1. S

    Newbie to the pe world need some guidance

    I am 28 and starting a pe regimen. My starting stats are at 7.5" long and 7" girth. But I am a big guy 6' 440 pounds. I have been doing some stretching, jelging, and pumping. Just light stuff nothing to intense to start with. What things in particular do I need to be doing I am just really...
  2. H

    Does the new discounted SG at 248.95usd comes with extra extension bars to 10 inches?

    I have finally ordered the SG again so I wanted to ask if the SG I will be receiving comes with extra extension bars that can take me up to 10 inches in length? We all know that before now, it was 9.5 inches but being that DLD has worked out a new deal with the SG company, I meant to understand...
  3. M

    Asked women to pick the perfect size: They chose 6.6X5.3

    I made a poll to try and ascertain an actual ideal size as selected by women themselves. Women: Specify your ideal penis - Mister Poll If you average out the results then the mean average ideal penis comes out at 6.6X5.3. It's also worth pointing out that: A: an 8X6 penis apparently...
  4. gñe

    Pumping and avoid losing my upward curve ?? it is possible?

    Maybe with a cilynder more width?
  5. K

    Kingsnake back in the game with the DP-4000 DIGITAL MAXIMIZER pump

    Hey what’s up fellas. The snakeman is in the building. It’s been a long time. As most already now, I’m married with a kid now. My son is 8 months old now and is growing fast. He’s like my light skinned mini clone. LOL. Anyway though. I haven’t done any serious PE in a long time except for...
  6. C

    Disingenuous product promotion Disco Dave

    Hey guys someone called Disco Dave who obviously works for Flaccid Jackit or has some vested interest in the company is spamming the forums pretending to be a newbie promoting the product. Now i'm all for good product reviews, but not dishonesty like this. Bottom line, if you want to promote...
  7. lexyz222

    Size of this guys penis? (10inches+?) (vid)

    Is this guys dong real? If so what size do you think it is? The reactions are priceless! http://videarn.com/webcams-flashing-amateur/1972388-cfnm-webcam-big-dick-reaction-compilation.html
  8. T

    Best way to have sex if your a virgin.

    Ok so heres my situation. It's pretty embarrassing but I'm a virgin<:(. I have done everything else but have sex. Now this girl I'm talking to "says" she's a virgin too and wants to lose it to me. She knows I am also but I'm wondering what's my best way to satisfy her I'm 5.10 inches and I'm not...
  9. I

    advice needed

    anyone ever used one of these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Penis-Enlarger-Male-Enlargement-Extender-Enhancement-Penis Enlargement-/230596107743?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35b0995ddf#ht_7347wt_1037 also, what is the proper way to use a pump, and to use hanging weights?
  10. P

    Nigerian penis size study

    “Oversized” Penile Length In The Black People; Myth Or Reality JC Orakwe, GU Ebuh Abstract Objective: Amongst the Caucasians and some non-Black races, there is the popular belief that the black people generally have longer penile sizes. Even the Blacks themselves tend to believe...
  11. B

    Pumping Then Jelqing

    Hey guys, posted here a while ago. Started Penis Enlargement about 7 months ago now. I have worked very very hard to get to where I am now. I have been wearing an ADS 10hours plus every day, I started at approx 5.5 inches I think or maybe a little more 5.75 but not touching 6 inches because I...
  12. A

    Giving it a Shot

    I am a white 21 yr old male who is 6'4 broad shoulders and love to work out. I also have a 9 inch penis (23 cm) never had a complaint about my size but I am giving DLD exercise routines a shot I want to see just how big I can get based off that I am already very well endowed. I am not lying...
  13. DLD

    Women can be so fucking retarded

    <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2O0JPhIQmlg"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/2O0JPhIQmlg" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425"...
  14. jqsderrida

    About the autoextender hanger....

    Ive a few questions for the more experienced Monkeybar hangers out thar. (1) How do manage the sleeve, that is, when I am trying to roll the sleeve back onto the cylinder following a session, I have the absolute toughest time doing this and removing myself without experiencing some sort of...
  15. B

    Psychiatric Drugs and PE

    I have been watching a reality TV programme in England called Big Brother where one of the contestants whipped out his cock in the pool to reveal a 10 incher much to the delight of the female housemates. He suffers from tourettes syndrome for which he takes medication. After speaking about...
  16. S

    reaching your goal before or during marriage

    I've thought of this quite a bit lately and decided to make a topic on it. For example, I am a virgin and will remain that until I get married. Is it best for me to continue Penis Enlargement now so when I get married I will have a 10x7? or.... Should I wait until I get married and...
  17. S

    How realistic are these goals?

    I'm 18, almost 19, just a little over a month away. I was told by a friend of mine that this sort of stuff works far better when your younger since your body is still growing, but that might be a myth. Anyway, based on some of the results I've seen around here from people gaining 2 inches in 1...
  18. P

    6.9/7 inches and i feel small

    Im about 7 inches long and i feel small....anyone here an 8 and feel the same way?
  19. W

    Women's Favorite Penis Size Poll

    I recently ran across this stripper web site, which has several forums including a "ladies only" section where I found this post. FWIW, 7" was the most popular size chosen, and the ladies' comments are an interesting read. I hope you don't assume that all strippers are whores, sluts, or both...
  20. DLD

    Tell Your PE Story...Inspire your fellow PE Brothers

    My experience with this whole game went through many stages. I have been on pretty high doses of certain medications that throughout my adult years have slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to do something about this. I did a simple google search on...
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