20 seconds from beggining to end (including the stretches ). After about 20 seconds, slighty loosesn ur left base grip and pump ur pc muscle again hard to fill the shaft back up with blood - immedietely tighten ur base grip again and repeat the above process.

After 2 reps of the above, ur penis will be exhausted and your pc muscle even more exhausted!! (its great for building ur pc too). Keep ur top grip in place throuout the exercise and focus on really filling the shaft with blood - u should visibly see the veins trying to pop out the skin just like if you cut off your forearms circulation. I then masturabate for a while to get my semi hard on again and repeat for as long as i can be bothered. When u feel the pain of the shaft filling with blood, try to stay with it for few seconds more - this is when the big gains come.

2) Ferrari Head Squeezes

This one works ur head as well as ur girth. Get about a 50% erection and then make a tight 'o' grip with ur left hand at the base trapping the blood in. Next, take ur right hand and do an overhand 'o' grip (i.e - so its a mirror image of ur left hand - little finger closest to head).
Squuezw tight with ur right hand first finger and thumb and hold for 5 seconds, next, close ur second finger around ur shaft too. Wait 5 seconds and then close ur third finger. As u close each additional finger, ur head will start to expand big time as the blood is forced upwards. Finnaly close ur little finger and squeeze ur whole hand tight - ur head will be HUGE. Hold for as long as possible and then slwoly release ur hand being sure to keep ur left hand base grip in place. Slightly loosen this grip and pump ur pc muscle to pump some fresh blood into the shaft, tighten it off again and repeat the whole process again with ur right hand.

I do about 10 reps of this (i.e 10 lots of hand tightening at about 30 seconds each one). Keep ur base grip tight thruout the exercise and be sure to pump fresh blood in each rep.
Your head will be huge for ages afterwards. Do as many as u like for the big gains. My head size has increased quite a bit from these

3) Ferrari Slider Blasters (name courtesy of Jearl)

Right, here goes the 3rd girth exercise that i have been using to great effect in my girth routine. Its an exercise that i picked up off another forum and have slightly adapted it to my own preference. This is a real beauty!!!

As with the other exercises that i have desrcibed, extreme caution should be used when trying them. This one in particular produces an unbelievable pump , and when there is an unbelivable pump - there is also a lot of pressure!

OK, to do this one you will need about an 80-100% erection - Any less and the exercise wont work. Do about 2 slowish jelqs to push some blood into the head end of the penis, contract ur pc muscle REALLY tightly to fill up your shaft with blood and then shut the blood in by using your left hand as a tourniquet grip at the base. Your dick should look really pumped where the blood is being held in. You can release your pc muscle now.

Next, make a really small ok grip with your right hand thumb and forefinger. This needs to be REALLY small - no bigger than 1cm. Position this ok grip on the swollen head of your penis (your little finger should be towards the base of your penis) and then slowly start to slide the ok grip down the head. This requires effort bcos the grip is so tight. Obviosuly you will need to slowly increase the grip as you slide over the head, but it should always be as tight as it possibly can. You are basically trying to slide all the blood out of the head and down into the shaft. This does require practice to get the right feel to the exercise.

Move slowly and then when you get past the head and your grip sort of 'clicks in' under the ridge, hold your hand there and continue squeezing. Both hands should now be squeezing tight and due to the massive amount of blood that you have just squeezed down into your shaft - it should look like a balloon!! Honestly, when done correctly the pump is incredible!! Hold like this for about 10 seconds and then release your base grip first to let the blood flow out.

The most difficult part to this exercise is getting the blood out of the head. To do this, u should really pump ur pc muscle first to really engorge the head with blood. The tighter the head feels, the easier it will be to move your ok grip down and push the blood out.

The other main problem that i have is the sensitivity of sliding it over the head. When you clear the head and click in below the ridge, it can be kinda painful at first. Make sure you use loads of lube !

As iv'e already said, this will take practice but its an absolute killer exrecise. Do 5 - 10 of these and your girth will look huge! Keep it up for a month or so and you are bound to make gains - i did anyway!! There are guys making massive gains with this one!!

Stay safe

Variations on the Ferrari exercises

I'm doing mainly girth work right now (I bottom out in my girlfriend length -wise and don't want to cause any harm in there) and in my quest for gains I've come up with two variations of the first two Ferarri exercises. Basically you'll be looking to create a little more pressure/tension than with the regular kind. So far I'm very happy with these and I think that regular use can really boost gains.

Warning!!! These are advanced techniques and should not be used by beginners. Unless you've had 2+ months of solid Penis Enlargement workouts and know your limits, you need to stay away from these. For all others: use caution and heed your body's warning signals. Injuries cause setbacks.

Modified Mega Pump

1. Get an 80% erection and jelq from the base to just under the head. Tighten your o-grip and hold it.

2. Kegel in blood into the penis and trap it with an o-grip around the base using your other hand. Hold this for about 10 seconds.

3. Release the top o-grip (just below your head) and, without loosening your grip , jelq from the bottom up to the top with your other hand.

4. Kegel in blood into the penis and again trap it with an o-grip around the base. Hold for another 10 seconds. Your head will feel very tight if you're doing this right.

5. Repeat the entire process one more time (i.e. release top, jelq up, kegel in more blood and trap) and then slowly release both grips.

6. Shake to freshen the blood supply, marvel at the pumped look of your dick, work yourself up to that 80% erection again (you will have lost it by now) and do it again.

7. Repeat entire exercise as needed.

Modified Head Squeeze

This is basically a combination of the Mega Pump and the Head Squeeze that will trap a lot more blood in the head.

1. Get about 80-90% erection (more will work better but don't go 100%). Using an o-grip , jelq from the bottom to the top. Stop and hold just behind the head.

2. Kegel in blood and trap it with an o-grip at the base. Release the top grip but hold the bottom grip tight.

3. Take a reverse o-grip (index finger closest to the base) so that your index fingers are up against each other. Squeeze hard for a count of 5. Your head will expand.

4. With both o-grips still in place close your second finger of the reverse o-grip hand and hold for a count of 5.

5. Repeat with ring finger and little finger until the pressure in your head is crazy. You head will be visibly larger.

6. If you're gung-ho, after you've closed your little finger and held for a count of 5, keep both grips and try to slide them up the shaft. You won't get far but you'll get added pressure and blood in the head. The tension will be amazing.

7. Release both grips, shake to freshen the blood supply, work up your erection and do it again. Repeat as needed.

When first starting out with these I recommend doing fairly low reps to get used to the technique and try your limits. It might be beneficial to use these in only 1-2 sessions each week at first. Let me know what you think.

Here's another exercise I will be experimenting with over the coming months in my quest for girth. As with the others, this is all about creating pressure but this time with an extra emphasis on the head.

This too is an advanced exercise and should only be done with extreme caution. The pressure on the head is massive and if you're not careful there might be pinpricks on the glans itself (not a pretty picture).

Modified head jelq

This is a finsihing move that will put the extra touch on any program.

1. Get a 90-95% erection (as hard as you can after a decent workout) and, using an o-grip , jelq from the base to just under the head.
2. Pause there, kegel in blood and trap it at the base using your other hand. You should feel your head expanding. Keep that bottom grip tight for the next step.
3. Slowly, and applying a lot of pressure, slide your top o-grip over the head.
4. Once the top hand is free of the head start jelqing from the bottom again without loosening your grip .
5. Repeat about 5 times, shake to freshen the blood supply, work up your erection again and repeat as many times as comfortable.

I tried all three of these today: 5 min Mega pump , 5 min Head squeeze, 5 min Mega pump with bends and finally 5 min of Head jelqs . I have never, and I do mean never, seen my penis that fat. (Remember, I used to pump back in the day.) It was quite an experience. I had forgotten how much fun this can be...


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Jun 4, 2003
Are you from another Penis Enlargement forum that we don't know about? Do tell! :)



He must belong to www.ferrarispad.com Unfortunately, the server must be down or something I keep getting a "page cannot be found" error. Good read on this post. This guy (ferrari) seems to think that everyone can just do these "hard kegels" that "fill the penis back up with blood". LOL. I get the idea that theres this thought process going on in some guys' heads that if they work their PCs enough they will be able to kegel themselves from flaccid to erect.


I've pumped a lot over the years, however at this time do not have one. It's addictive... *g*

Combining pumping with other forms of Penis Enlargement worked for me.

Don't use to much pressure, and keep the time inside the cylinder short.

I use to keep two pumps around. One for pumping while laying in the bath tube, another for non water usage.

Water tends to magnify the size of your penis, plus will give you the donut effect quicker and cause blisters if you're not careful.

A few years ago, pills , exercises, plus pumping gave some quick gains. I suspect the combo of things worked well together.


Thanks Rain.
I was just an avenue I thought about adding to my pe routine to enhance my gains.

To answer some other questions asked in the post. I am not a member of any forum really. I frequently visit a number of forums and try and pick up as much knowlegde and info as I can. Despite this forum not being that old i would say that this is the best I have found with a lot of good posts!! Big up DLD and everyone who posts here.

stillwantmore you won't be able to get to www.ferrarispad.com the site has been closed down and Ferrari now posts at http://www.mens-network.com/forum/
It was a shame, it was a pretty cool site with only a handful of members -apparently he gained 2 and 1.25 (8"+6.25") using manual stretches and the Ferrari Trios. I was lucky I found the instructions to them again -they are quite an awesome set of exercises.

Back to the pumping issue I remember seeing an advert in a skin mag with Peter North advertising a pump he supposedly used to gain his size. Do you think pumping is widely used by Pstars? Didn't John Holmes use one also?
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