1. T

    Combined mityvac and bathmate

    Hello I got bathmate but it was freaking me out that i didn't have pressure gauge. So for now i did the attached setup. Connected the mityvac gun and water trap to the bath mate extreme connector. My question is: even regardless of that. Do i really need that long tubes between the gun and the...
  2. V-TAX

    Overtraining on purpose for maximum gains?

    I`m a newbie and I`ve been thinking. Is it possible that If I take no days off, no matter how fatigued my penis will be and no matter that I wont be able to achieve erections at all, would this force growth in big amounts? I mean, I hope this wouldn't destroy or kill my penis, I`ve never done...
  3. C

    Loss of EQ with Bathmate after 3 days!! help!!

    I was Rock Hard Solid just prior, but after using it for 3 days with the recommend routine.. I now notice a loss of erection quality. I can barely get it up. I don't have red spots on my shaft or penis that some would post about, I was aware I shouldnt put too much pressure so when I used the...
  4. R

    Terrifying first use of bathmate

    This is a pretty scary experience. Like you guys, i bought a bathmate to gain some size and see how it worked. I read the labels and all information on it, watched a lot of videos on how to use it and how to release the pressure. I put it on in the shower and gave it a pump maybe every 10...
  5. T

    Bathmate and Viagra dont help flaccid hang!

    So im.a big GROWER NOT A SHOWER. I'm about 2 inches soft. 5.7inches NBPEL and 7.1 inches BPEL. problem is I like to go to a lot of public nudity events. The bathmate seems to only plump me for about 30 minutes till it turtles up. Shit even took 2 viagra and it didnt do much just turtles still...
  6. J

    Pumping vs. Bathmate. I never tried a Bathmate. Any advantage?

    As the title, I never tried a bathmate in my life. I was wondering if there is any advantage in terms of gains or intensity or perhaps results? Im not worried about comfortability or anything like that. I just wonder if one has better results over there other etc... thanks!!
  7. M

    Best bathmate for balls in?

    Hi. I have a few questions. What's the best bathmate choice (ignoring length) for putting your balls and penis inside of it? Is there any health concern from doing this? I can't seem to find information on the circumference of the opening of the bathmate models.
  8. Felipejfa

    No results with bathmate

    Hi guys. I’d really appreciate if u can help me I have bathmath hydoextreme 7 wide body My penis is only 14cm and thin 5 or 6cm of grith (not sure) i’ve been using the pump for almost 1 month and no results at all!!! Bathmax Website its written I can see result first weeks. I dont know if I’m...
  9. J

    Bathmate stretches xtreme model

    Hey, guys I have a x40 extreme and I just started trying to do the hardcore stretches but this model has a very long comfort insert and you cant really bend the bathmate. Today I tried it without the comfort insert and the gator was very very uncomfortable against my pubic bone (i have no fat...
  10. H

    Does girth excercise with the bathmate causes peyronies disease?

    Someone in the progress log section just told me that he read somewhere that doing length and girth exercises causes peyronies disease. He said girth exercises in particular causes peyronies disease. My question is, will I face this problem since I'm currently doing a length and girth routine...
  11. S

    Soft penis after Bathmate x30

    Hey guys, I have experience with using Penomet and Bathmate for 3 years switching between. After Penomet session, my cock is always rock hard and strong erection. After Bathmate x30, my dick is like a sponge everytime. Hard to get and maintain erection. Soft during the days. I dont know...
  12. S

    bathmate xtreme hand ball pump

    anybody having issues with the hand ball pump without the hose, in the lock postion,when pumping with the hand ball pump, air is bubbling in and you can see a loss of water, anybody expriencing that? is there a loss of pressure?
  13. S

    Bathmate pressure??

    Hey experts, veterans and science guys: Any idea what the HG reading on a maxed bathmate would be?
  14. C

    Use your Bathmate when you have to pee

    If you want to do Reverse Kegels more effectively during your BM sessions have your session when you feel like you can pee but are also able to hold it for a little while. You'll start your RK push and then it will feel like you're actually about to start peeing. That's when I pull back so I...
  15. G

    Bathmate Newbie

    Everyone - I have been stretching and jelquing for about a month now. Just recently got my Hydromax 7. I was curious where the best thread/site to maximizing the Hydromax! I want to learn everything about it so that I can maximize gains! My wife and I are headed to Vegas in 2...
  16. R

    Was inquiring about the the hydro vibe from bathmate

    So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a vibrator and the bathmate pump is it worth purchasing ?
  17. S

    BathMate jelqing - endless supersets

    The way I understand it, jelqing counters all fluid retention and signs of bruising. I’m beginning to test my limits and I’m having no evidence that I should slow down other than my own common sense. I didn’t expect I’d be comfortably doubling the recommended usage in my first week. Here is...
  18. DLD

    Welcome to MOS, Ephraimteam

    Welcome to the Brotherhood, @Ephraimteam, I am @DLD. I encourage you to get involved and start making gains by reading through these two important threads, The Newbie Routine and the SRT Routine. The goal is to create a routine, If you need help in writing a routine let me know. Once you...
  19. T

    Can I pull it off?

    So I've been on the site for a while and over the years have constructed many manual routines to increase my girth. Though having made visible length gains, I have made minuscule girth gains. And I'm sick of it. So I'm finally deciding that I need a damn Bathmate. But my current situation sees...
  20. B

    How do you feel about a girlfriend of wife knowing about PE.

    So as the question states, how do you feel about a wife, girlfriend, or significant other knowing that your into PE, well for me, mine has known from day one, as this all started with me having issues with EQ, mine is knows about it and encourages it, mine in fact purchase my bath mate, she has...
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