1. A

    Can sleeves be used as "All Day Stretcher" or to prevent turtling and maintain size after jelqing?

    I'm wondering if a simple sleeve can be used to maintain longer size, prevent turtling and remain size after jelqing sessions. Looking for something that is easy to wear in sleeve form for night or daily. But will it be of any use? Can sleeve actually extend penis or maintain gains better? Or...
  2. M

    Experiencing gator bite with silisleeves in BM

    Been using the BM for years without the comfort pad (long insert) and while I've always had some pinching at the base it was never that big of a deal. However since I started incorporating the silisleeve while using the BM, which delivers a much better session, I've noticed that my base, right...
  3. T

    Sleeves stretching out

    I purchased a few sleeves. After a few weeks of wear, they have stretched out and no longer fit like they did when they were new (perferct fit). How can this be prevented? Thanks!
  4. S


    Im having a little bit of difficulty when putting my large sleeves I tried to put the thick part of the sleeve 1 st the roll it in to the shaft but its hard i took 6 min to put it on lol Or is it because i dont have enough practice?? Does any one have advice/opinons?
  5. NIK1

    Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger

    Just wondering about this lace up Hanger.The Zen Hanger Deluxe real leather lace up penis hanger / stretcher with silicone sleeves..
  6. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  7. T

    Best Bathmate temp gains ever today!

    I know its a bathmste post, but i wanted the main sub to see it just so i can get advice on how to always have workouts like this. I started my bathmate routine at 4.5-4.6 girth. Finished at 5.75. Did tunica stretch beforehand, than dd 6 sets of 6 minutes. How can i make these gains last...
  8. DLD

    New Sleeves need some feedback

    We are now trying to get the best pricing on these sleeves by buying the substrate in large amounts (very large upfront cost) we also are going to cast a mold so these can be made faster. My question is pricing. Phallosan sells their sleeves at a ridiculous $26.50 a piece, I had to look at...
  9. B

    silicone sleeves.

    I feel the sleeves is ready to go, If you would DLD I send you a pm, with my phone number, as I currently have no internet at home, so if you would call me and we can discuss the details, I have the sleeves I have cast and I have had no issues so far with them,
  10. D

    Spring Tension

    Hey Brothers, I'm currently very happy with my Phallosan. I was planning on using it with progressive force, such as: - < 250 hours, in the green zone during the day and at night - 250 - 750 hours, yellow zone in the day, green at night - 750 - 1000 hours, red zone in the day, yellow zone...
  11. stillwantmore

    My Review Of Bandits' Silicone Sleeves

    Hey everyone. First off, thanks Bandit for sending me a sleeve to review. I chose a 8 inch long sleeve. The inside diameter appears to be a little over an inch. That's fine, as this sleeve is very stretchy. If you cut it to the approximate width you think you want first, roll it up for...
  12. B

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, Please post your review.

    If I have sent you a silicone sleeve to test, please post your review below and what you think.
  13. B

    silicone sleeves have been cast, I need testers.

    I have used up what silicone I had, and have a couple of sleeves left over I need a few testers, only thing is I can not pay shipping as funds are extremely tight below will be a list of what I have, I will post pictures or a video here later. 4 inch sleeves 2 6 inch sleeves 1 5.5...
  14. stillwantmore

    Amazing Value! Silicone Sleeves Make Your Own Pennies Each!

    Pasted over from the sticky in the hanging forum. I wish fewer guys had tunnel vision with PE ie, only focused their sites on one area of the forums as an example, but I get it...
  15. K

    AB Silicone

    Gents, I have ordered from these guys for a few years now.... they always screw up my orders and if..... it arrives its 1- 2 months late, I placed an order beginning of November and still did not receive anything.... not even feedback on my mails. I searched for other companies but cant find any...
  16. F

    The phallosan and the xl bell

    Gentlemen, I'm preparing to order a Phallosan Forte, but I have a question as to proper sizing. I know the kit comes with 3 sizes and some extra sleeves. But I'm pretty damn sure the small bell will be too small. The medium may fit, and I'm sure the large will work. The issue is this: If I...
  17. G

    Skin pinching - between the protector cap and vacuum bell

    Generally the thing that starts causing pain for me requiring me to remove my PF... Is skin getting pulled up between the protector cap and bell. I'm using and autoextender sleeve in place of a proper sized sleeve. (I'm between a medium and large) Any advice? I did a search online and...
  18. DLD

    Phallosan now offering an XL Bell for $35!

    If you have been waiting on the extra large bell to be released it has happened! You will find it in their spare parts area for $35. If that large bell has been giving you problems you now have your solution!
  19. R

    Questions about the phallosan

    I bought the phallosan forte a month and I have some questions 1. Should I wear the protective sleeve? It seems that it suppresses the head and I’m thinking that could be bad? 2. I can not get seem to get a good suction. I had it on once for an hour and it fell off. I can’t risk having it...
  20. G

    New order - only one glans protector cap

    Hey guys. I just got my PF today - I DID order through the brotherhood of course :) But while the package had all the extra sleeves in the back, it is missing the second protector cap. Wondering if others experienced this?
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