1. C

    Gotta get back into the groove again

    Haven't been here in a while. Between the hernia surgery recovery and a lot of personal issues I haven't done PE since August. The last time I tried using the BM was 3 months after surgery and may have been too soon. Still have some discomfort 7 months after surgery but from some "test pulls" I...
  2. B

    I can gain some size in length by doing only circumferential exercises

    I can gain some size in length by doing only circumferential exercises?
  3. E

    Sore tissues

    Hey guys! Recently I've been having some tenderness on the right side of the base of my dick going down to my testicles. If I feel around, I notice some inflammation of the "fat pad" (insert actual anatomical name here, lol). Could it be thrombo of something going to my testicle? Had some...
  4. T

    My dick is getting tender from hanging.

    When I hang past 30 minutes the skin around my dick starts getting tender and itchy/dry/heavily irritated. Is there any way to combat this?
  5. wellreload

    Feel tenderness at the base of my penis, any suggestions?

    Hi, I am new to PE, just started 1½ week ago so this is my first post. I have been doing manual stretchings, used bathmate x30 every day (have ordered Phallosan, should be getting it soon). I have started to feel a tenderness at the base of my penis 2 days ago that is on the brink of...
  6. DLD

    Need a Highly Advanced Extender User to Test the MOS Extender prototype.

    Looking for someone in the US who has deep understandings on extenders to test out a photo-type to the future MOS Extender. This is different than anything on the market and testing will need to be thorough. This is the first step in a long process so lets not get too excited yet. Please post...
  7. eugine8plz

    Phallosan while sleeping?

    Hey bros, Just wondering if any of you guys use the phallosan forte while you sleep. How is it? what does your set up for over night look like? how did you guys ease into using it all night. I am not going to have a whole lot of time to use it during the day so i want to start using it at...

    Keeping Up With Rocky

    I have something to propose to those of you with active journals or those of you who have not started a journal but want to.(And yeah the name is inspired on my favorite tv show "Keeping up with the Kardashians") After seeing there's so many people in the routines and progress section kicking...
  9. S

    C-ring question

    The skin near the base of my gear is tender from tight cock ring last night. Tonight I can't put it in the same spot. Is it dumb to have the ring higher up but still near the base?
  10. P

    blood came out

    i got a bump a few days back...a normal lump.......today i was doing SSJ snd suddenly blood came out......that bump has become purple now..... what could be the reason ? also id like to tell you i have hair around that area a bit on my shaft.....could it be a ingrown hair ? it causes no pain...
  11. keepingitbig

    Why 6 inches is HUGE!

    I know I've been away for almost 5 years now ( but I still talk to DLD on facebook and talk in the group ), but most men don't know how lucky they are when it comes to fucking females. To tell you the truth, 6 inches is REALLY big. I'm about 8.7x5.5 ( been away from PE for almost 5 years since...
  12. A

    Do you clamp when sore?

    I've been very consistent stretching & clamping for the last month or so & I'm getting quite sore now not overly though like this morning I had the usual morning erection & I was laying on my stomach but had to turn over because laying on it was a little tender, I don't wanna hit the breaks...
  13. G

    Dennis cheats on his fwb with a sorority girl, everything goes to shit

    Brie had a habit of pressing her face against my neck during some point usually towards the end of our sessions. But there were also times when she clutched the back of my neck with her hand and suddenly I felt her nose bearing down on my Adam’s apple only about two minutes in, so maybe she was...
  14. M

    .what can.I.do.to.better my.routine

    I.wake up.put on.entender for.4 hours then.go.to.go.work.rest 4hours get off do Manuel.stretch basic.newbie all.angles.3x and the rotary starch takes.about 30min.and.then jelqing for.20min then.put.on.device.for.2hours then.lkegals for20min then.rest.for.3hours then.bath mate before bed 5min...
  15. B

    What's it supposed to feel like???

    Another question then I should be fine... Just don't wanna injure myself. When you pump what is it supposed to feel like?? My bpel is 5.75 and when I pump it starts getting quite sore after 5.5 inches?? My dick sticks to one side as well and I think that is making it quite sore. But when I pump...
  16. S

    LG Hanger - Please post your results/reviews

    I've been away from PE for some time. I"m looking for a quality hanger - something that's comfortable. Previously I've used the Captains Wrench and gotten up to 12.5 pounds on it. I've read some reviews on various sites that state this hanger is pretty damn good - better than the Bib - much...
  17. S

    Considering purchasing...

    Pros/Cons? I haven't done PE in some time. When I did do it - it consisted of Jelq's, hanging (Captains Wrench) - hanging was def my favorite as i could literally stand there doing nothing and know I"m getting a good stretch, jes extender, and bathmate... All are so so... I think PE is...
  18. P

    Urgent Need help, wtf

    I did six hours straight with the phallosan Here's the discoloration Look at frenulum doesn't look right and there was a large yet small bulge at the bottom of it what is that? Here's another large bulge at the bottom of the shaft on the right side Is this serious, what do you...
  19. L

    Upstretched bundles...

    Do you think just bundling as tightly as you can could function as a method of weakening the tunica before girth work? Or is there a name for it already? I am just looking for a little something in that area for a maintenance day. Really just looking to avoid pulling the glans at all. I tend to...
  20. FireDragonLeo

    Wow! Natural option for Thrombosed Vein

    I had a slightly thrombosed vein that I noticed when I started PE in July of 2014. It's at the top of the base of my penis right where the shaft starts. It was slightly painful when doing girth work or certain stretches. About a year ago I was doing some intense manual stretching and felt a huge...

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