1. bigogeek

    Glans sensitivity during stretching exercises

    Lately, I've been watching some videos to see the correct technique of different stretches and I have realized that a lot of guys from those videos actually grip under the glans but also in the middle of them. Does not hurt you/them? Or it's only that I have more sensitivity for being a total...
  2. J

    Penis nerve damage from chemical peel?

    I used a penis pump and my penis became very discolored. I used a tca chemical peel on my penis to try and remove some of the discoloration. I did the peel in January 2018, so its been 5 months and I still have loss of feeling and cannot maintain erection during intercourse. is this...
  3. DutchAthletic92

    Help! I’ve lost BPEL with hanging?! Fatigue??

    Hi MOS, So yesterday was my 60 day mark of consistent hanging. When I measured on january 31th I was 18,5 cm (7.28”) BPEL with 100% EQ I was on NOFAP so no EQ issues etc, this was my max length and girth was 14 cm (5.5”) I’ve measured my dick again yesterday and I maxed out at...
  4. DutchAthletic92

    Clamping the head instead of the shaft

    Hi guys, If I clamp my lengthmaster right under the glans, I feel that the area which is clamped doesn’t recieve any torque force, I get shaft expansion and elongation. If I would clamp the glans (appropriately) without too much force I could get more torque along the entire shaft all...
  5. G

    naturally intact however gained too much skin from PE, getting cut?

    Hi, From PE I have gained so much extra skin my penis now looks like this, sometimes it looks different so I uploaded many different pictures I know the arguments for and against circumcision, mainly...
  6. kitfisto

    Jelqing devices???

    I have seen a few products on the internet used for jelqing. However I never see any reference to them on PE forums. I'm particularly talking about the ones where you put your penis between two rollers. Has anyone had any experience with such items and do they work? I find it very...
  7. A

    New Girlfriends PE Concerns.

    Hey all so I've been off and on doing PE for a few years. Nothing commited tho. Anyway I just got a new girlfriend after being single for 6 years. She loves the way my penis is. She likes it because it's very hard. It's perfectly straight. And the skin is very smooth and soft. That said. I'm...
  8. DutchAthletic92

    Numb glans caused by Length Master

    Hey MOS, So I was doing my routine yesterday. And I think I clamped in too high which crushed my glans so to speak. I wasn't painful or something so I continued with my routine and after 30-40 minutes in Lenth Master I took it off and started edging. I didn't feel any pleasure. It feeled raw...
  9. C

    My Viagra experience

    A while back I was given 100mg of viagra to try. I don't have ED issues, I was just hoping for a double header as I've heard guys say they're able to do it. After reading about dosing I decided to cut it in half and give 50mg a shot. I hadn't eaten for a few hours and I waited about an hour and...
  10. J

    How do some guys kegel so hard?

    Hey guys question I've had for a while, I've seen quite a few videos where guys can move their dick quite a bit. Almost through 180 degrees range of motion while erect, (all the way up and down) I assume this is by kegeling, but I've never managed to get mine to move as much (prolly 15 -30...
  11. W

    What to expect?

    Hey everyone. Im new to PE and just have a few questions. Ive been keeping up with this site for a while but never dig to deep. Figured nows good a time as any to join. What can I expect from BM? I have been doing simple stretches and jelqs for about a month now and will be ordering a BM soon...
  12. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  13. W

    I had gains even with NEGATIVE PIs

    So guys, I need to share with you my experience on the last months: I was very enthusiastic about the temporary gains that Bath gave me, I even created this topic Http://
  14. S

    Reduced Sensitivity?

    I am having some loss of sensitivity due to the penimaster pro. I've only had it for a week and I really like it so far. I have no discomfort while im wearing it but for some reason im losing sensitivity along the coronal ridge and the top of my shaft. My question is, is this typical when...
  15. J

    Stretching and Jelqing with the foreskin over the glans

    I started doing exercises 2 weeks ago and it feels good so far. I just want to make sure im doing it right tho. I have alot of foreskin so when i stretch i often have to do it with the foreskin over the glans. But even so i make sure that i grab under the glans so im not just stretching the...
  16. M

    Cold Water usage....

    Dear All from brotherhood.... Just a simple question.... how good is to wash penis by cold water?.... like while doing P.E anything we use Hot water as Warm up or Warm down.... so during the rest of the day... is it okay to wash penis with cold water.... well yes cold water gives the feeling of...
  17. C

    Having some issues with comfort

    When I do manual stretches I can only get a semi comfortable grip at best. I have been using baby powder but I'm still crushing and causing light abrasions to my glans during some stretches. After watching the member videos I decided to try some 🙈 instead and again the same issue. I am...
  18. Golden Crotch


    I know this isn't the right place to post this, but I just really need some help ASAP! So please visit the link below! Link----->
  19. B

    Pretty interesting...isn't it???

    I have a girlfriend since 2 years and we have a nice solid sex with a lot of position changing and even I make her cum t twice or at the same time together. Before her always almost always the first time I meet a girl and we go to have sex for the first time I cum within seconds even without...