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  1. I

    Need help getting size pls

    Hi so IM really desperet in getting a bigger Dick not only for my girlfriend but for my self and for my self confidence because whenever i look at my Dick i just feel really bad ... and i guess u could call me a grower IM around 6-9 cm flaccid depends on IF i let it hang naked or IF its cold and...
  2. T

    Do lost gains come back fairly quick?

    Lets say i gain .5 of an inch but have to take a few weeks off due to injury and i lose some of it. If i start back with the right intensity will it come back fairly quick? Or will i have to wait months again?
  3. F

    Prostitute's take on Average Penis Size

    Saw this in an online article this evening. It pretty much jives with what we know about averages, and also confirms there are monsters out there. I don't know if I should provide the link, so I'll just copy and paste the relevant paragraphs: Sex Secrets Prostitute who earns £2,000 a week...
  4. W

    Is there any hope ?

    So I became a member and I saw the stretches that need to be done manually and yea. Basically I feel hopeless because I cant do them. I am posting this for anyone who might be in the same boat and is embarrassed to ask. The reason I say those stretches don't work for me is because I am too small...
  5. I

    ED and so much more

    To start with I have been a member for so many years but have not been on the forums for most of them. I have not done any PE for most of this time and now wish I would have. I am 47 years old and my ED seems to be getting worse quick, I am lucky to even get a half erection any more and I...
  6. N

    Are you normal? Large penis size database

    Here is a large data base That was released today. I know people have a phobia of small penis syndrome, maybe a large reason why they're on this site. So look no further on other sites MOS got you covered! Note- Sized are based in BPEL...
  7. B

    Regaining the little control that I have.

    I'm new to this forum, but I have been PE'ing for a while. It perked my interest back in high school. Why high school? I had a rather abusive relationship with a girl who, after breaking up with me, spread a rumor about me being small. She even yelled it one time during intermission between...
  8. S

    My penis is in the process of getting bigger!

    Hi, how are ya? And happy thanksgiving. My name's sammy from Morocco and my parents wanted from to marry but I have gotten some issues and my parents thought I am a gay (I don't have any problems with gays am open-minded). So that my family hates me for avoiding marriage for a long time, but my...
  9. habban

    Tricks with new penis length? :)

    Hello! I haven't had sex in over 1 year, and it perhaps will be a surprise for me when i put it in that i have more length to use. I'm used to be able to not worry about pounding too hard or too deep, i could just go without thinking about being careful. But very soon i suppose i'm about...
  10. Lightning

    Is the Average Black Man Penis Size Bigger than the Average White Man Penis? Video

    DLD talks about black penis size <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. I

    Average Size - Grow VS Show - New Thinking...

  12. L

    Info taken from a site called ""the small dick club""

    Most people dont want to believe in PE or even when it does the price a man has to pay is too high.... this is the info: Does PENIS ENLARGEMENT really work? Guys, be honest: Do you wish you were bigger? Almost certainly, the answer is yes. “I think there isn’t a guy in the world...
  13. C

    Do I have a small penis or does i just look small?

    Hi everyone, So I'm 20 and I wouldn't say I'm really fat but I could definitely lose weight I'm not slim. When I'm soft it's around 2-3 Inches and when I'm hard its around 5.5-6 inches long with a 5 inch girth. Is that normal? Even though everyone says that's average it doesn't look like...
  14. B

    Dr. Miami on "Penis Enlargement"

    Dr. Miami, a celebrity Plastic Surgeon, was on the radio today speaking on the countless surgeries he has performed for celebrities. When asked about Penis enlargement he stated that theres nothing he can do for men that desire to gain length but there are procedures where they can acquire more...
  15. B

    why flaccid size so small?

    helo, although i have small penis 12.5cm legth and girth 12cm, the flaccid size really small and scrawny, it dosent look it will grow to it size, its maybe 6cm in legth and 5cm in girth? maybe my cells spread a lot, i saw some people that their penis is like my size (no gay) but their flaccid...
  16. A

    MOS mentality

    Woman with small tits and ass. Woman wants bigger tits and ass. Woman with big tits and ass. Woman wants smaller tits and ass. Man with small penis. Man wants bigger penis. Man with big penis. Man wants bigger penis. _____________________________________ I have seen this a...
  17. mahoney1234

    Little dicks, huge balls

    So my brother in law had told me his friend entered a competition, which ended a long time ago but I was surprised and haven't heard of it. We all must give respect where respect is due, this takes balls. Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant 2015 at the King
  18. habban

    A lot of freetime and motivation!

    Hello! I saw in a video on youtube where DLD attended and talked about PE. I think he said something about that he was just leaving his appartment under few circumstances and was focusing solely on Penis enlargement and this was possible the reason of his massive gains. I find this very...
  19. T

    A few questions.

    So for the past five years, I have spectated the PE community on and off but never really got into it. I feel like im at a maturity level now that I can start looking into PE and this site seems to be the best of it's kind and dosen't seem to be selling any scams as there are proven results...
  20. D

    Is it safe to using jelq after stretches and bathmate?

    thinking of place an order for jelq hehe. just want to get gain asap, is all.
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