1. N

    Do vacuum hangers lower erection angle permanantly or temporarily?

    Hey guys I wanna start hanging but I have a few questions before purchasing one. Do hangers such as the LG Hanger or the Vac hanger 3 ( I'm thinking of buying this one) lower a high erection angle. My penis points at 11 o'clock I hate it bcoz it makes it look shorter then it really is in the...
  2. S

    My unit wont stop turtling and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Its like all my junk wants to do is to turtle. No matter what i do , all it wants to do is to turtle. It was like this even before PE. Its beginning to Piss me off cause my flacid size is tiny because of this issue. Its like whenever i start moving or walking , it begins to turtle. After a good...
  3. S

    9+ inches

    I always thought 9 was too much, and I'm ok with my 7, but I'll probably go for 8. Anyhow, seeing 9 in videos it looks insane, not in a bad way haha. So from guys packing 9, how is it? Do girls flip out when they see it? I can't imagine not getting an intense reaction from such an inhuman size
  4. I

    My experiences from 58 to 73

    I feel responsible to write some of my experiences here since long ago I found this site and it gained me a lot. I need to give back. At about the age of 58 I started hanging. Not much to start, maybe a pound or so. I didn't check any changes for a while, but in a couple months I had...
  5. N

    Penis Health Tight foreskin? Tight Foreskin Relief Non Surgical Device Option

    So roughly 6 months, give or take into PE with primarily a bathmate and the greatest level of discomfort I experience is that the opening of my foreskin seems to be the spot that gets sorest from pumping and seems to be decreasing in circumference. NOW I know how to stretch it out by grabbing...
  6. H

    New here, looking for more flaccid length

    Hello there, As the title says I am new here :) I am not really disappointed with my erect Penis (7" BPEL) but would like it to be longer in the flaccid state (as the title says XD) which is now 3.7" NBP. Now my question: Is it really possible to obtain a significant change in length without...
  7. M

    Cold Water usage....

    Dear All from brotherhood.... Just a simple question.... how good is to wash penis by cold water?.... like while doing P.E anything we use Hot water as Warm up or Warm down.... so during the rest of the day... is it okay to wash penis with cold water.... well yes cold water gives the feeling of...
  8. J

    Have you ever seen your own dick at a ���� store? (Dildo)

    I saw mine the other day & it was $22.99 & that made me feel good about myself. The thought that people actually pay money for MY dick was a great boon to my self esteem. The thought that MY penis is responsible for possibly hundreds of women's orgasms. You have no idea how much that lifts my...
  9. P

    How to stay elongated all day without having to worry about circulation?

    Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while, I'm getting back into PE mainly because I had quite a scare I've been taking supplements to help inhibit DHT,and also because of my disability I don't get regular erection throughout the dayand in these situations penis has been known to permanently...
  10. L

    All night erection while sleeping = gains?

    Because of my job situation I'm having trouble keeping my unit from turtling. Not wearing underwear or using an ADS would not go unnoticed, to put it that way. I figured maybe I can compensate for it by using supplements or something to have all night long boners, so that I'm doing a lot of my...
  11. habban

    skin wrinkles and girth.

    Hello! Recently it has been more obvious that the skin on my penis gets "wrinkles" because i have more skin on the shaft than necessary. This is very clear when i'm flaccid at least. I notice it everytime i'm going to pee when i pull back the skin to show my glans. It also feels pretty...
  12. T

    Does jacking off ruin gains?

    I have a masterbation addiction, its so hard to stop.I usually touch my dick 3-4 times a day. However I never cum, I always hold my cum back due to edging I'm pretty good at edging. Is that hindering my gains?
  13. B

    turkey neck

    Hi guys, I need some help as I am not sure what to do. I have been stretching my scrotal and my penis 2 times in every day. Today when I try to stretch my scrotal and my penis, I can see some of the skin get dry up and it got cuts. I have attached the picture for you to see. Do you know...
  14. habban

    Doesn't make any sense.

    Hello! This doesn't seem right... Why does my tight measuring technique around the shaft kinda decrease in size, while the soft applied measuring tape increases? This doesn't make any sense to me at all. That makes it look like the layer of skin surrounding your shaft is getting thicker...
  15. habban

    Picture of fluid retention?

    Hello! Does anyone have a bunch of or a picture of a penis with and without fluid retention? I need this explained with pictures. I would like to know and see the difference. I don't know how it looks like. Could it be possible to have fluid retention on the penis without even...
  16. T

    My penis is shorter after pe?

    So I've been doing my routine consistently and intensely for the last month or two. My penis looks longer but when I measure there is no increase. Usually my flaccid has been getting longer too. But yesterday on my rest day my flaccid was tutting the whole day and my erection this morning was...
  17. A

    Just got my Phallosan Forte, Want to know if i'm doing it right

    Hey guys, Is the head of the penis always supposed to stay in the suction tube, or do I have it right? Check out the pictures I posted below.
  18. T

    Does PE get easier as you get older?

    I have been thinking about this lately. Would the tunica and legiments be easier to stretch/easier to make gains the older you get? I am in my 40's I was thinking how things seem to break down the older you get ?:(
  19. habban

    How to use cockring as passive pe?

    Following the SRT to heal in a passive state with a cockring. I basically don't know in which erection state and how tight i should put the cock ring on after a workout? Should i put it tight enough so the penis doesn't shrink at all and the blood is stuck, like when you clamp, only that i let...
  20. T

    PE, EQ, and Depression Medication?

    I have been a phantom penis enlargement enthusiast for about 4 years now, starting out with a bathmate, being a noob, and forgoing all the rules (bad I know). I am 5'8" and my starting size is unrecorded though I believe it to be EL 5" by EG 4.5"/ FL 1.5" FG 1". I was a beast in bed, going...
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