Jun 3, 2003
Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory (SRT)

Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic than the next and all considered, but none that hold as much truth than the ones we experience ourselves. Over the past few months i have been experimenting with various ways to make faster gains and faster ways to heal and promote health and enlargement. I have also looking at reasons why someone would do penis enlargement, just like the next man, and not make similar gains. Perhaps I have grown old in my perspectives on penis enlargement but today I look more to perfect the process that is already working for so many!

I believe we pay great attention to penis enlargement and the best physical process of getting larger. At one time we may believe one thing to be better than the next or even completely change our view on something in penis enlargement. A perfect example of this is erect work. Doing any kind of penis enlargement exercise, while erect, was always a huge no no. I, being one who endorsed erect work, (see my past at all other online forums and how they reacted to my "erect exercises") today enjoys the benefits that have come through erect work, like length and girth gains, a very positive correction in the penis enlargement process. We found that certain exercises, while done erect, bring much faster gains, than when not done erect. You could pretty much kiss clamping good bye. Bends, Slow Squash Jelqs, DLD Bends, etc. all goodbye, if doing erect exercise was wrong.

Things I have been juggling in my mind have to do with many components. I can only speak for myself but I would like some other guys who are willing to experience this process I have already learned to be the best. I understand this process, of ultimate gaining, does not come easy, it takes time, dedication and commitment. Only the brave and patient should apply! I believe I have learned some very important things in the past few months. I have learned some very impotent things not only about gaining but retaining, cementing, and maximizing gains made through natural penis enlargement.

I am focusing heavily in recovery and the time spent not doing penis enlargement. Many things factor in the healing process and many of my experiments have been done while not doing penis enlargement. Now this accounts for one half of the process, the other half the time is done actually doing the physical penis enlargement:) What happens when you are not actually doing penis enlargement? How is your penis healing? How are you retaining gains from work out, to work out? Are you gaining steadily? There are many question that would explain many of these elements of Penis Enlargement....On or Off.

Anyone can do this routine and follow this journal. That is why it is being presented as such but I do want to invite 3 users to take part in this routine and receive the equipment needed for free. The study will last for 3 months and I will need the participants to post on a daily bases, reporting changes and relating questions and discoveries. This routine is of medium intensity. My first job is to select 3 participants. I am looking for 3 guys who a able to dedicate the needed time each day, Be willing to use LengthMaster, Power Assist, Bathmate and SizeGenetics Extender. I will also want the participants to take a couple of supplements, a volume pill, an enlargement pill, daily vitamins. I also would like the 2 men to be 20-50 pounds overweight as the program will include cues from the AlphaBlade Exercise routines. Participants should also fairly new to penis enlargement but with a general understanding of it's effectiveness and mechanics. Age does not matter but all participants will be over 18. If you already have this equipment and want to participate, let me know and that would save us in having to pay for all the equipment. The ones who are chosen need to be able to take orders and follow them through. You will need to be motivated, determined and have a strong belief that penis enlargement works. Entering this routine requires these components, it is life changing and will bring you the gains you have always wanted. Having me as a coach is not an easy thing (with the whole Hitler complex thing:)) but trust that I only have your best intentions in mind and the things I am requesting will be for the betterment of your entire life.

We hope to not only increase the length and thickness of your penis but also give you a better body, a sharper mind, a better you! If you allow me to teach you these ways and are willing to follow with completely willingness I not only promise you An Inch in Twelve Weeks but a much better looking, more confident man.

Equipment and Supplement List
MOS DVD or MoS Members Only Access (for video explanations)
SizeGenetics Extender (for Traction Stretching)
PHALLOSAN® forte (for All Day and All Night Stretching)
BathMate Hydromax (for Maximizing Girth Gains)
LengthMaster (for Intense Bundled Stretching and Hanging)
Ace Bandage
Velcro Roll
Cock Ring (soon to be announced)
baby powder
weights: 2-20 pound dumbbells
Diet: TBA
Workout: TBA
Questionnaire: Coming Soon
Starting Date: October 5

Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory

At it's very root SRT theory or Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition is the fact that many of us do one thing but do not follow the logical steps to not only train with proper effort and form but allowing yourself time to heal correctly. This is where I would like to start, healing. This will not be based on pseudo-science, it is based on self exploration and exceptions I took notice of. I hope in my exploration with my 3 students and the countless others who may join in, similar results and find gains in a much smarter ways.

Healing would be classified as the time you are not training. Many men who do penis enlargement pretty much finish their session, clean up, put their clothes back on and go on with their day. Some may do a warm down but from that forward they are done with Penis Enlargement for the day and they will rest until the next workout. My first issue with this is what SRT was founded on. Suppression means holding something back. If we are trying to elongate or thicken something we need to not only do the proper exercises to break down the tissue for growth but we need to never suppress it's size after training. Some men may experience turtling, Some men may naturally shrink when flaccid. Many are squished into tight underwear where suppression is at it's worst.

When I was growing up we did not have a lot of money so some years I would have to wear the same clothes even though I was much taller or bigger a T-shirt can be worn for a while as you get bigger. You simply get in wet and stretch it, I would stretch out the shirt as big as I wanted, which took some force, and then in the healing process or curing process I would stretch the shirt over a picture frame that just held the shirts size at my desired, maximum length and width desired. The next day I had a bigger shirt:) Now lets say I stretched that wet shirt and after I was done I balled it up in the corner to heal, cure and dry, do you think it will have the same results as the one stretched against the frame? Of course not. The shirt will more than likely keep little of its stretch and dry to a similar size as when you started.

We are not talking about t-shirts here, we are talking about the penis. The penis has tissue, smooth muscle, ligaments, thick, porous cavernous, veins and capillaries that carry blood flow throughout. It is suspended by the suspensory ligaments. Without the suspensory ligament the penis would have little erection angle but little restricting it from being stretched to massive lengths. This is the premiss of most penis enlargement surgical procedures, they will cut these ligaments and send you home with a SizeGenetics Extender or something very similar to wear on your penis as it is healing. So in actuality, gains made in penis enlargement surgery are largely do to natural sources like Extenders, Pumps, Weights or the Like. Although cutting the ligaments would leave little restriction from the ligaments this is still an evasive, dangerous and unnatural, plus erection will suffer to some degree, whether it be impotence, infection or permanent deformation.

This information was some of the first science i paid attention to in the beginning days of modern Penis Enlargement and it's advent on the internet. I understood that cutting the ligaments would make the penis free to be stretched without ligament interference. This made sense. I also thought that they may make gains faster than someone who was only using natural methods. At the time I was working a lot with the kegel. One night, quite by mistake, I invented the reverse kegel and many things changes in the penis enlargement surgery field. (don't know who remembers some of the debates on XFM and Sirius where I debated with Phalloplasty Surgeons, doctors and other men's health specialists. It was amusing but I did learn something very important. By the time I did the interviews I found out there was a way to bypass the suspensory ligaments through what I called a "Reverse Kegel". WHen you do a normal Kegel you are squeezing, this is a total "hold back" of the suspensory ligaments. If you do it when you are erect and naked, if you have a strong PC muscle, you can bounce your penis by flexing this muscle. WHen you are peeing and you stop yourself midway through the contraction of a squeeze of the PC muscles you can stop the flow of urine, this, too, is a kegel. A reverse kegel is the complete opposite.

The reverse kegel would be the pushing, or total "unfelt" of the PC muscles. Amazingly, when you learn how to do the Reverse Kegel (RK) you have learned part of what changed penis enlargement and allowed it to stand toe to toe with the medical world version, surgery. When the Reverse Kegel is being performed the suspensory ligaments are bypassed and the user can effectively stretch the penis with no interference. It is also a very common reflex for some men to kegel out of fear when stretching, a kind of defend mechanism, when these guys learn the Reverse Kegel they start making much faster gains.

This type of Science pressed me onward in Penis Enlargement and I discovered quite a bit more as I progressed. I have spent many years experimenting with many exercises, theories, test subjects, equipment, etc. I more than likely know more about the penis than any other man in the world:) This burning passion I have for this craft is always pushing me further. If you read the introduction to this trial you will see that I was able to lose size and regain size within a 6 month period. This happened for a few reasons and we will get deeper into that. But, this was necessary to prove SRT theory to myself to be true.

About 5 years ago I was able to accomplish this transformation in 4 months. Within this time I lost 140 pounds, gained 2.5" in flaccid length and looked and felt my best! I am not looking to put my subjects through this routine as it is very extreme so I was shooting for something more realistic. I think the promises I have given are more than realistic and this is why I wanted the guys to be a bit overweight:) I wanted the weight loss and muscle gain to be part of the total transformation. Well I have found 2 people so far that fit the survey perfectly. I need one more person to complete the staff. I hope to get this before the Oct. 5 start date. With that said, I am not looking for you gets to lose 145 pounds and suffer the pains of that routine, it is simply an example of what is possible with the mind. This trial in SRT is more about exploring healing and maximizing healing. Yes, the exercises are demanding and will take focus and determination but I promise you a new life within 3 months. Something that would take many more than a year to accomplish.

The routine will occupy 100% off your day, 100% of your thoughts:), even the night time! This is necessary for many reasons but mainly because I want your entire mind, body and soul to be into this 3 month routine. It will not interrupt your life but it will demand some immediate changes. Some will need to sacrifice while others will find it to be a breeze, either way, if you do not do what I tell you to do you can not expect the results I have promised. When I say 100% of the day I am implying a schedule, one that can be adjusted to your time table but one that needs to be followed closely. I am now considering healing time at part of the routine. So many hours you will be in the healing process that will require little attention but the time you are doing Penis Enlargement will be intense and demand focus and wholehearted effort. I will explain each part of the routine and explain why it is the way it is.

Background Theory: As you may have read I was able to lose size and gain size based on my findings so I will try to be as specific and precise on why I did this, what I learned and what it means for penis enlargement. Now, when I started this experiment I decided to do this study it was because I wanted to see the damage restriction could have on the penis and size. Over the first 2 months I wore very tight underwear. I wanted to see the effects of this on my penis size plus it was necessary to the experiment. So for 2 months I wore very tight underwear, I did not do any Penis Enlargement and I masturbated very rarely. My penis was not being used and it was spending most of it's time suppressed in my underwear. At the end of 60 days I had lost size that was permanent for years! My flaccid was pathetically turtled, my erect length was short and my girth suffered a bit. All from underwear? That was really all I changed and the loss of size came during the period of wearing underwear.

The next phase took me to what if I did a good Penis Enlargement routine but still wore the underwear, would I regain my losses? 60 days later I had not recovered my losses and I was becoming a bit worried that I may have lost this size for good. Why was the Penis Enlargement not being fruitful? I mean my temporary gains always looked good but I would not retain them. As soon as I was back in my underwear the gains were suppressed, restricted and healed a transposed position. That is what I believe happened. I think the first thing men need to do is stop wearing anything that restricts you in any way. Where no underwear, let yourself dangle at the very least!

The last part of my research, the last 2 months, I did a good Penis Enlargement routine (mainly doing 1" in 12 Weeks Program), I stopped wearing underwear and started Extending and retaining for every moment I could. At the end on the 2 months I had gained back my looses plus made additional gains!

As the routine will dictate, you will make temporary gains, you will retain them through healing in an expanded/extended position. We will accomplish this through extensive SizeGenetics Extender and Uncle Jim's Strapping Method use. As important as every stretch is, it is pointless if you are going allow to heal in a shorter, squashed position….many will never see gains for this very reason. I already know, through the many polls, guys who went commando and masturbated frequently/roughly ended puberty larger than his underwear wearing, light masturbating counterpart. So natural size was greatly effected by SRT, that means it "naturally" needs to be included in all penis enlargement attempts, no matter what they may be. I chose the 2 methods as they are both very easily modified to be heavier or lighter. I like Uncle Jim's Strapping Method because it will train your penis to stay in an elongated position when flaccid, plus it can gently hold you at you max-flaccid size with ease for hours on end. We will start with Jims strap and move into the SizeGenetics. But even with the SizeGenetics we will be wearing at light levels much of the time and add tension at optimum points. There is a lot of thought that is going into this and I want to give you the promises I made, which I can do with ease, but you will need to trust in me 100% and do as I ask.

We will even be using cock rings as part of the healing process after girth work. Again, more than anything, we want to heal expanded/extended. Wearing a cock ring will help you retain those temp gains longer. The longer you hold them the quicker they become permanent. Plus, again, we want the penis to heal in it's longer, thickest form. I mean having an erection all day would be the best way to heal but that is difficult to achieve so we will use the cock Ring, The SizeGenetics Extender and Uncle Jim's Strapping Method to do the healing for us. Having an erection for hours on end, days on end always results in mega-phallus where it becomes much longer and thicker. This means the penis is very venerable to a size increase under optimum conditions (extended/expanded, erected position.) Obviously none of us could keep and erection up that long so Mega-Phallus will be out of the question but what we have learned from this is the longer the penis is expanded or elongated the bigger in can potentially become.

So the penis enlargement routine we will be doing are not so difficult, but they are chosen in a certain way that will change over the 3 months. It will begin at a base level and we will go forward and more intense from there. What we need to be obsessed with most is our SizeGenetics use and our Uncle Jim's Strapping Method. When we are not training we want to be healing in an elongated, expanded position. If you are not able to follow this requirement I suggest you look no further. SRT is all about healing in a highly manipulated position. A side story that should have plenty of merit is in the early days of my pe I wore an ads almost always! I used Jim's Strap like it was going out of style…Extending was too expensive then (like $900-$1200 for an extender) Today Extending is cheap, The SizeGenetics is only $165! And they give us so much for that! It is now affordable to do one of the most important parts of Penis Enlargement, heal in an extended position, or even with resistance or straight up maxed out and make gains while your healing!:) I do not expect this but I do expect you to stop wearing underwear, Jim Strap how and when I say, Wear your SizeGenetics how and when I say and put the Cock Ring on as I direct. The exercises we will be doing will make anyone grow, we are trying to get you to grow and keep it, QUICKLY!

Through creative routines we will access and expose inner penis, we will stretch the Tunica with much more ease, adjust exit point and length of penis while soft or flaccid. We will be using angular stretches at extreme opposites, we will be training our penis to stay long and full. We are literally teaching your penis a new way of living. This is important if you are not already doing it as length gains are attainable at three levels. Many men skip one or 2 of these steps and struggle with gaining.

3 Needed Sources of Stretching
• Shaft/Tunica Stretching (stretching what is already there)
• Ligament stretching (Preparing for what is coming)
• Expressive Stretching (Grabbing new gains from freely accessible inner penis)

Now we already know that much of the time we will not be stretching, we will be in an ADS (all day stretcher). The time we do stretch I want to focus on these three forms of stretching with equal force and importance.

You may think the exercises seem light at first but there is a reason for the progression of intensity and why I am starting as such a novice level. I want to spend time hitting all angles of the penis's exit points and see what we can find for quick gain here. These basic exercises are important to many factors, even if we are vets, each angle holds a potential gain, the only way to find them is to explore all angles, this is why will start with basic stretching. From the furthest point of between the cheeks to the straight up angle of tunica stretching, we will first pan for gold here, get everyone on the same page and ease into the intensity. By the close of the routine, after 3 months, you will be ripping inner penis from your body using the LengthMaster! We will get there, but I need to start basic. The Bathmate is included almost immediately because everyone, even newbies, need to see how much faster you gain with the Bathmate. It is the perfect companion to a girth routine and when used correctly it has the potential to really pack on some size. My point is, everything has it's place and time and will be introduced in this manner as I will chart a course of growth using a quick, progressive routine that will be forever evolving and keeping you active, fun, motivated and growing at all times!

The key difference I see between Uncle Jim's Strapping Method and the SizeGenetics Extender is the SG has the potential to apply force while Jim's strap is only to hold you extended, comfortably and safely. Jim's Strap is more of a healing method than a growing method but it will help you achieve a flaccid length close to your erect! The SizeGenetics will be used half the time as a healing tool and half the time as a growing tool. This will be progressive and it is this way because I want to explore many areas during this 3 months and capture gains as quickly and permanently as possible!

Now I will also ask those who are overweight to join me in the exercise/diet routines, but those who are in shape can forgo this. The idea behind losing the extra fat is to expose as much penis at it's exit point. We will not only expose hidden penis under the fat pad but we will gain new penis from the three primary forms of stretching. I think every guy can expect to see an inch gain (or more) if they follow the program. I think some men, who only need to make some adjustments to their routines and incorporate some of these healing methods, will go from struggling to gain to making gains with ease.

I suggest you take three supplements MaleExtra or Titan, Performer5 and a daily multivitamin like Centrum. I also suggest keeping some Viagra on hand for the more demanding girth workouts. Remeber, this a a three month trial.

I like to spend a week every month where I will masturbate before stretching. I believe it puts the penis in a different physical state than it normally is and stretching during this time can be productive. After your orgasm the penis will feel more pliable, malleable, stretchable and easier to hold form. I do this one week per month just a s a precautionary way to reap gains if there are some to grab. The jury remains out on masturbation and the effectiveness of stretching after but I am crazy enough to go with both sides just in case:) 1 week per month we will masturbate before stretching to search for possible, hormonal effects that may induce faster gains. Our first week will be light but it will also include masturbation.

AM: Wake, 6:30 AM: Masturbate or have morning sex (directly after start routine)
Stretching Routine:
Before any routine whether it is length or girth it is vital to get in a set of Bundled Stretches. These should be done for 5-10 minutes before every workout. This will pre-stretch the Tunica allowing for much better elongation and expansion.

Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds x 3
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds x 3
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds x 3

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds x 3
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Apply a pea size portion of hydrocortisone cream. You will do this after every length workout, this will keep your skin free from irritation and stretch marks, spotting, etc.

hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and used medicinally to treat inflammation resulting from eczema and rheumatism. Cortisol (hydrocortisone) is a steroid hormone, or glucocorticoid, produced by the adrenal gland. It is released in response to stress and a low level of blood glucocorticoids. Its primary functions are to increase blood sugar through gluconeogenesis; suppress the immune system; and aid in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism which is very important to the healing process in penis enlargement!

After workout, which should take approximately 30 minutes tops, you will need to apply Uncle Jim's Strapping Method. Learn this, love it, embrace it and become one with it! This is vital and must happen directly after workout. Stretch your penis to it's full flaccid stretched length and wrap in that position. You will wear this for one hour at a time at which time you will take off, do 25 rotary cranks and 1 set of Behind the Cheeks Stretching. (this should take no more than 5 minutes in all, a normal bathroom break.) SOme may find they can go longer with the wrap but the idea is to re-stimulate the penis each hour and reapply Jim's Wrap, this is training while healing. People will notice a nice, long, thick penis running down your leg but hey, thats just me, I was born with it!:) I want to see 6 sets of this done (six hours worth) All day at work or school is great! Tell the teacher you are on a medication that make you pee a lot….Instant Pass!

Now your day is through and it is time for your girth session. First I would advise men, who have a partner, to do your girth work right before sex for a number of reasons. First, you will be at your biggest. Next, it will require you to gain an erection even when fatigued! It is time to put this fatigue shit to the wind and increase the strength of our erections. What better pressure than sex after girth? Another reason this will become good is it will teach you how to have sex and cum when YOU want to. You will learn complete control of your orgasm. When I was growing in girth, at my fastest rate, I would practicing this technique.

If you do not have a partner, NO MASTURBATION until girth is done. If you opt to masturbate in the AM prior to your stretching this is not only fine but highly advisable. It is never a good idea to have an orgasm within 6 hours of a girth session as you want optimum erection levels during the workout. Since you will be taking Titan/MaleExtra & Performer5, both are incredible with blood flow and great erections. So erections should always be very strong! I want this "art" to be mastered, an erection on command and complete control of orgasm!

Girth session. Most importantly with girth work is a comfortable, quiet, private area where you can view �naked people movies� and feel free to train with no fear of being discovered. However you need to accomplish this, DO IT! Girth, more than length requires a certain sexual focus and having a special area is optimum. Since this is the first week of this 12 week study, the girth work will be light. After girth work is done finally put a cock ring on so be prepared. I am choosing jelqs in upward and downward positions to loosen ligaments and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, we will be doing Slow Squash Jelqs also as I believe this to be the fastest method of gaining girth using a hand exercise. We will look towards Alpha Jelqing for the first week to ensure the best blood flow possible. Eventually, we will depend on the Slow Squash Jelqs to not only expand our girth but to keep fluid retention low and discoloration and spotting at bay. Once the Bathmate is introduced we will be jumping feet first into super-sets, the most effective way to use your time and maximize your gains while keeping you happy and healthy:)

100 strong, upward, erect jelqs
1 sixty second Slow Squash jelqs
100 strong, downward, erect jelqs
1 sixty second Slow Squash jelqs
100 strong, upward, erect jelqs
1 sixty second Slow Squash jelqs
100 strong downward jelqs
1 sixty second Slow Squash jelqs
5 Minutes Alpha Jelqs
Directly strap on cock ring at extreme base of the penis tight enough to keep pump. If you are alone you could wear the ring right up to bedtime. If you are having sex, remove ring just prior to sex and put back on directly after while there is still blood in your penis.

Now it is time for sleep and I want you to be doing Penis Enlargement then too:) The cock ring should be removed, lightly stretch and massage your penis and use Jim's Wrap again, this time on a light wrap, just tight enough to keep you extended as much as possible while being comfortable and safe while you sleep. Remember the ACE Bandage can expand if you become erect so there should be no fear of cutting off circulation. The wrap should be very light, just tight enough to be in an extended position (we are not looking for gains, we are looking to heal in an extended/expanded position. Since your penis is extended you could choose to wear shorts, underwear or whatever else will keep you comfortable. As long as you are extended anything can be worn.

As the first week closes you will see how much of our efforts have been on stressing extreme angles and remaining extended or expanded as long as possible. This is the very heart of SRT, we heal longer or thicker if we are able to retain these gain long enough. What is the point of stretching your penis and letting it go back to it's natural flaccid size? What makes better sense is stretching my penis to break down the tissue and strapping it into a healing size that is very close to my erect size this way as it heals it heals in an expanded or elongated position. when doing girth work and Bathmate Work you want the gains to stay around the longest they can and a latex cock ring is wonderful.

Week 2 Girth AM (learning to stretch a thicker penis)
Before any routine whether it is length or girth it is vital to get in a set of Bundled Stretches. These should be done for 5-10 minutes before every workout. This will pre-stretch the Tunica allowing for much better elongation and expansion.

We have all become scared of stretching after girth. Although it is not something I would want to do always, I think sometimes it is very important to stretch the penis in an expanded state (after girth) This can all be done in one session (Girth and Length) or at different times but the closer to one another the better. I want to stretch the penis while it is like this because I believe we are stretching tissues that are only stretchable when in the expanded state. For instance, when we are finished with a girth session that produced lets say 1/2" of temporary girth. that 1/2" is largely comprised of the Tunica, at tissue with only 5% elasticity making it difficult to stretch but easier right after girth as much of the expansion is from the tunica expanding, hence becoming thinner and easier to stretch. This is the the reason we are doing girth prior to length…another place to secretly grab some golden nuggets.
BathMate short sets with Jelqing will now be introduced but for good reason especially in the first part of the day. We want to become proficient at stretching our penis even when expanded or thick. You will also be introducing Expressive Stretching which can be done after girth using the Bathmate or using the circle in the LengthMaster or PowerAssist. I will also want you to start doing erect stretching. For a long time now we have believed it is best to do girth after length because it makes it too difficult to get a good stretch when penis is in an expanded state. I still agree with this but with a foot note: It is vital to stretch the penis while erect, this is what will convert your flaccid stretched gains to Bone-pressed Erect gains. Plus, yes, it is harder to stretch the penis after girth but think long and hard about what you are stretching! Erectile tissue! You will be stretching the penis when it is at it's largest….this just makes good, good sense. Yes, it requires more effort but that will be greatly rewarded. After the routine is done the cock ring will be fitted. With the cock ring in place you will also need to used Jim's Wrap. This is a bit tricky but this will only last 1 week.

Girth Routine: Bathmate (full pump for 6 minutes) this can be done any way you are comfortable using the Bathmate but I would like you to be at a full erection when pumping. After 6 minutes you will go into a 6 minute session of upward jelqs done erect. the next session will be similar but this time when you jelq it will be downward, against your erection angle (This will help improve pelvic floor muscle strength). And the last set will be 6 minutes in the pump followed by 6 minutes of a semi-hard Slow Squash Jelq (mainly as an expansive massage to eliminate discoloration and bring and/or red spots.

The last 6 minutes will be spent with Expressive Stretching. This can be done using any of the various methods, my favorites are Bathmate HardCore Stretches and PowerAssist Loop Stretches. Then finally put on a cock ring. (worn at base tight enough to keep a good size pump. You will want to be in your expanded state as long as possible.

Length Routine will consist of strictly behind the cheeks stretching, You will want to give way to new penis coming from expression so stretching your base back will give space for this and accelerate your ligamental growth from its furthest point. This week will be all about expansion and angular gains. The penis at it's furthest point back, being Behind The Cheeks Stretching will really help make the Expressive Stretching much more productive as we are dealing with two body extremes, Expression and BTC Stretching.

Your length routine will be:
Behind the Cheeks to the Left - 30 seconds x 3
Behind the Cheeks to the Center - 30 seconds x 3
Behind the Cheeks to the Right - 30 seconds x 3
DLD Blasters: five, 30 second reps.

Finish length with 3 sets of 25 Rotary Stretches in the highest position you can manage. I want it to equal the opposite of the BTC stretching. One extreme angle to it's other extreme. We are training the ligaments to be as long and malleable as possible. We are creating an optimum exit point for the penis. This is all preparatory for later training but equally important, even if you are a veteran of Penis Enlargement.

Apply a pea size portion of hydrocortisone cream and massage in thoroughly.

After workout, which should take approximately 20-30 minutes tops, you will need to apply Uncle Jim's Strapping Method. This is vital and must happen directly after workout. Stretch your penis to it's full flaccid stretched length and wrap in that position. You will wear this for one hour at a time at which time you will take off, do 25 rotary cranks and 1 set of Behind the Cheeks Stretching. (this should take no more than 5 minutes in all, a normal bathroom break.) Some may find they can go longer with the wrap but the idea is to re-stimulate the penis each hour and reapply Jim's Wrap, this is training while healing. People will notice a nice, long, thick penis running down your leg but hey, thats just me, I was born with it!:) I want to see 6 sets of this done (six hours worth).

This is very easy to do and do not make it out to be more than it is! You are only keeping yourself extended via the Jim Wrap, easy to do and comfortable! This will soon be the support to our SizeGenetics use and growth cycles. Becoming comfortable with a method is important. You will be proficient with Jim's Wrap by now.

Up to this point we are training our penis in a few ways. First we are stretching at extreme angles forcing the ligaments to elongate and stretch and we are expanding our penis through the girth work, and the stretching of the tunica at optimum points but most of all we are healing in an extender/expanded position which is what SRT is all about. We are now introducing Expressive Stretching which will help move inner penis forward and become accessible through our creative stretching tactics. We are healing most times in an extended or expanded position, a huge change! We are learning how putting two exercises together can bring the fastest results as in Super-Set with the Bathmate and the Jelq. This is the bootcamp for the rest of your time in this routine. I think we have learned enough to put all of this preparation and practice into form and function.

The next 6 weeks will be sharply on stretching with intent and using the SizeGenetics as way to gain length as we heal. Now I am not asking for your lives here, I am asking for 3 months and any man, if he really wants, can do this routine.

Expressive Stretching through the Loop of the PowerAssist or LengthMaster will be best but the BathMate HardCore Stretches may also be used instead. I like stretching through the Loop as it gives me great access to internal penis that I can easily stretch…very intense method. Six minutes of this will be fine, almost see it as your warmup! I push as much penis through and grab with both hands and stretch from the extreme base, exposed by the Loop. If I am I am rehearsed with my Bathmate I can accomplish the same thing doing Bathmate Hardcore Stretches. If you do not own either and still want to participate in these trials, be creative! Do low shaft stretching! Stretch from extreme base. Expressive Stretching is vital to making gains quickest and accessing penis that would otherwise be left dormant. There is quite a bit of penis in every one of us! Prior to doing Penis Enlargement, or in my early days of Penis Enlargement I measured close to 9" of inner penis! Tracing that much penis locked deep in the body, I became obsessed with Expressing it (hence Expressive Stretching).

In order to stretch this tissue we need to get our hands around it! It needs to be exposed and stretched with authority! So whatever method you use, be sure to be putting a solid 6 minutes into Expressive Stretching (ES) is important to this process. Now that we have exposed and stretched some of this inner tissue we want to take advantage of any temporary gains we may have seen in Expression. So as soon as ES is done go right into the next part of your stretching routine.

30 seconds for each stretch, simple! And will cover all important angles.
Straight up to Center
DLD Blasters: five, 30 second stretches
Straight Down to Left (under leg)
Straight Down to Right(under leg)
Rotaries: 25 Cranks
Behind the Cheeks to Left
Behind the Cheeks to Right

Attach your SizeGenetics Extender at medium tension you will wear for 1 Hour to help cement stretching session. The idea is to allow the tissue to heal in a fully stretched position. As the morning stretch is wearing off we are turning up the tension on the SizeGenetics with each bathroom break. If you are able to go 4 sets, that is four hours with each hour being a bit more demanding, is a smart way to introduce the proper use of the the amazing machine the SizeGenetics is! We are in no way abandoning Uncle Jim's Wrap, we will still use that for sleep and other times we can not wear our SG. 4 hours is a good number of logged hours, considering it is in addition to your morning stretch session, I think it will be very abundant and productive!

From the time period you stop using the SizeGenetics for the day be sure you are strapped! We are still living under the pretense Gains come fastest when they are allowed to be healed as close the Gain size during the healing periods.

Girth will be done when you choose but after 4 hours is logged in the SizeGenetics. I want your Extender work to be done by the time your do your girth work.

Girth Program: Girth program (SRT 5x5x3)
5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq
5 Minutes in the BathMate at full intensity

5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq
5 Minutes in the BathMate at full intensity

5 Minute Slow Squash Jelq
5 Minutes in the BathMate at full intensity

Penis Enlargement Exercise and Equipment
Understanding Stretching

How and Why Size is Gained

I can imagine how confusing it must be for a new Brother to come into the forums and try to understand the many exercises, tools and routines. Jumping into the Newbie Routine is smart if you are just starting out but even in the most basic penis enlargement the question of how and why it works looms over many Brothers heads. Back in the old days (15 years ago) you simply stretched your penis using the Basic Stretching to gain length and Jelqing to gain girth. After Matters of Size opened 100’s of new exercises and routines came along with the various tools we use here. Understanding all of this can be more than taxing, it can become impossible. The idea of this article is to explain the various exercise, routines and tools and explain what they do and the best way to use them.

In length the penis is broken down into 5 areas that encompass the entire penis, Tunica, Shaft, Ligament, Internal and Skin Stretch. In girth it is broken down into 3 areas that encompass the entire penis, basic exercise, advanced exercise and edging. In tools we will explore the LengthMaster, the SizeGenetics, The BathMate, The Phallosan, the VLC, Ace Wrap and Cock ring usage and finally supplementation.

We have been around for 13 years and, in all this time, we have made huge strides in understanding how to gain and heal in the quickest possible time. SRT, being the best routine brought into the PE world brings gains faster than any other method but still there are times some men do not fair as well as others. This thought process can apply to any routine that any group of men practice.

Why is it that some men gain but others, who are doing the same work, gain at a much slower rate? Some may say it is a difference in body and genetics but I beg to differ. There is not much difference in the penis between men, some are bigger, some are smaller but they all have the same genetic makeup for the most part. I subscribed to the idea that it was a genetic issue that caused this but I looked deeper and found another reason, a reason that will change the gaining process for many.

We will be using the SRT Routine as the example since this article will become part of the SRT routine. We may see men making big gains using SRT but then, when others attempt the exact routine, their gains do not come at the same rate as their fellow Brothers. Why is this? Well that is the premise behind this study.

Stretching Specifics and how they effect the penis
A main premise of SRT is passive and active PE exercise. It is important to understand this language as it pertains to two very important parts of the gaining process. Active Exercise is the intense portion of your training where you are making active gains, you routine. Passive Exercise is the healing portion of gaining where we hold expansion or elongation for as long as possible. Both are extremely important in penis enlargement and this is outlined in SRT.

There are literally hundreds of stretching exercises throughout the forum and many are very good but the biggest issue for men is which exercises to use and why they are using them. Taking each type of stretch one by one we will explore what these forms of stretching accomplish. Stretching the penis was always considered a very basic practice but we have found there are many ways of stretching that effect different parts of the penis. This is important because gains come from various areas. Each area needs to be covered in a total routine but to keep things simple, SRT has this outlined for you. Gains in length come from five main areas, Ligament, Shaft, Internal, Tunica and Skin Stretch. Accessing these 5 areas are done using different techniques which are outlined below.

Shaft and Ligamental Stretching

Basic Stretching:
Basic Stretching is something we first learn when we start penis enlargement. These 13 primary positions do something no other stretches do, they cover every possible angle ensuring that if there are gains possible they will be made by including basic stretching in your routine. The positions which are:

Straight Up to the Center
Straight Up to the Left
Straight Up to the Right

Straight Out to the Center
Straight Out to the Left
Straight Out to the Right

Straight Down to the Center
Straight Down to the Left
Straight Down to the Right

Behind the Cheeks to the Center
Behind the Cheeks to the Left
Behind the Cheeks to the Right

Rotary Stretches (small rotations to large rotation)

It is easy to see that these 13 positions are all encompassing in each possible angle of stretch. Many Brothers will stop doing Basic Stretching as they advance in training but this is not a good idea because as you grow new gains will manifest themselves throughout these positions.

Expressive Stretching (internal penis)

If you lay back on your bed with an erection and trace how far into the body the penis goes you will have a great understanding why Expressive Stretching
is so powerful. Expressive Stretching or Internal Penis Stretching allows the user to gain access to this internal penis and allows you to pull it forward and bring it outward as new penis. Most men will have between 7 and 12 inches of internal penis, you will know ho much you have until you check.

Not all of this penis is accessible but a large portion is. Just as we stretch the outer penis and it elongates the same happens with internal penis. The difference in gaining this length is accessing the penis in the most effective way. The most popular and effective exercises are as follows:

LengthMaster Low Grip Stretching
Using the LengthMaster connect the Bundle Chamber at the lowest point possible on the shaft. Once in this position stretch outward in all directions.

BathMate HardCore Stretching
Get yourself 100% erect and attach the Bathmate. I like to use water in the chamber but this exercise can be done dry if proper pressure can be found or in the bath or shower.

Pump up to a high pressure. You will want enough suction that you can pull on the BathMate with intensity and the BathMate stays attached. Once good suction is found you can start the exercise. It may be necessary to repump periodically to keep good suction for these stretches.

Upward Stretches
Straight Outward Stretches to Center
Straight Out to the Left
Straight Out to the Right
Straight Down Stretches
Straight Down to the Left
Straight Down to the Right

Low Grip Manual Stretching
year. Bundled stretching has always been a great way to make length gains but their is a deeper, more important reason to do Bundled Stretching.

Low Grip Hanging
year. Bundled stretching has always been a great way to make length gains but their is a deeper, more important reason to do Bundled Stretching.

SRT Size Blasters
year. Bundled stretching has always been a great way to make length gains but their is a deeper, more important reason to do Bundled Stretching.

These exercises focus on exposing and stretching internal penis. This is something that should not be skipped. This may sound like you are taking a lot on but I will outline the simplicity of inclusion in SRT with a new routine.

Tunica Stretching

Understanding the Tunica
and how it effects gains in length and girth


The Tunica is the white area above that encapsulates the Corpus Spongiosum and Corpus Cavernosum. This means that our growth is completely dependent on the stretching of the Tunica Albuginea (or the Tunica). This Tunica tissue is extremely dense with an elasticity of 5% and an immediate growth is not possible until this dense tissue is stretched. You could see the size of your penis is completely dependent on the expansion of this tissue.

This can really explain why certain groups fare better others and men grow at different rates. Some groups of men may be doing certain exercises that are stretching the Tunica than other groups. Men who wear a SizeGenetics Extender or Phallosan in line with SRT grow at a faster rate than others and this can be explained by the long periods of intensity that is pre stretching this dense Tunica. Since there are additional exercises in SRT it takes advantage of this pre stretched Tunica tissue, allowing for greater increases in size as the Tunica becomes more and more stretched. This is no way an easy task nor is it a hard one, it simply explains some fundamentals we have overlooked.

Sometimes the smallest fact can be overlooked and once it is understood it explains many things, notedly men gaining at different rates. SRT focus's so much on taking advantage of time that Tunica stretching was a hidden benefit through the training done in the SRT Routine. Luck you could say or perhaps my obsession with covering all bases. The great thing is know we know and it will effect how we progress in penis enlargement universally. These moments are rare and the last time I remember being praised for an evolution in PE was when I came out with DLD Blasters. The fundamentals of Blasters offered an option to enlargement that mimicked ligamental surgery. This was the birthplace of the Reverse Kegel and how it effected our effort in length.

So I can say with complete confidence that understanding the best ways to stretch and enlarge the Tunica will change how fast gains are made. 5% elasticity is extremely dense, similar to piece of leather...it can be stretched but special exercises will need to be done. The good news about the lack of elacticty is once it is enlarged it is permanently enlarged, it will never go back and your gains will remain forever. I am a good case in point. I introduced Bundled Stretches in 2002 and I believe my inclusion of these stretches completely effected the deformation of my Tunica bringing a great overall enlargement. Obviously I had to stretch the Tunica to make my gains happen and seeing I always included Bundles, in some capacity, could explain why I gained much more rapidly than my counterparts at the time, respectively.

So a bigger penis is completely dependent on a stretched Tunica. For me there are 3 excellent ways to stretch the Tunica but it is first important to understand that the Tunica requires long periods of low to moderate stretch or short periods of very intense stretch. My favorite has always been the LengthMaster Bundled Stretches and I thing all LengthMaster users would agree. Once you are bundled you just grab the handle bars of the LengthMaster and stretch with enormous force. This is a good example of a short, intense stretch. A new favorite are brought to us by our Brother Jake are Bundled stretches in the SizeGenetics, Phallosan or PhalloGenetics. These stretches are a wonderful example of long periods of medium stretch intensity. Lastly I love all and any bundled hand stretch. I have invented many through the years, as have others.

To every user it should be seen that pre-stretching the Tunica is vital to how big you can become. I think both methods should be done, SizeGenetics/Phallosan/PhalloGenetics (long medium intensity but some men may be able to handle more intensity). I also think the short intense stretches are very important, like the LengthMaster and hand stretching. What we understand with so much more clarity is when these "Bundled" stretches should be done.

Before a routine short, intense bundled stretches should be done for 5-15 minutes. This should be done before each routine. We will also want long periods of time where the Tunica is being stretched on medium tension to cause deformation by consistent stretch. This will still bring length but it will also keep you primed 100% of the time to get right into a routine. SRT has this written into it's routine if you want to follow a great routine or you can just take this knowledge to your own routine.
Bundled Stretching
Even though I created these stretches years ago the full understanding of what they accomplish has only come to light over the past year. Bundled stretching has always been a great way to make length gains but their is a deeper, more important reason to do Bundled Stretching.

The single most limiting factor in making gains in both length and girth is the Tunica. The Tunica is a sheath like tissue the covers the entire penis, holding together the Corpus Spongiosum and Cavernosum. Tunica tissue is extremely dense with an elasticity of about 5%. This type of density plays a massive role in why men are slow to gain.

Since the Tunica is so dense it makes it very difficult to cause enough expansion or elongation to stretch this stubborn tissue. Over the last year we have had an increasing understanding of Bundled Stretches and how they effect gains.

Bundled Stretches are where the penis is twisted, like a cork screw, and stretched. Bundles effectively breaks down the dense Tunica and stretches this tissue. This is a massive revelation as it plays a big role in why some men gain faster than others. First the good news, once the Tunica is stretched it can not go back to it’s original size due to it’s lack of elasticity. This is a very important discovery as it really helps us understand a reason some men do not gain at the same rate as others.

Using Bundled Stretches in the best way does not involves hours of work, it really is simple. Before doing length work or girth work get in a session of 10 minutes of Bundled Stretches. What this will accomplish is pre-stretching the Tunica allowing for much greater elongation or expansion. This simple fact could be a major reason for a lack of gains for certain men. If the Tunica is never stretched it makes gaining girth and length so much more difficult.

There are a few ways to so Bundled Stretches, here are some of the more popular ways:

LengthMaster Bundle Stretching
Using the Bundle Chamber of the LengthMaster allowing for two handed Bundled Stretches. This is the most powerful method. Since the Tunica is extremely dense it can take some very intense stretching to effectively deform the Tunica to hold more volume and length. The LengthMaster allows for this in a major way.

SizeGenetics Bundled Stretches
These are a new stretch brought to us by our Brother Jake. These are extremely effective as they allow for long periods of Tunica Stretching with little effort on the part of the user. It makes sense that the SizeGenetics can be used this way in all extending as long as the penis is equally bundled left and right as you start new sets; This will prevent you from uneven gains.

Manual Bundled Stretches
This is as simple as it sounds, you bundle the penis as many times as you can, all men are easily able to make one rotation but as the penis lengthens more twists can be made. Some men can get up to 3 twists. These can be done in the same positions we see them in Basic Stretching, up, out, down and right, left and center stretches on each, Behind the Cheeks and even Rotary Stretches.

Erect Twisted Stretches
This is a new exercise that I created to address the Tunica in an erect state. With an erection, twist once as far as you can comfortably. From here you will use a jelqing motion to cause further expansion of the erectile tissue allowing for even greater Tunica stretch.

Cementing Length
Closing the gap between Flaccid-Stretched Bone-Pressed and Bone-Pressed Erect length

Erect Stretching
Erect stretching is the single most effective way to convert bone-pressed flaccid stretched gains to bone-pressed erect gains. The reason this is so effective is because you are stretching the penis while it is fully erect. This allows the stretch intensity to go directly to erectile tissue and the Tunica. The first place length gains show up is in flaccid, bone-pressed state and it can be frustrating to men who want to see these gains in erect state. This does not need to be a massive workout, as a matter of fact three, 10 minute sessions a week will be plenty to get the job done.

Using Kegels and Reverse Kegels to Aid in Elongation

What is a Kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To try and isolate these muscles trying stopping and starting the flow of urine.

How do I do the Kegel exercise?
Once you have located the muscles simply tighten and relax the mascle over and over. These are basic kegels. There are many variations on kegels: elevator kegels (Where you tighten slowly, in increments going in and out, like an elevator stopping on several floors.), you can hold the muscle tightened for five seconds, you can bulge the muscles out at the end, and many other variations.

Why would I want to do Kegel exercises?
Kegels provides many benefits:

Stronger Erections
Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
Larger head size
Further enjaculatorty Distance
Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
It can prevent prolapses of pelvic organs
It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

What is a Reverse Kegel?
A Reverse kegel is the name of a pelvic exercise, made popular by Doublelongdaddy who preached the importance of the exercise. To try and isolate these muscles trying push the flow of urine as hard as you can.

How do I do the Reverse Kegel exercise?
Once you have located this muscle movement you are now ready to make feel the difference between the Kegel and Reverse Kegel. Tighten or Kegel your PC muscle not push out doing a Reverse Kegel. Practice this variation. Become very in tune with the push and squeeze movements. The more comfortable you become with the two exercises the greater success you will have in Penis Enlargement IMO.

Why would I want to do Reverse Kegel exercises?
Reverse Kegel benefits:

The ability to remain erect after an erection
the ability to have male multiple orgasm
More intense orgasm
Stretching Benefits (See Below)

Combining the Kegel and Reverse Kegel to work for you in a stretching program

The DLD BLASTER is based on the Kegel and Reverse Kegel for one main reason, there is a natural habit to squeeze the PC muscle when the penis is being stretched. This is a subconscious safety reaction to prevent injury to the penis when it is being pulled on. Ligament stretching becomes difficult if the PC muscles takes up the majority of the stretch, most of the stretch intensity is going to the PC muscle and not the ligaments. This means slower length gains. But how can we avoid the PC muscles from interfering with the stretch? The PC muscles that are squeezing (Kegels) need to be stopped. It makes sense that a total reversal of this movement, or a way to avoid this muscular movement and allow the ligaments to take up most of the stretch is to do the opposite of a Kegel which was dubbed a Reverse Kegel. A Reverse Kegel is a muscular movement that stops the PC muscle from taking up the stretch and deliver it to the ligaments and shaft of the penis. So DLD Blasters incorporate the Kegel and Reverse Kegel to allow for the best possible ligament and shaft stretching.

DLD Blaster Exercise Explained
Step One:
Pull penis up towards the chest. Creating very good tension.

Step Two:
Do 100 Kegel squeezes while holding this stretch. This will completely exhaust the PC muscles and isolate and make you aware of the muscular flex.

Step Three:
Grab penis in and get yourself into the DLD A-Stretch.

Step Four:
Once in the A-Stretch Do 50 sets of the following:
Breathing in do a Kegel for 5 seconds then push into the Reverse Kegel which will release the PC muscle. While exhaling, increase the tension with as much strength as possible for 5 seconds. You will feel an immediate increase in length on the push. This is where you will be hitting the ligaments 100%

It is also important to understand that the DLD Blaster philosophy can be applied to any stretching exercise or tool.

Ligamental Stretching

This is significant as men have different ligament lengths and the angle of exercise becomes important considering this. Men with shorter ligaments tend to have a higher erection angle while men with longer ligaments tend to have a lower erection. To keep this as easy to understand as possible, using a basic general rule, It is best to stretch in all positions, as in basic stretching, just in case additional gains are possible from any given position. Some men with extremely long ligaments tend to complain that they can no longer make ligament gains, this is not true. If the ligaments are long and the user want to make additional ligament gains he can stretch Behind the Cheeks, this will bring ligament gains to even the longest ligaments. Men who have shorter ligaments will gain ligament length from any position below their erection angle.

It is also important to know that any stretch below your erection angle with go to ligaments elongation while stretches above your erection angle tend to be Tunica gains. We now have a great understanding to the importance of Tunica stretching (see Tunica Stretching above.) Many men will complain that they do not feel a great stretch when stretching in an upward angle and the solution to this is to bring greater intensity. This is possible with The LengthMaster which will give you two hand stretching for double the intensity.

Skin Stretching

Just like the Tunica can be restrictive to growth so can the skin. The biggest difference here is the skin is much easier to stretch than the Tunica. Usually, within the first month of penis enlargement, the skin will stretch allowing for good initial gains. As you progress you may find some stretches feel like the skin is just too tight to get a good stretch. This is where skin stretching becomes important. This can be done in a few ways but my favorite is the SRT Size Blasters, this exercise trains length and girth while at the same time stretching the skin. You can also simple stretch the skin using your fingers. When flaccid simply grab the skin on both sides of the penis and stretch in opposite directions. Long periods of Phallosan or SizeGenetics use will also help with skin stretch for enlargement. Some men may not need to do this at all but others may. Skin stretching is particularly handy for men who have had a tight circumcision, stretching the skin will alleviate this restrictive tightness.

Understanding Girth Work
How and Why Size is Gained

Girth gains rely heavily on two main factors, Tunica Stretching and Temporary Expansion. The facts behind this are that the Tunica needs to be pre-stretched before superior expansion is achieved. Once the Tunica is pre-stretched the penis is able to expand much more. Consistent expansion is necessary in bringing permanent girth gains. There are many ways to achieve expansion and we will explore these methods. Through many years of experience some important practices are being used. Combinational exercise, or super-sets have become a very important practice in achieving ultimate expansion. This is a girth routine that would use two or more exercises (or tools) in succession to achieve greater expansion. Most popular in this realm is the 5x5x3 sets found in the SRT routine but I have also listed others below. The Tunica should also be addressed before a girth session is started to pre-stretch this dense tissue allowing for greater expansion. Girth exercise is usually classified as newbie exercises and advanced exercises. In most cases the basic jelq will be the first exercise used until you advance to a point that expansion is no longer possible with the jelq and a new more intense exercise is required. At this point you will need to choose from a long line of exercises or, to keep things simple, use the SRT Routine which has all of this knowledge instituted already.

Basic Jelqing
Jelqing is the oldest and most used girth exercise. It is usually used mainly by newbies who are just starting to learn PE. It is a good foundation exercise that will bring quick initial gains and teach the user about the basics of expansion and intensity. The main premise of the basic jelq is that with each stroke (milking) your are bringing more and more blood into the penile tissue expanding it. As time goes by the penis will become thicker. Once you have reached a point that jelqing is no longer bringing gains it becomes important to switch to a more intense exercise. Here is a brief description of the basic jelq:

Before you start jelqing, lubricate your penis with baby oil, vaseline, or another penis lubricant.

Erection Level
Bring your penis erection level to 80—100 percent.

Use your thumb and forefinger to form an make an OK-grip

Starting at the Extreme Base
Place the grip around the base of your penis.

With intense pressure in grip, slowly move it up your penis. Stop the grip right before it reaches your head. Each jelq should take approximately 1 to 3 seconds.

Once you’re done with one jelq, take your other hand and repeat the jelqing process.

Advanced Manual Girth Exercises
Exploring more intense girth work can take time as there are many exercises that fit this bill. The reason we need more intense exercises is to continue growth once any given exercise stops bringing gains. The penis becomes used to most exercises and eventually new, more powerful exercises are introduced. My favorite is the SlowSquashJelq for good reason. In most jelqing exercise there is an open end that prevents the penis from holding all the blood in the shaft. The SlowSquashJelq does not have this issue since the blood is kept in the penis using a grip at the top and bottom of the penis. Like many girth exercises, there is no limit to size gained using the SlowSquashJelq due to the way the blood is trapped and manipulated. As you become thicker the same expansion will be possible using the SSJ. Myself along with many Brothers here have created many girth exercises here are a few to check out:

DLD Girth Busters
Extreme Girth Super Sets
DLD Expansion Super Sets
PAN Squeezes
Horse Squeezes
DLD Angle Jelqs
DLD Bends for Incredible Girth and Width
SUPRA Slammers
REDS (Behind The Balls) Jelqing
Stillwantmore's Head & Shaft Expansion Exercise
Stillwantmore's Short Jelq
German Stallion Erect Twists
DLD Toilet Compression Squeezes
DLD Crazy Girth Busters
Pan Squeezes
DLD Blaster Jelq
Horse Squeezes
DLD's Fast Squash Jelq
Edging for Enlargement

Edging for Size and Longevity
Edging is an exercise aimed at enlargement through manipulation while teaching yourself how to last longer in bed. Edging will also aid in stretching the Tunica since a prolonged erections cause this. Bringing your self along the grey area of the point of no return or (PONR), where you are almost about to have an orgasm but you stop this using various methods available (see below). Manipulation during edging is important to aid in enlargement and stimulation and orgasm avoidance. Longer edging periods will add to the ability to last longer when you are in a sexual stimulation. Manipulation could be SlowSquashJelqs, SizeBlasters, Squeezes and other girth exercise all mixed in through the period of edging.

When edging you will come close to the PONR, which will happen many times over a session, use one of these techniques below to aid in stopping the orgasm:

Becoming in touch with your orgasm
There is a very fine line between cuming and about to cum. making this distinction is the first step in having more staying power.

Identify your brink of orgasm
You will want to identify the fine line that separates cuming from about to cum. During this period pay special attention to what brings you almost to orgasm. What are your thoughts? How long does it take to get there? Keep Track of this information for future reference. The goal here is to paint a mental picture of your orgasm and identify just what brings you to this brink and what you can do to stop it.

Breathing to Reduce Excitement
Simply taking a deep breath at the brink of orgasm is a very effective way to reduce your excitement level and reset your orgasm. It does not work for everyone but it is worth trying.

Breathing to Reset Orgasm
When you feel that you are getting too close to orgasm, just completely stop and take a deep breath. Give yourself a minute or two to reset your mental orgasm. Once you feel that you have reset this mental orgasm continue with the confidence that the physical orgasm is far off. You will find with practice this process will give you longer and longer periods of staying power. Eventually this mental reset will happen automatically with no pause.

The Squeeze Techniques
When you feel close to your orgasm completely stop, pull out, take a deep breath and apply one of these two squeezing methods. One method usually works better for men than the other so try them both.


at the brink of orgasm stop, take a deep breath. Using the OK grip squeeze the base of your penis and squeeze until the urge has faded.


at the brink of orgasm stop, take a deep breath. Using the forefinger and thumb squeeze the top and bottom of your penis just below the glans until the urge to orgasm has faded.

DLD Push
The DLD Push is a technique to prolong orgasm and remain erect after orgasm. This method involved a hard reverse kegel right at the brink of orgasm. It takes some practice but once it is mastered 4-5 orgasms are possible.

Reverse Psychology
A great technique that seems to work very well for me is the Reverse Psychology method. Previously to having sex I convince myself that I am going to have problems ejaculation.

How and why we use Tools in Penis Enlargement
If you search the internet you will find 100’s of penis enlargement tools but it is extremely important to understand that most of these methods either do not work or they are a cheap knockoff of the few tools that do work. The Brotherhood has worked very hard to have the best tools with the best price and customer service available. Buying tools through Matters of Size gives you many benefits and support options. We stand behind all products and we have most of our affiliates here, in the forum, as active members for support. In addition each tool is given it’s own forum where all the various information is organized and easy to find. We will take each tool one by one and explain what they are for and the best way to use them.

The LengthMaster
The LengthMaster is a 3 in one tool that allows for some pretty amazing length exercises. It is possible to use your LengthMaster for most stretching exercises. The functions of the LengthMaster include The PowerAssist which allows for fulcrum stretching, The LengthMaster which allows for 2 handed rolls, bundles and every other stretching position. It also included a hanging chamber that allows for light to heavy hanging. The LengthMaster is so effective because of the enormous amount of intensity that can be used to stretch with. Every stretch that was done manually can be done with twice the intensity. It also eliminates grip slipping because once you are locked in the chamber of the device you will experience extremely powerful stretching with absolutely no slippage. The LengthMaster can be used to do Expensive Stretching, Bundled Stretching, Shaft and Ligament Stretching, Fulcrum Stretching and all Basic Stretching positions. Since all areas of importance can be achieved with the LengthMaster it becomes the replacement for all other manual stretching.

Size Genetics
The SizeGenetics is a traction device that uses measured rods and spring loaded tension to stretch the penis over long periods of time. Active PE, which we know to be gaining exercise, can be accomplished using the SizeGenetics in it’s most intense settings. Passive PE, which we know as the healing process, can also be accomplished through using lighter settings. The device can be worn under the clothes so many hours can be logged through the day. There are many ways to attach the SizeGenetics as they give 58 different methods of attachment in their special edition Matters of Size system. Many modifications have been made to use the SizeGenetics in many useful ways, most notably the PhalloGenetics which combines the SizeGenetics with the Phallosan to accomplish greater intensity and more comfort in use. The SizeGenetics is a medical device and the quality surpasses any other extender on the market.

The Phallosan Forte
The Phallosan Forte device is a Penis Enlargement Stretching Tool “patented orthopedic belt system“, where users who wear it will stretch the penis over long periods of time using a vacuum process (as a suction) for maximum gains over extended periods of time. As you gain length by stretching, the penis tissue elongation results in growth bringing a straighter and longer penis.
This Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system comes with 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and adjustment setting for increasing pressure. The sleeve-condom is made of medical grade silicone and it forces more blood flow to erectile chambers all the way to penis glans (head). Similar to traction devices, the Phallosan is worn over long periods of time to achieve active length gains while also healing in an elongated state.

The Phallosan has become the only tool available that can be used safely while you sleep allowing for work while you sleep. Since the Phallosan has come to the Brotherhood we have made many modifications for different stretching styles. The most notable modification is the combination of the SizeGenetics with The Phallosan, dubbed the PhalloGenetics which brings advantages from both devices and combines them for ultimate stretch and comfort. The Phallosan can be used for passive and active PE by setting tension levels to what is desired.

The BathMate
The BathMate is a unique pumping system that uses water instead of air. Pumping has been around for decades but many issues that happen with an air pump are not present in water pumping. Air pumping can cause terrible blisters, discoloration and excessive water retention. The BathMate has none of these issues especially when used in the SRT Routine. The BathMate works by using vacuum and water to force expansion of penis tissue. All users notice an increase in size after one use. Men report anywhere from 1/4 inch up to 2.5 inches of expansion after a workout. When this is done consistently day by day the expansion start to become permanent. Over time great girth gains can be accomplished using the BathMate. The BathMate is also used in length work using Expressive Stretching. Using the BathMate in a super-set scenario will bring the greatest gains in girth. Please refer to the SRT Thread and read over the 5x5x3 routine. The BathMate is an irreplaceable tool that will bring girth gains so much faster than manual efforts.

The VLC is a penis stretching device that is great for keeping yourself extended after training length. It is marketed as a penis stretching device but we found a much more useful reason for using it. It can be used as the main attachment for the SizeGenetics. Using the VLC allows for super times in putting on and taking off. This can be done in seconds compared to other attachments that can take minutes. For instance, if you need to go to the bathroom you can pop the VLC off in 2 seconds to go to the bathroom, after it can be reattached in under 20 seconds. It is extremely comfortable and with it’s multi-use as a stretching device and an attachment for the SizeGenetics it is worth the small investment.

The Ace Wrap (passive pe)
Ace Wrap is an extremely effective way to passively train your penis to become longer in flaccid state. It also works in healing the penis after active length exercises are done. After training length there will always be slight temporary gains and it is important to retain these as long as possible and this is where the ACE Wrap does wonders. It gently and comfortably holds the penis in a elongated state for as long as you have it wrapped. This is a very important part of the SRT routine. The Ace Wrap can be replaced by the Phallosan or SizeGenetics to accomplish the same effect when they are used in a light to medium intensity.

The Cock Ring (passive pe)
This is a very important part of retaining maximum girth size while your penis is healing from your girth routine. It is a very simple concept in SRT that we spend time in active and passive penis enlargement. Passive PE is what we call the healing state. The best way to retain and build girth faster is by keeping the pumped state for as long as possible. So the cock ring is used directly after girth routine to hold expansion for as long as possible.

All of the tools above are very valuable in the penis enlargement process. They allow for gains in many ways not possible through manual efforts. They also play a major role in the SRT Routine. SRT also offers a manual version of the workout for those who do not have tools.

I hope this guide has helped you with understanding pe exercises and how they effect the body. I also hope it closes the gap between fast gainers and slow gainers.

Many should grab this offer before this last.
Any takers on this program yet DLD???

I would be interested in being involved but the only requirement i don't meet is being 20-50 pounds overweight.

If thats not a deal breaker then i'm more then willing to participate.
Please Refer to the SRT Thread for some reason this was a duplicate thread. The thread linked has a lot of feedback, users, gainers and replies.
DLD, are you saying recovery was your main problem why you had lost gains? What was the main thing or various factors that had made you lose your gains? No recovery or not enough extender time while healing?

I have done Penis Enlargement for over 10 years and I am curious what your input is on what made you lose gains?
awsome work
Ironwill1984;497509 said:
DLD, are you saying recovery was your main problem why you had lost gains? What was the main thing or various factors that had made you lose your gains? No recovery or not enough extender time while healing?

I have done Penis Enlargement for over 10 years and I am curious what your input is on what made you lose gains?

Are you referring to losing penis size because of weight gain?
Curiously I have lost a bit of size recently but I expected too, based on this study I have been spending all of my time on. Now I have changed certain things in the way I address my penis, during workouts, after workouts, between workouts, etc. I have changed 1 very big thing (lets call it SRT) that has effected my penis in ways that I always believed would happen if I didn't do this 1 thing the way I always have. I do not want to disclose this part of my study yet as I always test these theories through other men before I disclose a theory in penis enlargement. I can tell you, however, I started doing SRT and within 2 months I had lost a half inch in erect length and a ½ inch in girth! Also, during this phase I lost a lot of flaccid size…more than 2"! I know exactly why this happened and it does not worry me, in fact, it excites me as I now know my theory was correct! This all happened after I started doing one thing different in the first 2 months. During this time I did not do any Penis Enlargement

At about 2 months in I started doing Penis Enlargement again. I remained doing SRT while doing active penis enlargement. I was doing the Gain One Inch in Twelve Weeks workout. This workout includes using the Bathmate and doing Slow Squash Jelqs for girth work and SizeGenetics use, super-setted with various manual stretches. I trained heavily during this time but I was not getting the gains I had lost back. After pumping the pump would not stick around. I felt stiff in the extender, it was difficult to get any added tension. Slow Squash Jelqs were not as productive and there was rarely a pump that stayed around for more than an hour. My penis felt skinny and hard when flaccid. My stretching felt tight and wiry. I was pretty much stuck at a smaller size! My flaccid lost another inch too, which really was a psychological mind fuck!! I was very confused and I really felt as though SRT theory may be making sense, sad sense, but sense non-the-less. I was happy at the end of this period of 2 months. I finally was ready to see what phase 3 had in store. If I was correct then I should see my gains come back and even see additional ones!

Here you talk about losing size?? Size in your unit and i'm curous what happend? I'm trying something the SRT which is basically hanging in the mornings, then an extender all day till I pump at night followed with massages...but I have been doing Penis Enlargement over 10 years I am looking for more growth I may order all of your information online soon you have a lot of good stuff.
In the follow up post I describe that I started wearing tight underwear, this restriction over that 2 month period ended in me losing gains. I knew this would happen but wanted to prove it to myself.
doublelongdaddy;497864 said:
In the follow up post I describe that I started wearing tight underwear, this restriction over that 2 month period ended in me losing gains. I knew this would happen but wanted to prove it to myself.

Wow, from wearing tight underwear?

That's a total bummer
Ironwill1984;498032 said:
Wow, from wearing tight underwear?

That's a total bummer

More of an experiment. I had my suspicions that underwear caused restraint but it was not until I tested the theory did I find it did.
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