Jul 13, 2003
Ok so this is my first post here so please bear with me...

First some history: I've been Penis Enlargement-ing on and off for about 5 years, and gained about 0.85 " in both girth and length... my problem is this: after jelqing while erect (I wasn't aware of the fact that you're supposed to be semi-erect at the time, stupid me) I've sustained an injury that just wont go away...

The injury manifests itself as a kind of dull pain all along the left side of my shaft (some times there's a sharp "sting" when touched but not always)...

Since I discovered the injury I've been off from Penis Enlargement for about 2 months and I've tried just about every remedy out there with only marginal results (hot compress, ice, rest, a combination of hot and cold compress, so called contrast therapy) I've try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and I daily take a multivitamin, vitamin B complex, a little zinc, and MSM...

What am I doing wrong here..??
Am I stuck with this for life or do I just have to keep on trying ??

I don't really want to see a doctor because all they're gonna say is just "to get some more rest and it will go away"...or "tough luck, you're stuck with it sonny, this should teach not to do mysterious things to your penis" :)...

I would very much appreciate if anyone could share some of their experience/tips regarding Penis Enlargement-injuries
Hi welcome to MOS and sorry to hear about this.
I need more info' to help you buddy.

Like does it hurt when flaccid?
any change in colour?
are their any lumps/marks present?
where on the penis does it hurt - base/side etc etc?

any discolouration in your sperm?
any pain when you ejac'?

Sorry for all the questions, but I may be able to suggest what this problem is.
I have two ideas, but I aint saying as I need them questions answeing.

Thanks for the reply man, I really appreciate you taking your time to answer me...

To answer your queries:

The pain is roughly equal both flaccid and erect... maybe a little bit more when flaccid come to think of it...

The only change in color I can detect is a tiny red spot on the edge of the left side of the head (it doesn't quite look like the small red spots you can get from jelqing though, it's a bit bigger maybe about 2 mm across...)

No lumps or bumps or something like that...

It's hurts all along the left side of the penis, from the base to the head... it is not a sharp pain, but kind of dull and pretty much constant...

No discoloration of the sperm and no pain when ejaculating...

Anything else you need to know that might be of help...?

Thank you once again...
how long ya had this pain?
Is it all day?

O and when you pinch your penis can you feel it...on both sides?

Does the red spot get biggger when you get erect?

I than am ready to say what I think.
How long .... Hydromaxmmm don't really know at least about 2 months...maybe a bit more...

The pain is usually constant all day... for some weird reason it's sometimes a bit worse when I have a hangover or if the unit is cooled down in some form or manner...

When I pinch the penis the pain is still only on the left side...

When erect, the red spot is proportionally bigger (i.e as the surface extends the spot does so also...)

I've gotten the best therapy results with contrast therapy (ice, hot water, then ice again) so the pain is not as bad as say a month ago but still very much there...

Oh, and getting a erection is not as easy as before, but I still get the nightime ones and I'm young and healthy so that may just be because of the pain (or then again maybe not..)

I aint an expert on this but I'd say their is a problem.

I would say that the red spot keeping enlarging is a sign of MAYBE a tear????? I have read up some on this and the spot gets bigger but also a lump apperas near it, you dont get that thank god so its hopefully not as bad.

As for the pain along the side, I would say its Nerve damage.
You say you have erection probz well it could be as a result of that left side, the nerves sound as though their swelled and sore, BUT you say the Hot/Ice method has been working.

You'v got a deep bruise on ya head that aint healed yet, you must of put ALOT of stress on the head or towards it for that.
The left side is nerve swelling, tenderness I think from over pulling.

The remedy is >>>>>>

Get a hot wrap and apply to the WHOLE penis.
Hold it for 10 mins, or you can use a hairdryer or shower which you prefer?
Now after that get COLD water, or ICE, and do the same to the WHOLE shaft.
Carry on with this, rotating each twice, so it lasts 20 mins overall.

10 mins hot, 10 min cold, 10 min hot, 10 min cold

Than get back to normal.
Now come back to the bathroom every 3/4 hours or 2 [if you can] and do the same thing.
Carry on doing this for 12 hours each day for 7 days, DONT MISS A DAY.

After this time the left side should heal up.

Asa for the head.
Just apply ice to it, as you want that blood outta their so to rid the spot.
Do the ice for 10 mins Morning, Afternoon, evening and night, 4 times daily for 7 days.

I think thiese should rid your problems, but follow the guidlines and dont miss.

Best of luck
Thanks for the quick reply...Your input in the mattter at hand has been invaluable...

A couple of questions though...

With the hot/cold wrap treatment, does it mean that I do it every other hour for 12 hours = 6 times a day, or am I missing something here? Should it be even more frequent than that?

I will most defintely try this remedy as soon as I can make time for it (it seems to be rather time consuming, but I'm sure it's worth it...), and I will let you know how it's working...

Once again, many thanks,
Yeah the 6 times aday every 2 hours for 12.
It should help ALOT.
After 7 days you should notice a change as thats 84 hours of hot/cold wrapping applied to it.

84 hours??

Shouldn't it be (40min*6 times/day)*7 days = 28 hours of hot/cold wrapping...?

I don't mean to be dense, but I just wanted to make sure I got it right, that's all... :)
yeah your right, im shit at maths :D thats why I drive fire engines :eek: :rolleyes: :p
Hey man, what's up...Sorry for the extreme delay in answering...

So I haven't quite been able to do thids routine because I haven't had an apartment of my own until now...

So I'm really gonna give this therapy a shot... not missing a day and all that and I'll give status reports on how I'm progressing...

Btw... What do you use for the icing of the glans, I've tried ice cubes in a plastic bag but it I don't want to get some kind of freezing damage... any tips...?

You have to shorten your hot cold sessions. The method originally developed by the East Germans as a bodybuilding recovery technique calls for 30 seconds cold followed by one minute hot back and forth. 10 minutes and 10 minutes is just too long you give your muscles too much time to adapt and lose one of the main benefits of this technique.
And as far as icing tips go I would suggest possibly two wide mouthed cups. One filled with Ice water (cubes and all) and the other filled with hot water. Reheat(change) the water as it cools down. The ice water should stay cold until the ice melts. Short 30 second durations should minimize/negate any effects of the cold on your unit.
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ok... thanks a lot man...

So how long should these sessions with Cold/hot wrapping/immersion go on for... ?

Any tips...?
I would agree with Monstarr if it were a muscle, but the penis isnt and the long times are needed more than with otherparts of the anatomy.
Theriex give it a shot, it works now get your ass into shape!!!
Ok, ok... I will :)

I post something as soon as I'm done with the whole routine...

Thanks for all of the support everyone...

BtW, How did you solve the icing of the glans situation, Red? (see above for more info)
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Ok I'm finally doing it...

I will post a daily update to let you guys know how I'm doing...

Wish me luck!!!

Am I too understand that youve had this same problem for over a year?!? As Im reading the dates on the posts it would seem that is true.

In that time period have you noticed the pain decreasing or is it the same? If it is the same Im not really sure that ice/heat will help that much. It may help a little but it has been way too long. Ice/heat is most effective within 6 weeks of the injury, after that it is less effective. If you havent consulted a Dr. I would definitely consider it. If the "tear" is bad enough and hasnt healed, it wont with ice/heat now. If the nerve damage is still there man, wow, you need to get it checked. I am definitely intrigued here.

Good luck.
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