1. Avglen61

    Any hope for me?

    I am 21 years old and I have never been with a girl..... I have chosen this because I am still a student with high ambitions and I do not want any hindrance associated with it....... (my family is enough for that(cwl)) Anyway, I would like to know whether I am not missing out in anything? I...
  2. Egghead1

    After 2 years of dating I told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    Hey guys!! I’ve been so busy with PE, work and life that I barely have time to post anymore so to make up for the last couple of months this is gonna be another long post! So I've been with my woman now for just over 2 years and we finally decided to move in together. When i first met her i had...
  3. T

    Dating or Getting into a relationship with a EXOTIC DANCER?

    So to begin, I am here I guess to get some input or at least to get it off my chest. So for the last few months I have started to see a exotic dancer professionally, it started when a few of the guys went out for a guys night a few months ago, right away after the first night I got her number...
  4. Egghead1

    How a Positive Stereotype can be BAD.

    This topic has been discussed many times here at MoS and also on other PE forums but I just heard it on a podcast about 30 min ago AND it came up while talking to my woman a couple of days ago. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast almost daily and every now and then he brings up the all black guys...
  5. Lightning

    Being married to a Stripper (Pictures Inside)

    Many men ask me how do I do it? How can I be secure with my wife being a dancer. It takes a certain person to deal with it. My wife dances on and off occasionally to express herself and dance and yeah, she makes good money doing it. Some women become strippers for the rush. Others do it for...
  6. 6

    SO i'm 30 and never been on a date

    Well i don't know what really to do I never been on a date i'm 29 currently and will be 30 in less then 3 month. i mean i just so depressed. I thought about just ending my life it's pretty easy to make it look like a accident too since there is no shortage of speeding cars...
  7. DutchAthletic92

    I regret to have to say that.....

    Dear MOS, Due to moving to a new apartment with new roommates i’m not able to hang anymore... I lack the privacy and time to get in 10 hours of hang per week. Yesterday was my last hanging session. I’m way too afraid that someone will knock on my door and comes in unexpectedly... This is...
  8. H

    Does PE really work?

    I’m sure this has been asked countless times. It’s extremely difficult to find a legitimate and substantial before and after photographs. It’s also very difficult to find scientific studies. It’s also hard to get unclouded clear concise answers to this specific question. I’ve been experimenting...
  9. S

    Have I been gifted another chance???

    Hi all I'm at a bit of a loose end at the moment. A girl who I dated around 3 years ago has become single all of a sudden and I'd really like to try and get in touch with her, because I made a huge mistake not taking things further with her. I think I only have one shot at this so I need to take...
  10. I

    Hi pls everyone help need help Quick

    Well as the title says i really need help Quick ... so i have a girlfriend and we been dating for like 2 months now and we do have sex quite alot but i really started to feel like she doesnt enjoy IT as Much as i do ... she tells me the sex is good but i know alot of girls lies so the guys Will...
  11. S

    Cul de sac question

    This is for the longer dudes. I'm about 7 and in most of my girlfriends I've been able to reach the cul de sac in certain positions. What I'm wondering is how much can this area expand? Has anyone hit bottom and then through time and effort been able to get everything in? Just looking for some...
  12. S

    Routine check in.

    Hi all, I've recently completed my first 3 months of P.E or 'quarter' as I have been calling it. I measured using a ruler the day after a rest day and I measured in at a solid 5.5 in length, I did the same with a tape measure and measured at 5.6/7. I'm a little confused really partly because...
  13. T

    Have you ever fucked a chick from HS or college

    that you never could fuck in school but you saw them years later?
  14. I

    Encouraging hook up story

    Recently I have measured at 7.25 NBPEL and 7.75 BPEL, 5" MEG. Normally when I've hooked up with a woman my penis has never been commented on and normally I wear Durex regular condoms my penis before was 6.5 NBPEL 4.8 MEG. Anyway recently I was hooking up with this woman and I whipped out...
  15. S

    will i be a bitter ex if i play my ace card

    hello all, I'm in two minds about what to do in my situation so would appreciate all advice. Basically i was seeing a girl for nearly 2 months, we separated but it became clear she was seeing a guy (that she is in a relationship with now) behind my back and was definitely leading me on. i...
  16. B

    New years resolutions

    Happy New Years Brothers. Wanted to start this thread to see what everyones goals are for this upcoming year. MOS has really helped me grow this past year and I want to thank all the brothers on the forums for helping. I have finally gotten my cock to a solid 6-6.25 girth and around 6.75 length...
  17. M

    erect in extender

    at least 1 hour watch ����.worry extender to.stay hard gonna.try.this
  18. B

    Brand New to PE and MOS

    Hey all, I just subscribed to the MOS online membership platform and it suggested I come here to get involved with the brotherhood. I'm really excited to see some serious results from this program. I have never done any PE before and honestly I've never really considered it until my latest...
  19. G

    How to win her back?

    Hello dear brothers, I have a huge problem that affects too much in my life. I will try to be as presis as possible and not make it too long. So i started dating a girl which i did not care so much about in the beginning, started dating at februar. 2016. She seemed that she liked me alot...
  20. higherone

    Family know?

    Does anyone in your family know you do PE or have you let a brother or cousin or family member in on it? How did it go? Do they do PE now too?
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