Hot dilfs man LOL exercise can help out too

Ever seen those 60 yo men whit great bodies!!
Yes but they will regret it. Anabolic Steorids and a large amount of other destructive drugs. They are really old on the inside.

No human can look like that naturally. They probably regret it (if they take it when they are young) when they are in their 40's (and have a family), when their heart 🫀 and circulatory system starts to give up.
You can't just change your heart and think you can fix it. Everything in their body is enlarged including veins and arteries, the blood pressure goes up since their heart is trying to compensate for this enlargement. Their heart start to leak blood (backwards) since their heart valves can't shut close.

Many bodybuilders die young.

I don't want to look like that.
Many of them have small dick as well, because they have messed up their hormonal system and the testosteron production is shut off completely, the ball-sack travels back into their body.

Horrible situation!
😆 when you are together you measure 2 inches longer when broken up 2 inches shorter
Some women may focus on the size of the penis, while others may consider other factors such as the shape or even the personality of the man. Ultimately, it is up to each individual woman to decide what she considers to be a desirable penis.
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