big penis

  1. smitty2590

    Man has a 19" penis

    So I was on Facebook this morning and someone shared this vid. Has anyone seen this lol dude has a 19" penis soft That's the link.
  2. keepingitbig

    BIG HEIGHT, small dick feeling?

    Yo yo. It's keepingitbig. I lurk around every now and then, but I wanted to ask you guys this question. Even though you have a bigger size, does your height make your penis look small? I'm 6'7'' and even though I have a big one, I still KIND of feel small. Like I need to have more size to...
  3. M

    I'm still a teen and I was wondering what I can do to make my penis as big as possibl

    I'm still a teen who's looking for a bigger penis before my receptors turn off as to where I won't be able to grow anymore
  4. M

    is this you

    who.has started at.5in.length 8 and how.long.did and.did or.keep.going
  5. habban

    How does the vagina work?

    Okey! So as you maybe have recognized i don't just do my exercises, measure increases, smile and go on with the day. I like to study what is happening, and how & why the increases occur. One of the current things i am focusing on is the fluid retention. And what i have heard & learn is that...
  6. A

    MOS mentality

    Woman with small tits and ass. Woman wants bigger tits and ass. Woman with big tits and ass. Woman wants smaller tits and ass. Man with small penis. Man wants bigger penis. Man with big penis. Man wants bigger penis. _____________________________________ I have seen this a...
  7. O

    Pretty Bummed

    GOt involved online with a tinychat goer that is a webcam model 5'11 220 kinda and M cup breasts. Talekd to her off and on late august 2015. I was privied with finding out certain things like how she hustles dudes. Well there was one guy from tinychat owns a dab shop has a wharehouse full of...
  8. D

    Sorry guys but I am a fraud: I lied about PE

    Why did I do what I did? To see what kind of forum this is. I fully expected to be banned by bad mouthing certain products.If I was banned I would realize that this forum was affiliated with products or selling horseshit. To this forum's credit I was not banned and I know DLD read my threads...
  9. D

    Is it safe to using jelq after stretches and bathmate?

    thinking of place an order for jelq hehe. just want to get gain asap, is all.
  10. D

    evening primrose oil for increased elasticity

    Hello brothers! I was lurking on the net to search some oil for deep tissue massage which can increase tissue elasticity and saw an old blog post by DLD where he suggested to use epo. Today I got some and jelqed with it before and after bm and WOW the whole day my member felt rubbery) have...
  11. M

    phallosan Forte purchase and PHALLOGENETICS

    I finally have enough to pay for a phallosan forte,,, I was just wondering are they mailing discreet? Do phallogenetics work on circumcise penis?
  12. S

    My Story and Measurements.

    Congrats King of Girth. I think the X50 will be out next year January? I think you can start gaining length from your X40 now. Just my thoughts. You can as well start working on length only for now.
  13. master_mind

    Finally today i ordered the most comfortable extender ever made.

    Today i finally ordered the most comfortable extender ever made. Let it come then will show every part of it. How to use. My progress log and its benefit.
  14. B

    To All the Guys Who Say Asians Have Small Dicks..

    Fuck you, I'm here to disprove the myth. Do you even lift bro ?
  15. master_mind

    Why do you want a big dick when it's hidden inside 24 hours. Only out to pee.

    Omg the girl got impressed. I was walking on the street and saw a good looking chick. I just unzipped and showed my big cock 9 x 6.5. She just said omg I am impressed I am yours. Looool .
  16. A

    Attention: I Have Been Using Other Guy's Photos For A Very Long Time (Apology)

    This is a hard message to write, as I'm deeply ashamed of doing this, but I need to call accountability to it -- When I was a lot younger, I saw my first "massive-cock" ����, and it made quite an impression. I became fascinated by the idea of how women reacted to a big...
  17. JakeM82

    Some SG updates...

    Hey guys, I just wanted to write an update for my current SG methods for wrapping and discreet wear. I hear a lot of people talking about pain the SG lately. I wanted to share the most recent method I am using to wear the device that is the least amount of pain I have found yet. First...
  18. givemegirth

    Why did you stop PE?

    Undoubtedly at one point or another each one of us has stopped. Either we have got too busy in life, discouraged or other various reasons. I have been doing PE for 5+ years, but have never gone more than 1 month without completely bombing and dropping out. It is my hope that this time I can...
  19. T

    are penis studies accurate?

    i know penis survery studies says that the average penis is around 5.5 inches but how do we know that is accurate? im pretty sure they didn't measure every dick in the world because i dont know anybody including myself that had their penis measured by a doctor. What do you guys think?
  20. P

    has anyone ever had a DREAM about PEing ??

    A month back i had a dream about me doing PE and i was doing an actual when i woke up and did PE in the morning i realized it was not real but felt real. Has anyone dreamt doing PE or anything like it ??????
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