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  • sup bro im impressed with your gains
    im around the same size (6") and want to get to (7") in 3 months

    what is your routine you used to get the gains u made? which tools did u use? it is appreciated having someone with similar measurements lend a helping hand
    I followed the newbie routine for a few months and then got a Bathmate and Lengthmaster. Both of them help tremendously for length and girth.

    I haven't done anything for length or measured in probably 2 years. I use the Bathmate 5-6x a week while doing reverse kegels. I'm pretty happy knowing I've broken 6" and that I'm bigger than average. One of these days I'll actually measure again and see where I'm at.
    i have 3yrs exp w/ a pump & 1month exp with a Phallosan, but never done any manual work. My plan was to get new extender & do it all everyday. But some have warned me of overtraining/permanent damage. would you say i should follow a manual-ONLY plan for awhile before implementing extender & other tools (pump, cock ring) into my routine? if so, how long should i stick to Manual-ONLY before adding devices?
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