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    I hate to say this, as it embarasses the hell out of me, but does anyone know how to get rid of cysts on your testicles? Ive had them about 4 to 5 years. Some about the size of a small pea but the rest are small. Ive tried popping them with no luck,but am embarassed to go to a doctor about it...
  2. T

    Long Read. Suffered ED at young age from PE but Fighting back for size! Not all bad!

    Hi guys. I would like to tell my story. Many years ago, about 10, I found out about PE. I had a normal penis and was a healthy, spry, 18 year old horny teen. One day, I read about jelqing and I quickly sort of jumped right in. An hour later, I was erect jelqing, my eyes could not believe the...
  3. G

    Varicocele Natural Remedies, Techniques, Terapies

    Hello Everyone, Please share here your experience in healing, dealing with varicocele using natural remedies. I found some sources that mention that the varicocele is caused by kidney malfunction, or valve of the vein malfunction So surgical option is not viable as it deals with the...
  4. megamike

    discolor/beauty Fordyce spots

    Not sure if I'm in the right thread but if I am not,please move it. anyways,does anyone have experience with fordyce spots? is there something I can do about them? I have consulted my dermatologist and he said since they are harmless there is no point of doing anything about it,unless they...
  5. megamike

    stretching and stiffness

    my penis feels stiff and unstretchy like it used to be,why is this happening and how can I prevent it?
  6. S

    Wanting to Boost Immune System

    For reasons entirely unrelated to PE I am wanting to give my immune system a serious boost. As far as I am aware, I eat reasonably well and I very rarely get ill but still have something minor that I haven't been able to shake. I don't want to go into what exactly as I've tried literally every...
  7. Z

    Jock Itch from warm up exercises???

    Hey i developed a jock itch from when i had to wear a ingunial hernia belt to work out and thought i got rid of it but i think it came back after there surgery i have been using lamasil spray and even have an old prescription from when i thought it was gone i guess i stopped taking that. I know...
  8. M

    can't keep it hard back.n.we.having down fast... n.I.have to.keep.stimulating. myself.gets annoying. but when it's doggy I.can.go.till.I.expload
  9. P

    INFECTION on glans

    guys i had quit pe for a while so my glans heal....but when i began pe yesterday....i felt pain in the glans after i masturbated at night i went to a doctor he said i have an infection....he gave me medicines and ointment.... any advice for healing ???
  10. DLD

    discolor/beauty 9 Easy Methods of Getting rid of Discoloration

    Rose Water Rose water has incredible ingredient for skin care. It rejuvenates the skin and has a soothing effect. Due to its mild astringent properties, it also works as a good skin toner. Soak a cloth in pure rose water for a few minutes. Put the soaked cloth on the discolored area of the...
  11. E

    Phimosis cured but foreskin still tight

    Hello everyone, Last January I managed to cure my Phimosis thanks to one Canesten pill and the Phimocure rings. I can now successfully retract my foreskin, but unfortunatly it is still tight and it does restrict the flow of blood to the shaft (maybe the picture can illustrate what the issue...
  12. kofandy2001

    Head hurts

    Like most of you l use phallosan as my main extender at night. Now my girth is pretty normal size around 5"2. I put most my head inside the cap to get a better pull. When l get woody at night it swells up and really bugs me. I do my best to sleep with the slight discomfort. Almost everytime...
  13. P

    hair removal for penis

    guys i found this herbal remedies for permanent hair removal and NATURAL Permanent removal of unwanted hair naturally - Ayurveda and this one is to slow down the hair growth i have hair creeping up the shaft so i wanted to get rid of it...... see if these...
  14. P

    Face hollow temples

    i have hollow temples of face ......i think the cause was wither drastic weight loss or mainly TMJ....which is jaw problem........ is there any natural way to fill the temples ???
  15. K

    Hercules Gator Bite Marks

    Hello Gents, I'm a newbie here - Ordered my hercules per the sizing chart and have been using it for about a week. After last nights session I have some dark red and purple Gator Bites. I'm of course taking a break now and worried >< I just spent money on the Hercules but believe I may...
  16. E

    Natural Remedy for Falling Hair

    Hi everyone. My hair has been falling for the longest time and I ignored it until I saw 3 small balding spots in my head. I freaked out and has been so conscious of my hair ever since. Is there anyone here who is going through the same problem? Any tips you can share? Natural remedy is my take...
  17. P

    Need desparate help

    i began PE today after taking a months break because of a lump that used to be formed during penis exercises... today for 10 minutes i observed it wasnt there but it came back and in same size like it was previously. i realized there is a small part on the vein that swells up first looking like...
  18. A

    Penoscrotal web after 5 years of doing PE (pictures)

    I have penoscrotal web discomfort (not pain) after 5 years of doing PE (quite intensively sometimes even 4 months in a row with 2days on 1 day off 1,5 hour each day then 3 months off and than again few months on) I have not documented my PE journey with pictures but I presume that the skin...
  19. isaTiger

    Bathmate causing "donuting"?

    Hello I've just started getting into PE and have been at it for a month now with a routine of using the bathmate and stretching plus jelqing. I've noticed it recently as my time using the bathmate has increased to 15 minutes per session that I would get a "donut" / swelling from water at the...
  20. P

    after 3 months of PE

    maybe you guys know me from my last thread but in my last thread i said i had a curve at the end of my penis that was going down. i have been really working hard to fix that (masturbating against the curve, jelqing against the curve, and fullcruns). i almost completely lost the curve but right...
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