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Jun 4, 2003
I have been discussing with DLD this new exercise and he has made a video of it, so we will see it later. I told him about it just before he went to Florida, and I have shared it with some others and they are seeing some exciting results. Here it is: With a totally erect penis, do some twists, like the bundles we do with a flaccid penis. You can't do as many twists but taking the whole penis in your hand or hands, gently twist, squeeze and pull. I put a lot of force into it. Hold for as long as you feel good about it and release; do it the other direction, pulling and squeezing. I get a tremendous lig pull from it. Also, I have a rush after doing it. Makes me stay hard longer and very agressive. I do these for about 20 minutes; alternating right and left twist and doing different direction pulls. You really feel it in your ligs. I think it is also helping in the Tunica. Very important to from time to time, shake and slap the penis to get blood flowing again. If you go down in erection, work it back up and go at it again. Try it, you will like it!! GS
LOL. I started doing that about a month and a half ago. I did it maybe once in ever 6 sessions. I thought it was really tugging the ligs, but wasnt sure it was the ligs!! Wierd that we came up with the same exercise. Have you seen any length gains from it though?
Would you vets advise for or against newbies like myself doing these? Been doing Penis Enlargement for almost two months now.

Cushing 68...
Its not really that intense of an exercise, well it does not have to be. Just grab your dick while erect and SLOWLY turn it one way, and then the other. Just go as far as you can and so that you are not in pain. Just make sure you turn SLOW and don't twist too far.
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Cushing 68...
Just grab your dick while erect and SLOWLY turn it one way, and then the other.

Man, am I glad you said it this way! I was about to give myself one hell of an indian burn! lol

What I am seeing is an immediate response. I am fuller flaccid for a longer time, and I do believe I am seeing some length growth. It has not been long enough for me to determine exact results. DLD can comment more on it later. Anyway, it seems to be a good one and I agree, slowly and carefully but with some real squeezing. GS

I've been trying the twist on and off, when there is privacy at home... In theory, it should ad both girth and length gains.

That sounds alot like an old exercise called bruiser 180s.
he posted over at �other forum�, info on them is over there.
Hi BigRig, no, the bruiser 180 is totally different. I went over to �other forum� and did a search to see what they called the bruiser and what I am describing is different. What I am saying is: YOu have a totally erect penis or nearly so. Then grabbing it with both hands, so you twist the entire length, give is a slow and even twist, so you turn the bottom of your glans upright. Squeeze, pull and hold. Slowly....., Maybe you can go more than a half turn, but it is turning it. Then go the other way. Do ten reps each way, alternating. Be sure and shake it out, slap it or whatever to get the blood flowing. You will See some awesome results. Hope this explains more... GS
I have been messin with summut similer for abit I think?

Anyways I am very excited by this.
So I get a full erection and grip my willy with both hands? than twist say right ways first, slowly all the way so the bottom of the penis is now the top?
Do this 10 times left and right?

I just making sure I got it all.
That is exactly right RED... I do a right twist, then a left and hold each for as long as I feel things going well, maybe a minute or two at most. Then shake it out, really slap it, do it again, right and left, slap it out. Squeeze when you are twisted. I don't think I would go more of a twist then having the bottom on the top. That is half turn. You might not be able to do it first, takes some time to get some limberness in ye ole penis. Let me know what you think, how it reacts and what feelings you have. GS
One more thing...pull when you twist and squeeze. I rolled it, like a crank, but not so agressive. Pull down, left, right, up etc. You will feel awesome lig pull and be sore are the morning! GS
Sounds interesting, I will try it today :)

Do you grab at the glands, or shaft?

Do you use one hand or two?
U use two hands and ya grab around the whole penis.

Cheers GS I will get more into this.
I actually tryed it lastnight.
I felt it, but mainly in the Upper Tunica I think?
However if I pull down and Reverse kegel I can REALLY feel the ligs and get a Burner.

I will keep messing with these.
Its squeeze than pull and twist I do.
Sounds insane guys.

Is there any chance we will see the video on the fourms or only DLD's site?
Keep an open mind and it'll open up more doors mate.
I dunno where the video will be.
Just tried these:

They are INTENSE!!!

However, I am still unsure as to what they are actually doing.

The closest feeling I can link it to would be a really good tunica pull (DLD Bundle comes to mind pulling up), mixed with the feeling of a DLD Bend. However, the feeling is throughout my entire unit.

I get the feeling that it is working length more than girth though....... I may be wrong...... thoughts?
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I agree Shower,
Its more on the Tunica which I think I may have said in this post before????

I reckon that to really get this to work one must hold the stretch for some time.
Keep us updated with how you go with it.
OK,are you twisting w/one hand by glans,and pulling forward.And w/the other hand pulling down at base?
I am using one hand to cover the bottom-half of my shaft and turn, making sure that the SHAFT is twisting and NOT the skin.

I use my other hand to grap the top-half of my shaft (including glands) to do the same.

Note that the top-half is able to twist further than the bottom.
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