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  1. A

    Smoking EQ and PE

    Hi all. Ive been a fairly heavy smoker since teenage( pack a day sometimz more) for the last 18 years or so ( been smoking since i was 17), i had been feeling erection issues for the last 5 years or so. I want to kick this habit so my erection quality cud improve alongwith arousal so i can reap...
  2. IAmSpartacus71

    Is it OK to measure only BPFSL?

    Hi guys, I realized that when I have the hardest erection (110%) ,which is the state I should measure with, my upward curve is getting in the way. I'm trying to hold my penis straight but it is a very hard thing to do and it ruins my erection. so while I could do this in the past, now my EQ is...
  3. M

    Weight Preferences of a person

    Brothers in the coolest brotherhood.... I have a question... I am sorry I am asking to many since few days... Just too curious.... Does it make a difference gaining when guys are slim or medium or heavy sized.... which ones easily gain?
  4. habban

    Exercise to reach belly button?

    Okey! So what is the most effective workout or exercise to reach or get past your belly button with your penis while erect? I suppose a lot of stretching exercises is making the opposite, actually making your starting position lower and further away from your belly button. Thanks!
  5. K

    How to get rid of penile ribs

    Hi guys, I know most of you know by now that are those penile ribs that we get when we do PE or use Extenders. My question is simple: how can we get rid of them? Is this something completely IMPOSSIBLE? I really don't like how they look. They make my penis look like a snake on the right...
  6. T

    PE, EQ, and Depression Medication?

    I have been a phantom penis enlargement enthusiast for about 4 years now, starting out with a bathmate, being a noob, and forgoing all the rules (bad I know). I am 5'8" and my starting size is unrecorded though I believe it to be EL 5" by EG 4.5"/ FL 1.5" FG 1". I was a beast in bed, going...
  7. MoS-Newbie

    I just browsed through some German PE Forums ...

    And man, they are so different =D They really are all about safety and slow but steady gains. In one thread someone asks about the MoS LengthMaster and an experienced member was like: "It's way too intense, why would you ever need 2 hands to do your stretches? It's just DLD making money...
  8. H

    Is there anyone with a 9 inches penis and a fat pad (big belly)???

    I'm curious to find out if anyone continued growing in PE length wise and became 9 inches in length and such person has a fat pad? I'm thinking that for me to get to 9 inches, I must get rid of my fat pad. I'm currently 8 inches bone pressed. All the long cocks I've seen on this forum has a flat...
  9. H

    Will coffee help me reduce my appetite for food?

    I've started dieting after reading enough information on this forum. I want to be taking coffee in the morning after my breakfast and I also intend skipping lunch some times if coffee can reduce my appetite. My question is, does coffee reduce my food craving?
  10. S

    Penis shortens after 3 weeks of SRT

    Hi, for last few weeks I have been following SRT routine. The thing is i got some minor length gain when stretched, some solid flaccid gain, but my erect length decreased for almost half inch. I have been stretching and jelqing for few years and got close to an inch gain. I think most of my...
  11. H

    Pro Boxer, Just starting P.E and could use some help :)

    Hey Guys, i joined Mos getting on a year ago now when i stumbled into the world of p.e, but because of training and working etc i just havent got around to getting started properly .. i mean ive tried abit of stretching and jelqing in the past but never really had time to get into a routine ...
  12. Y

    Here's my Bathmate Success Story.

    ***I posted a shorter version of this when I was on vacation but I didn't see it go through so figured I'd try again with this post. Sorry if the other one did make it out there but didn't see it.*** I've been lurking here for probably little over a year. Mostly don't even need to sign in...
  13. Golden Crotch

    Some more newbie questions.

    1. Do any of the phases of the 5 Phase routine featured in the MOS DVD require PE equipment? I've been thinking of buying this DVD, but in hopes that I only have to do manuals. 2. Do girth work/gains pave the way for length gains? I noticed in the SSJ video of DLD's that he mentioned...
  14. youknowme123321

    Great Read!!!

    Experts: Eat More Fat - Business Insider became my way of thinking when it comes to weight management and health promotion when working with many diabetic patients as an RN.
  15. U

    Can manual work lead to hand and wrist problems down the road?

    Hey Dld, or any long-time pe guys that have done a lot of manual stretching and jelqing for at least a few years- do you ever experience any pain or numbness or stiffness in your hands? Anyone ever develop carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis or anything like that? I've been doing a lot of manual...
  16. C

    Made it to 8

    Well i am pretty damn happy. I have had my vlc and size genetics since the start of the year. The vlc annoyed me because i think the silicone cone was too small and would slip off. So then i started using the SG and the attachments just killed me. I am uncut and if i could even manage to get...
  17. J

    Where did 8x6 come from?

    it seems most peoples goals revolve around 8 inches of length and 6 inches of girth. im just wondering where these numbers came from? also, are these numbers bone pressed and mid shaft in most peoples mind?
  18. E

    18 years old, 150 lb, 5'10"

    I am a freshman in college. I do not have tons of experience working out. Most of it was on machines and some free weights. In the past couple months, I have been lazy and depressed. I need to start working out. What would be a good workout routine to get my abs visible (I am 13-15%...
  19. Lightning

    Pistachios for Harder Erections - Study Inside

    I started my Pistachio Diet yesterday to see if it improves E.Q. I am eating 4oz of Pistachios everyday. I have good erections now but I want to see if they can improve based on this diet. Pistachio Diet Improves Erectile Function Parameters and Serum Lipid Profiles in Patients with...
  20. D

    It's Time To Lose Weight !!!

    Is it me? Or does it seems like skinny guys always have a respectable length. Now the big belly and the fat pad makes it hard to see and achieve maximum length. Now I know that I need to lose 60 lbs in order to be skinny enough to show my full erect 8incher (without looking like a crackhead)...
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