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Jan 6, 2023

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Last updated: Mars 2, year: 2024.
List of important information.

Here below I have gathered all the important information. Everything in blue is a link to a diffrent thread or post.
doublelongdaddy's (@DLD) programs and content.
πŸ”— SRT - Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory.
Note: SRT is the basics of penis enlargement (not a basic program), it's extremely important that you read this. You will find an audio track at the bottom of post #1, that you can listen to if you prefer that.

πŸ”— MOS DVD with all exercises (videos extracted).
Note: Here you will find video instructions of exercises that @DLD developed.

πŸ”— Girth Program: 5x5x3.
Note: The girth program from the SRT program.
You will find video instructions for the, Slow Squash Jelq in the MOS DVD and here; Slow Squash Jelq (SSJ) - Girth exercise explained.

Here is a good routine for a beginner. This routine is Phase 1 in the MOS DVD.
πŸ”— Beginners manual penis enlargement guide.

LengthMaster 3 section.

LengthMaster 3.0 - Help and questions.


πŸ”— LM3. Problems with to much trapped blood in your glans.
πŸ”— How to increase the intensity in BTC-BS with LM3.
πŸ”— Slippage solutions (LM3).
πŸ”— Get a good grip when having foreskin.
πŸ”— Problem where my right testicle sits higher than the left.
πŸ”— Why are BTC Stretches so GOOD?
πŸ”— Dig after inner penis and ligaments (Link 01).
πŸ”— Attachment in chamber with a lot of foreskin.
πŸ”— Frenelum Issue (Slippage?, Clamp Down Point?).
πŸ”— Some information that may help brothers, that have a lot of foreskin like me. (For new brothers that want some guidence).

LengthMaster 3 videos by @squirt_inducer_man.

LengthMaster 3 videos about wrapping and attachment/detachment by @squirt_inducer_man.
These videos above are links to this thread:
πŸ”— SIM's videos and instructions.
There are more videos in this thread as well, I have not listed every video instruction here.

LengthMaster 3 videos by @hugh-girth.
These videos above are links to this thread:
πŸ”— All Length Master Exercises Videos.

Other LengthMaster videos (members username unknown).

LengthMaster Wrapping



LengthMaster Hanging & Weight Test


LengthMaster A to Y Stretch

LengthMaster Rotary Stretches

LengthMaster Down and Out Stretch

LengthMaster Rotary A-Stretch

LengthMaster Resistance Bands 1

LengthMaster Resistance Bands 2

Penis enlargement basics.

Girth work.

MityVac pump.

πŸ”— Girth Program: 5x5x3.
πŸ”— What size pump cylinder to order? How to accurately measure your penis for pump cylinder sizing! (Thread starter: REDZULU2003).
πŸ”— Slow Squash Jelq (SSJ) - Girth exercise (video instruction by SIM).

Bathmate pump.



Video threads.
πŸ”— SIM's videos and instructions.
πŸ”— All Length Master Exercises Videos.
πŸ”— SiliStretcher users videos.
πŸ”— TCDreamer’s Personal SSJ technique video clip.
πŸ”— Year 2024 - LengthMaster exercise videos.
πŸ”— SizeGenetics Video Forum.

πŸ”‰ Audio Dialogue by DLD (20 Audio Streams).
πŸ”— The Perfect Penis documentary.
πŸ”— FAQ's with DLD (doublelongdaddy).
πŸ”— Beach interview with DLD.
Note: FAQ's is very important to watch for new members.

Sleeves to keep your penis elongated.

This is a super important step, for gaining flaccid and erect length. It's a big part of the πŸ”— SRT program. You need to keep your penis elongated to gain big.

πŸ“Ή How to put on a sleeve (URL/Link).
View media item 1623

Power Assist 2 section.

penis-stretcher-power-assist-2-penis-traction-stretcher-1_1480x (2).jpg
Notes: If you get LengthMaster 3, you get this part as well (PowerAssist 2). PowerAssist 2 are the handlebar for LengthMaster 3.

Questions answered.

Random questions.

Cementing gains.

What is a big penis to a woman? Get some perspective (avarage penis size?, and others...).

QUOTE from the thread: πŸ”— Asked women to pick the perfect size: They chose 6.6X5.3
I think it brings relief from obsessiveness over size reading threads like this, it goes to show us that women have a very different idea of what big really is. But, even with this in mind, we will still try to get to a much bigger size and I think most men will continue on PE until they have satisfied their own size obsession.

QUOTE from the thread: πŸ”— How much expansion do you get after a girth session?
Looking at things through a more rational scope we will see that a huge penis is 7 x 5.5 and anything beyond is monstrous.

Tip to determine the size you want.
Creating a paper roll of your desired size, is a good way to realize how big it is. Often we men want more then we actually need to please a woman.

This is a paper roll that is: 8"x6"
8" = 20.32 cm
6" = 15.24 cm


Studies made by DLD.

And remember:
If you want it. You will make this happen!

Please do not quote this post. It's continuously changing. If you quote, the quote could become unvalid in the near future.

Kind regards @squirt_inducer_man
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If you need to ask questions about the content of post #1 above, or if you have any other questions, you can ask them in this thread instead.
πŸ”— Ask questions about penis enlargement here at mattersofsize.com
(Just "click" on this link above)

This tread is: Not open for further replies, the reason for this is to make it clean looking, and to make it easier to read for new members.

If you want to upload vidoes.
You can upload them to this album.

You will find all video instructions here:
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