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Jun 3, 2003
Well I need advise....yes a MOD Vetaran asking for it :rolleyes: :D I'm sure you'll understand that no1 knows everything.

Anyway, I do alot of Ligament work at the moment, with hanging.
Now I was wondering if I start doing Tunicae [Tunica] work before/after the ligament work or any other time in the day, basiclly adding it to my routine.....will it work beside the Ligament regime? or will Tunicae [Tunica] work with Ligament work get in each others way and I get S L O W gains?

I have heard from a certain *Rainy Loud Cloud* a while back that Tunica/Ligament work done at the same routine will effect one anothers growth.
I just wonna know from guys here that are up on it, like SS4JELQ, DLD, RB2 and other legends to give me some insight.

Many thanks and sorry if I seem thick on this one.

I know that weight hanging effects the Tunica some, but I am on about doing actual very intense exercises just for the Tunica, like Johans Thumb stretch for example.
I think out of RB, SS4 and Myself I am the only one who is doing tunica and lig stretching in the same session, I may be wrong. I have added another .25" in length over the last month or so. I would be hard pressed to say which exercises are responsible...but I would also be scared to stop doing what is working for me.

On a side note I did another L.O.T. test early last week and it has changed from the original reading of 6:00. I am now losing visual tugback at around 8:00??? RB? SS4? I am very confused on this.
So it mustn't interfere with each other, thats great.
Congrats on ya gains, and the LOT thing you say ya were 6 now 8 is that better for you in terms of LOT?

I am going to do Tunica in my sessions as well.
Tunica Hanging.
Hey RZ,

I don't hang but I often combine erect stretches(ligs) with erect jelqs/bends/squeezes(tunica).

works great!

Red, they shouldn't interfere with one another, the only potential I see for growth possibly slowing when doing this is if you didn't add additional time, but you said you planned to do this in addition to your other work, so I don't see a problem.

I concentrate only on my tunica right now, as my LOT is low, and I spent 4 months doing nothing but lig work and getting nowhere. When I changed to tunica stretching, my gains took off again, so I plan to concentrate solely on my tunica until I see my LOT rise.

DLD, LOT can and will rise as the tunica below and behind the lig fascia attachement points lengthens. It seems to point to your tunica work being responsible for the majority of your recent gains, as if you ligs were also lengthening, your LOT would likely remain unchanged.

For what it's worth, I don't feel stretching your LOT below 8 adds any useable length...
Thanks RB, you make understanding the LOT issue very user friendly.
Well many thanks for the advise you guys.
I will now be doing BTC Hanging for the ligs and the extra Fulcrum hanging for the Tunicae.


> think out of RB, SS4 and Myself I am the only one who is doing tunica and lig stretching in the same session, I may be wrong.<

I do tunica work as the main exercise, but ADS in a downward direction.

I feel that opposite angles like this will maintain the gains (and temporary gains) made, but not cement them. However, it will keep the tissues in the extended state, helping them to heal while extended. But regular work would need to be done of course.


I like to do one angle at a time with hanging, but I know you are not a fan of the LOT theory. For you, I suggest you work your usual angle (be it BTC or whatever), until you reach total fatigue. This is when the fatigue has built to the point that you can only hang less than half your max. When this happens, switch to SO or OTS. Then hang that angle for the rest of the session.

The next session, start at BTC again, and get back to total fatigue. It will probably take less sets to get there this time. When you do, go to OTS or SO again for the rest of the session.

Then repeat until you get both angles to total fatigue in the same session, and add another angle, say the side angles. Repeat as above.

Make sense?

Yes it makes sense thanks man.
I do now believe/understand the LOT theory, but I dont wonna use it myself.
No offense to any one in that LOT field.

What device do ya use to hang with?
I use a device that Tom Hubbard used, I think its called an AFB.
I works great for me.

>What device do ya use to hang with? <

I use the bib starter.

>I use a device that Tom Hubbard used, I think its called an AFB.
I works great for me. <

Yeah I built one of those before I got the bib. I found it much better than the homemade-bib hanger, the 'v' hangers are the way to go. On mine, I used a plastic pipe, big and thick, the kind that those big rolls of shrinkwrap are on. I cut it down the middle, so I had 2 C shapes, and I heated it in a pan, and moulded it so that the curve was less severe, put holes in the top and bottom of one side, and just in the middle of the other. Then I put cable ties through the sides with two holes, and a screw and wingnut for the other side. Worked good but I prefer the bib.

I also made another, using metal mending plates. The plastic one was about 2" long, but the metal one was less than an inch, so you can put it on different parts of the shaft.

Did you make yours out of plastic or metal? I found the plastic one much more comfortable, and the size of it made it better for high weights.

Good Luck
Well I have two pieces of plastic, thick and 5 inches long.
I wrap ma man in bandage than V SHAPenis Enlargement them on my cock so the pressure is sideways [on the side].
I than tie around the bottom and top of them so its tight and in place.
I than attach my weight to it, by string.
It is abit more primitive than your AFB, Myn is the EASY one in the first diagrams.
It works very well though, infact great.
Simpler is often better, as long as you have the V shape, and it is comfortable, that is all that counts.

Good Luck
Thanks man.
If I need any weight [hangin] advice I know the man :D another man so to speak, seems their alot of Guru in the hangin field here.
Lucky really.

Anyway I had better start posting anything hangin in that section otherwise ma arse is DLD's :eek: :(
I dont see why not. I mean I personally hang weights and no doubt in my mind that I'm hitting both the ligs and tunicae at the same time. I feel the fatigue in both areas when I hang.
I'm looking for ways to increase the length of my right ligament.
huge-girth;757361 said:
I'm looking for ways to increase the length of my right ligament.

Only one ligament. One side may be thicker than the other and this is what causes uneven or leaning gains. To combat this favor the tighter side when stretching. Maybe give 75% to the right and 24% to the left. Eventually the ligament will even out.
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