8 inch penis

  1. B

    The Reason why everything above 8 inch penis is useless

    hey, i want to discuess a little about a thought that i have and i want to share with you especially in this community, everyone wants big cock right? its the ultimate dream, almost every survey shows the ideal size is 7-8 inch and i think every man should strive to get this size because he...
  2. F

    Micropenis 2.8 inch penis erect. Help!

    Hello there guys, I'm new here and I was recommended to this forum by some friends who they told me it was great for PE. Im 25 years old and I have a problem. I have a micropenis with a 2.8 length erect but almost nothing flaccid. You can literally see the tip of the penis while flaccid so...
  3. T

    are penis studies accurate?

    i know penis survery studies says that the average penis is around 5.5 inches but how do we know that is accurate? im pretty sure they didn't measure every dick in the world because i dont know anybody including myself that had their penis measured by a doctor. What do you guys think?
  4. T

    vlc tugger with extender how long

    my goal is an 8 inch penis by june, I have a penis pump and extender . I can only wear it for an hour and a half tops. im looking to buy the vlc tugger how long can I wear this for with the extender? also can I wear it like this when I sleep? I know supra says he wore it for 4-6 hours at a time...
  5. C

    Penis tissue problem after too much bathmate usage.

    As the topic states i kind of messed my penis up using too much of the Bathmate and when i went to see a doctor about it he basically said the tissue has hardened. I can't remember the exact term he said but basically the tissue around my penis has gone harder and even in a flaccid state now my...
  6. iGrowSteady

    Do you ever speak of MOS \ PE \ the Brotherhood beyond this place?

    A thought occurred to me as I was responding to Supra's very nice compliment and warm wishes in his thread... One of the biggest benefits of being here, aside from learning and mastering Penis Enlargement, is the brotherhood AND the ability to actually talk about all this and get support. I...
  7. S

    Is 5-6 Inches REALLY average??

    I'm not so sure here me out.. Personally I've never believed 5-6 inches was average maybe like a decade ago when knowledge the penis anatomy was more limited but with society's increasing pressure for men to have a "big one" and Penis Enlargement devices and routines being far more available...
  8. B

    enlargement program

    hi im 21 one years old and i have a 5.8 inch penis and im not quite satisfied with as i think its below average for my age :s , i need a proved penis enlargement routine that doesnt require no special equipements or pills or special lubrications , can u help me?
  9. lexyz222

    Girl i'm dating said she expects at LEAST 8 inches (not joking)

    Girl i've been seeing for a few weeks said she expects at least 8 inches, at first i was like "haha" then teased her a bit but she said she wasn't joking.. I got home right this minute and i've never been more determined to gain length.... i mean, in a relationship it shouldn't matter how big...
  10. REDZULU2003

    Measuring Penis Volume - Getting the Whole Picture

    We men tend to look at things in 2-D, and sometimes we forget to look at the “whole picture.” Here's why this is a mistake. The world was once believed by man to be flat – a two dimensional object. It is now known, and has been known for sometime that the Earth is in fact round – a...
  11. W

    Deep Penetration Experiment - With Dildo and Woman

    Hey guys, I am currently conducting an experiment with the help of an ex gf. I have devised a method for creating a dildo that has properties very close to that of an erect penis. The dildos have the firmness of an erection, but the softness of flesh and realistic flexibility without...
  12. Crazy Doc

    Easy Girth Gains?

    K, so I primarily use an extender and have been sloppy on and off. Then I started jelqing about 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago I was at 6.5" NBPenis EnlargementL and 5.5 MSEG. Been jelqing consistently every single day with only one day off in that 3 weeks. Did about 3 ULIs each day after the...
  13. F

    Dear DLD...How much will i gain using Phase I of your Program????

    Dear DLD, You are an inspiration. A true achiever. I am glad that I found you, and would love to reach my goal of 8 x 6 in six months time. Currently, I measure 5 1/2 Length and 5 inches in thickness. I am based in the middle east and it is difficult to get products like...
  14. M

    Average penis size, what a girl is told.

    Okay, so this weekend i was just flicking through one of my girls magazines while i was waiting for her and there was a section about the penis. It was quite detailed and was 2 pages long. One thing that stuck out for me was the fact they were saying the average male penis length to be 6.5...
  15. T

    Cell division and the all day stretcher (theories, ideas)

    So, I've been thinking. How fast do cells divide? Is wearing an ADS for one hour, ten times, any less (or more) effective than wearing it for 10 hours once? Let's do some math. ;) Let's take a flaccid penis that when fully stretched out is 4 inches in circumference. (Pretty typical I'd...
  16. S

    7.5 inch GIRTH...Is that really too big?

    Let's assume that there's this guy named Matthew, and another guy named Peter (just random names). Matthew had an 8 inch penis with a 7.5 inch girth. Peter had an 8 inch penis with a 6.5 inch girth. Let us assume for this question, that they were as good as eachother in bed. There is a...
  17. P

    I Do Believe THIS BASTARD Has Mandingo Beat

    http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=320583765 Any clue who this is and how big?
  18. T

    Casual sex website, plenty of sluts

    First of all if I'm not to supposed to post other websites on these forums I'm sorry, moderators just delete this message. I've looked into online dating websites before, but there mainly just girls who are stating they just wanna relationship and in no way want no strings attached fun. So I...
  19. I

    Here 4 a life goal and dream

    its been almost 2 years since i hanged out with my friends or even speaking to any of them and standing on my block. i got my penis extender about a little over 2 1/2 years ago and ever since then i been thinking about enlarging my penis. it wasn't working out wearing it for a little while each...
  20. D

    Discomfort, Rings, Pain from BM

    Does anyone else experience this? Towards the end of a session, it becomes uncomfortable and I'm ready for the set to end. When I take off the Bathmate, I have the rings at the base of my shaft that everyone talks about. They are NOT from being too big for the X-40, I can assure you of that...
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