8 inches

  1. Golden Crotch

    Listen to this if you need motivation and inspiration! DON'T QUIT!

    This song has always helped me any time I've ever felt like giving up on any of my goals. I hope some of you PE brothers also find it inspiring. God bless you guys! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTRUvttsTsU&pbjreload=10
  2. Minceydice

    Need Advice on Curve

    So when im fully erect my penis pretty much points up at the ceiling i guess this is because i have a very high erection angle, think Chris strokes but a little more prominent. My upward curve also doesn't help this situation. Today i measured the underside of my penis and it came out to 8...
  3. C

    Words don't express my happiness with PE

    I've been making some changes in my life lately that should make me better but PE is the one I'm most excited about. Being back at it is a good feeling, knowing that every stretching and girth without is one more step towards the large cock I desire. Most of you large or soon to be large...
  4. acromegaly

    forced to upgrade? (warning: graphic details)

    So i finally cracked this x40 extreme and went to go grab my other x40 that i had stashed for just such an emergency, and i noticed that it had somehow cracked as well... I have been completely packing the tube girthwise every day for a while now and i thought that i could gain some length in...
  5. Chaoskampf

    How do I activate my Bathmate Icons on my account on the top left?

    Hey, DLD has all Bathmate icons activated and I own a Bathmate Goliath and would like to get my Bathmate heraldry on display too. How does this work?
  6. Minceydice

    Best length routine for lengthmaster?

    First I want to start off by saying, Wow. The lengthmaster is the real deal guys it is the king of manual stretches. When I first started PE i was at 5.5 inches and got a length master right away because i thought if im going to do this then ive got to go all in, that was 3 months ago now im at...
  7. J

    Phallosen and sizegenetics?

    Hey everyone. So i saw a post somewhere about a modification for the phallosen mixed with the size genetics??? someone please show me!! I cant find the modification post! I've had the size genetics for years. I hated it because it hurt, and my penis head would be ice cold and blue within 20...
  8. T

    Manuel ferrera realistic dildo

    So the manuel ferrera dildo that is suppose to be molded from his dick is 6 inches long and 6 inches around. This surprises me because if its only 6 inches long, how do they make it seem like hes huge on camera? Has anyone seen the dildo in person?
  9. kyomoto

    Your top 3 exercises for length and girth

    (skip this intro if you'd like) Hey guys long time no see and hi newcomers. Came back after failing on my year progress with the gains just lost due to life. But I'm back and want to get active in the forums again which hopefully will motivate me to continue and I'll be deleting my old...
  10. K

    AB Silicone

    Gents, I have ordered from these guys for a few years now.... they always screw up my orders and if..... it arrives its 1- 2 months late, I placed an order beginning of November and still did not receive anything.... not even feedback on my mails. I searched for other companies but cant find any...
  11. T

    What can i do to really pump up my routine?

    I have about 6.4 inches rn. By the time may comes i would like to be 7.2 inches. As of right now my routine is 5 min of warm up bundled stretch 10 min mandingo stretch and than 40-60 min of hanging and than 5 min of expressive stretch Im wrapped all day. Anything else? Is .8 inches in 6 months...
  12. bandit2010

    just thought I would drop in and let everyone know I am ok.

    hey all, just thought I would drop in and let everyone know that I am still around, last sunday my spouse totaled out her 04 Chevy silverado, that was payed for, lady t boned the passenger door, caving in the A pillar at the bottom 8 inches, she was in a toyota and was doing about 80 in a 45...
  13. KingD

    Jelq Device Rollers!

    Does anyone know where you can purchase the Dura-rollers for the jelq device?
  14. bandit2010

    home made weight stacking pin

    hey all just got done making a weight stacking pin using a piece of 1 inch aluminum tubing about 18 inches long along with a few bits and pieces of hardware, I will try and get a few pictures, I even wove the lanyard on it from dacron rope, looks pretty good for something made from scratch,
  15. T

    jelqing gains

    As some of you know i have been struggling in penis enlargement. I have tried jelqing for a week at a higher erection level around 30 to 40 percent and i feel like im starting to get flaccid gains now . I want to try jelqing for a while and see where it gets me, but Someone told me everybody...
  16. T

    No gains

    I have been still struggling with my gains. i have done penis elargement for almost a year now and have not seen anything. Not even flaccid gains. I need all of your guys help. How long should I warm up for? What stretches will work best for me? And how hard should i pull during the stretches...
  17. Y

    Need help

    Hey fellas I'm new to MOS and fairly new to PE. Have tried SG and BM. Size genetics hasn't worked for me due to the fact that I'm uncut and Vlc tigger just pulls on the skin way too much and not enough on the penis itself. At this point I'm looking at getting the PF to add to the SG for the...
  18. J

    whats their girth ? Rico strong and Wesley Pipes

    hello guys who you guys think is thicker Wesley Pipes or Rico Strong and what BASE girth do they have ? my guess is that wesley pipes 4.8 inches in base girth and 5.2 inches in base girth for Rico strong or maybe im wrong and Wesley is 4.7 in BG and Rico is 5 in BG but i seriously dont...
  19. K

    My current workout

    I'm not faithful to pe as I should and sometimes go weeks without doing any pe. No reason why but now I'm going to be dedicated and so far one solid week in the books. My current routine is 5 minutes in Bathmate then do 150 jelqs. I repeat this 3 times and at the end do 10 minutes of...
  20. bandit2010

    Thinking about hanging.

    I am close to reaching my girth goals, I mesured tonight my flacid girth was 5 1/2 post , and close to 6 erect, I am thinking about hanging to increase my length, my goal on length is 8 to 8.5