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  1. H

    Not using ace bandage after length exercise

    I'm currently using the length master for 1 hour daily doing upward and downward bundled stretches. I know I'm suppose to wrap with ace bandage to heal in an elongated state but right now I do not have the ace bandage. I intend to gain 1 inch in length in 6 month. I have used the length master...
  2. J

    Pumping gains like gauged ears?

    The only PE I do is pumping. Are pumping gains cemented similar to how people gauge their ears or stretch their necks?
  3. D

    Think globally, act locally : macro and micro PE exercises for local gains

    Hi all, I've seen something interesting that does not seem to be detailed here. If posts exists, just mention them. It is common sense, and you learn it when you study about signals and mathematics, that the efficiency of a chain of elements is always lowered by its weakest elements...
  4. L

    Is it Theoretically possible to gain 4 + inches in length?

    My main goal is about 2.5'' in length and 1'' in girth (which would put me right at 7.5x5.5) but, if i were to continue doing intense P.E even after i reach my goal, would there be a point where i would have to stop gaining?, say i keep doing consistent P.E for the next 5-10 years in that case...
  5. J

    How much length have you grown from using the length master in a year??

    What are your results since using the length master..
  6. G

    What is this tracking app?

    http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/phallosan-forte/86195-how-many-hours-are-phallosan-users-wearing-their-device-and-do-you-have-any-problems.html Posting here because the PF forum doesn't seem to get a TON of traffic and I a new month is starting, wouldn't mind knowing what that app is...
  7. 1

    HELP! Routine advice from the kings of PE

    Hi, My stats are in my sig i just need some solid advice on a routine i can go forward with and i'm so dedicated my Girlfriend is away for four months so i have the space and time to form a consistent habbit and get the win. So my main problems i've found with PE and me is: Shrinkage-...
  8. T

    update from timber on chem pe *must read if doing chem pe*

    Hi guys. It's been awhile. Hope everyone is doing well and achieving their gains. I felt I had a duty to you guys to let you know the bad news I have encountered, that was most likely due to my chem pe protocol or severely over training. My size has tapered down even farther, and I am now...
  9. JakeM82

    Intro + Progress + Questions

    Hey guys, I have been lurking around the forum for a few days now. I decided to join after reading all of the incredible material and advice posted. I am very new to PE, in fact I didn't even realize what I was getting into when I was buying a traction device. It was suggested to me by my...
  10. P

    how to know what kind of PAIN is GOOD and BAD for you????

    Well after beginning my newbie routine i have gained nearly an inch in a week . But yesterday i took complete rest and did nothing so penis can heal and get a break. I realized there is some pain in different areas. It is not consistent but it comes for a few seconds and it goes. I havent had...
  11. B

    10 Hour Rule

    So I recently began hanging again after setting aside PE altogether for nearly 2 years. After about 45-50 days I have seen the biggest gain in such an amount of time as I ever had, which is just under 1/2 inch. I believe that the key to my recent success has little to do with how much weight I...
  12. 1

    90 days=1 inch

    Well I created a 90 day to 9 inches program as I was stuck at 8 for awhile. I switched up my way of thinking, my routine and my nutrition. I realized that I would have to gain 1/10th of an inch every 9 days which made the goal seem A LOT easier. I currently just finished day 18 with a...
  13. S

    Amazing new pe methods coming out soon

    i have a total of 6 manulas now that the public hasnt seen ill post sometime in the near future i believe these to be excellent for me and i believe that everyone will love and gain a ton from them also i have an appaorch that i will discuss in the near fture aswell get ready materofsize im...
  14. E

    Stretching straight after pumping, hit the ligs hard!

    I've been experimenting with different protocols with the bathmate.... last night I just did a single set of about 10 mins in the bathmate... it felt good, finished up with a very plump 6.5" long x 6" girth flaccid, with no noticeable fluid retention. Normally I'd finish up with some jelqing...
  15. D

    PE For a Year and No Gains and Negative Results. Help???

    Hello, I've been following PE exercises for a while. I started PE about a year and a half ago in April 2013. Since then all I've seen is negative results. I've tried everything from jelqing to clamping to hanging to kegels and edging and numerous stretches and girth exercises including the...
  16. wakingdream

    Put the ruler away!

    Lately I've been seeing alot of questions and getting private messages similar to this: "How many inches can I gain in X amount of time if I do X routine?" I'm sure DLD hears it every day too, so I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. First of all, it's too difficult to answer that question...
  17. A

    Gained half an inch in two days.

    I literally just started Jp's 90 day beginner routine friday. And today, sunday I measured again and it was half an inch longer. Friday - BPEL 5.5 inch Sunday - BPEL 6 or 6.1 inch I was just really excited and needed to share.
  18. A

    Bathmate 1st week impressions

    Hey all, so I picked up a new BM herc last week (through your mos link ;) ) thought id share my impressions. Im pretty new to the PE game, tried it a little bit a few yrs back but not long enough. after finding out about the bm decided to give it a go as I've never been satisfied with my size...
  19. D

    Hard Gainers Club

    Every time I see someone talk about their quick gains I think "fuck you, you dick" haha, I'm kidding. But on a serious note, who else here is a hard gainer? I've been going at it for 2 months and only have an occasional increase in EQ and temp gains after using my BM. Thinking about it made me...
  20. B

    My new routine and a fresh start with MOS membership! Chime in please!

    Alright, so I just purchased the MOS membership and I am going to re-think my routine. I will list the time and tools that I currently have along with measurements that I just took this morning. Current measurement BPEL – 7-5/8 (think I gained 1/8 inch last month!) Mid Girth – 5” Goal 8”...
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