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Jun 3, 2003

Ligament pops in NPenis Enlargement [Natural penis enlargement] are caused when the ligament is pulled at a high force and causes it to budge/move alot more than usual, this results in it passing over the pubic bone or surrounding tissue areas and the oxygen nearby is pressured and a pop noise results.

The pop is the air the moveing ligament is displacing when it moves.

Is this Good? Or Bad?

It is good, as it means you are doing a really nice intense routine.
As long as you feel no pain your fine.
Please note you will feel a soreness after a good hard stretch but its normal, I mean if ya feel pain, PAIN than its bad.

If pain comes from a pop it means ya have either dislocated ya penis, pulling the lig somehow outta place or tairing it, severing it even.

This would result in sharp pains for many days later however and is serious as it can mean no more erections for a long long time and when healed the erection angle will be crooked [Not as before].

All in all, if ya do it intense but with due care ya be fine.
Know ya limits and when and when not to pull.

As fir the good points;
I seem to be grwoing alot more now in length and it all really started that night the lig popped.
I have had about 2 now.
I dont think that reguler lig popping means ya gunna be a monster ganer, I reckon its that FIRST pop that can really help get ya started with some guys that have ligs that are hard to get going and grow, i.e. DLD for example, never had a lig pop yet grows with ease, he won't have tough/hard ligs.

I unfortunatly have hard/tough ligs so I have to go like mad to get them a good workout and the pop has just I think 'Released' the tenseness and locking if ya will and made my gains happen.

I will confirm this at the end of the month however when I emasure-up.

Why do we get ligament pops? What does it mean if I dont get them? Will I still gain if I dont get them?

We get these cracks/pops as we are using alot of force on the ligs, this moves them out all of a sudden and a pop occurs.
This will only EVER occur if you do an intense workout.
So if ya do light/medium and normal stuff ya are unlikely to ever get them, I would only advise advanced guys to try to go to intense workouts and achive a lig pop, as newbies will/may hurt themselves as their penis is not conditioned.

If you NEVER or RARELY get a pop/crack will you still gain?
Well if ya do ya routine reguler like I always preach than yes.
You dont need to get pops and cracks to gain in NPenis Enlargement, so dont get down if ya dont get them, I just think they may help guys who have been trying to get length for months and months like me and not gained.

I read on another Penis site that lig pops are bad, a guy named **** said so at CC?

If ya a signed CC member as well, than you may of come across this guys post about lig popping and not to stretch hard.
Well hes talking outta his arse.
He is a clever guy but......
Just dont get scared if ya see his post their, its all just stuff he has been told by a Urologist [Penis expert] and they are wankers full stop when it comes to natural enlargement methods.
I woudnt harm any of you or my self so trust me my band of brothers.

What are ligament burns?

Hmmmmm, this is a rare un-tapped subject in NPenis Enlargement.
What are burns?/Burners? etc etc etc.
Well again like above, if ya do intense stretches sooner than later you will get a Burn sensation, best way to describe it by the men that experince it.
The sensation comes from the base/ligament area of the penis and lasts for as long as you allow the stretch to be held while its engaged ; meaning if ya release the stretch the burn will go away soon.

You will get these sumtime by doing DLD 'A' stretches.
The feeling can be very intense indeed and make ya yell abit for a second, sounds worse than it is.

So why does it burn? what is it?

The reason the ligs are 'Burning' is becoz you are stretching them to their MAX.
A Chemical/hormone named prostaglandin E1 is a contributer to this.
This very hormone helps open the cells inside the penis more effciant for a better harder erection.
It also relaxes the ligaments and enables them to be stretched even further than normal before a Burn is fealt.
So the reason you feel the burn is becoz the penis ligs are being pulled at their max and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can't help relax them anymore, so the burn sets in.
Is this Good? Or Bad?

It is a very very good sign when ya get burns, it shows ya ligs are getting the best EVER stretch possible.
You will also know after say just 30 minutes of doing intese streches that after the burners you will know yav had a good workout, as ya will feel it afterwards.

The bad points.
If you continue to pull to hard while the burning sensation sets in than you RISK the chance of snapping/tearing a ligament, which is serious and painful indeed and would require surgery and grafting to get it normal again.
When you feel that burn, hold the stretch for the desired time and dont go any more otherwise like I said, ya risk over-stretch and a bad injury.

Another bad point I suppose, is that after the workout after many burners you may be quite sore.
I aint bothered about this as I massage the area and hot wrap it , but you may be annoyed by it.

Why do we get ligament Burns what does it mean if I dont get them? will I still gain if I dont get them?

They are casued from an intense stretch, which has caused the ligs to expand to their maximum and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can no longer relax the lig so to remove this feeling during a stretch.

If ya dont get them, it means that you aint got ya ligs to their maximum stretch.

Will ya still gain?
Like I said earlyer, if ya stick to a nice good workout than theirs no reason why ya shudnt gain well from NPenis Enlargement without these feelings, BUT I belive they are very important for big gainers, DLD himself gets this feeling alot when he works out hard, and hes now 12' long erect.

hey RED ....great research and post man .....i have started getting some good burns in my ligs. here lately ....but i'm not getting as many lig. pops as i used to ....they used to scare me at first now i kinda miss the pops now that i'm not getting them
I've never experienced a "pop" per se, but I've heard a sound and felt something. The best I can explain it is it sounded exactly like the sound you hear when you pull the flesh off of an animal. If you're a hunter or for some reason you've been around when someone pulls the skin of a deer or something, you'll know what I'm talking about. The sound only lasts about half a second.
well to me ...the best way to explain how the pops sound is ...they sound sort of like when you pop your knuckles of your hand .....but not quite as loud ....
so as a newbie to Penis Enlargement (the actuall process of, not the concepts of), am I to assume that after a good stretch/jelq session you should feel burning in your ligs? Actually, I should ask rather ... is that true for everyone?

Good post btw Red, thanks for the interesting read
well....for me i made some decent gains before i ever got a burn ....but after i started to get the burns i think my gains are better ....and also concerning the after workout feeling my case i get the burn during workout after the workout i dont have the actual burning is more of a dull pain(i hate to use this word PAIN as it is not ...but i dont know of another way to put it i'm sure everyone is dif. on there feelings after their workout .....hope this helps some ....
Well if you dont feel a burn it doesnt mean ya aint doing a good stretch, far from it.
Guys do NPenis Enlargement all the time gain great without ever getting a burn feeling, but if they did get these burners they would gain more and quicker as they are the ligs at the maximum stretch that is all it means really, getting the ligs pulled to their MAX, also it feels similer for the Tunica except it hurts alot more, like a stinging burn.
I've tried my hardest, but can't seem to get a burning feeling in my ligs no matter what I do.

I have a very low LOT, right @ 6 o'clock. On a good stretch I can usually get a lig pop @ about 8 o'clock pretty much on a regular basis. Doesn't hurt, actually feels refreshed afterwide.
Weight hanging gives me the best Ligament burn feeling.
I have tobe more careful not to over step the mark, and end up with a torn ligament.

If you feel a pain that you cant take during NPenis Enlargement/Penis Enlargement than shorten the pull, gradually increase.
Doing reverse kegels helps alot with getting the ligs pulled further out without hurting them.
I get pops every other workout or so the FIRST downward pull I do. Ever since it popped first time it always pops like this. I never have to work hardcore.

What does this mean?
You, like those who pop their knuckles easy, are prone to the same thing in the penile areas .... its nuthing to worry about unless you feel pain.
So it is a positive thing? Will I see gains more easily, or is it a neutral thing, menaing nothing?
when i do cranks i get a pop on almost every straight up part of the rotation. its not that loud, softer than a knuckle crack, but it feels similar.
sephin said:
So it is a positive thing? Will I see gains more easily, or is it a neutral thing, menaing nothing?

I think its a neutral thing, like I said some men are more prone to this than others like with the knuckles popping ect.
However, Their is NO PROOF to disprove that these penile pops are a good sign, or that gains will come better from them later on ...... who knows??? I however think they mean nuthing.
Well this is all new stuff in Penis Enlargement, and is always open for discussion.
I agree with you, constant popping like 100's over time cant be anygood really when you think of it, poppin ya knuckles aint good for them.
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