Jun 8, 2003
When I'm working my length routine with the pump what I have been doing lately is a set of 10 DLD Blasters followed with a basic stretch cycle- straight down, hold for 30 secs., to the right and hold for 30 secs., then to the left and hold for 30 secs., then straight out and do about a minute of circular cranks. Repeat this for 3 sets in between each pump cycle and after you complete the last cycle. You should do a total of 5 complete sets of pumping and stretching together. Your ligs and tunica will really become pliable and you will reach and go beyond fatigue much faster, and you will gain more length in the tube. It is also important to shorten the pump cycle to 5-7 minutes at most. I don't have a guage so I pump so that I can feel the stretch all the way up to my glans. I started using this routine a couple of weeks ago and length in the tube has increased by at least 1/2".
I love hardcore workouts. This sounds intense. How long have you been rockin it and what kind of gains have you seen so far?
DLD, I really like this combination routine for length. I started putting it together last week and really concentrated on applying it for the last 3 sessions. I started at 6 3/4'' BPSFL and EBPL. I'm just starting to break 6 3/4'' EBPL and BPFSL is now 7''. The stretching device has been working very well for doing the blasters but I don't want to reveal too much about that until you experiment with the one I am making for you.
In the past, I've used stretching with alternating a pump workout. It was a great workout.

I just sent away for my pump a few days back.

For anyone interested they have great acrylic cylinders and brass pumps at LA Pump Distribution (http://www.cockpump.com). It is a nice ordering experience and your order comes very discreetly.

You must remember to use there size chart to determine what pump is best for you. You should really buy one that is close to your size so that you can pack the cylinder under low vacuum. Say around 5hg or lower (2-4Hg), then when you fill it you can buy a new one. What a way to plot your progress Hydromaxmm? A smaller longer one is said to help with length while a slightly wider one will help for girth.

In all my order came to $144.00 US. Not too bad IMO.

That sounds great Questor. Just be sure that you don't get too intense with the pump at first. Like NPenis Enlargement there is a breakin/conditioning period of about 1 month before you start to add intensity to your routine. To find out more about this you should go over to �other forum� and read Avocet 8's "pumping 101" thread in the Pumper's forum.
Believe me that was my main source of info.

Avocet8 and others there really seem to have this down to almost a science.

I believe Avocet8's words on permanency are great, something like...
Is it permanent, I don't know, but I have a much larger fuller penis then I used to.

Well something like that. That always cracks me up!

Thanks for the tip though, ;)

I gotta tell you guys, this modified blaster routine with the pump is Freakin' killer for length gains!!! Since I have been doing this combo of length only supersets my gains have been outstanding!!! When I started this length routine ONLY 3 1/2 weeks ago I was at 6 3/4'' BPenis EnlargementL. I measured my morning wood today and already, I shit you not!, the ruler said 7 1/4''. I couldn't believe it!, 1/2'' in only about 3 1/2 weeks?, and I took about 6 days off during this period, 4 of those days were all at once. I think that for those of you that are on a length plateau or even if your not you should give these modified blaster supersets a go. Even if you don't pump, you will probably find the manual part of this routine quite demanding. I also give credit to DLD's visualization technique as well. I am no expert at it and I still need a lot of work with it, specifically for my girth routine. When I visualize for my modified blaster supersets, I imagine my ligs are a rope in a tug o war. As the stretch is applied I try to see the individual strands of rope breaking apart under the stress. I then take it further and see this happening inside my penis so the rope now represents the micro tears that are occuring in my ligs. After a 2-3 sets of this you should be relaxed enough that you can actually feel yourself stretching out slightly longer and longer with each strech. This routine has been working for me. I max out my stretches a lot faster, reach fatigue faster, and it's no problem to go beyond fatigue which for length, is when you will get your maximum growth.
Sorry kind of a newbie question in regards to pumping. I've been Penis Enlargementing for over a year on and off but never pumped. Is a pump not supposed to give you girth gains? The above post would obviously lead me to think it will add length. Is there a way to pump your way to length specific gains or does it work both at once? I'm considering getting one if it will help my length workouts.
I as well am considering a pump. I've got a LOT of 6 so would a pump and a modified tunica specific stretch routine work better for length gains? Apposed to just manual tunica based stretches.
If so will a fifty dollar pump do the trick or should I opt for a more expensive one?
Alright MMclean and tune-i-ka, I'm going to start off by saying that the modified blaster routine with the pump is not a newbie pumper routine and should only be used only after you have a mininum of 3 months of pumping under your belt IMO. Pumping is used in NPenis Enlargement only to supplement and further enhance the manual workout and is used for both girth and length. Depending on the size of the tube, after you pack(fill) the tube from the base of your shaft up to your glans, then your penis only has one way to go....longer. If you want to concentrate on length get a tube that is closest to your width to help minimize girth expansion so that you can stretch out longer in the tube. If you want to work on girth, get a tube that is 1/2'' larger than your width giving you 1/4'' clearance all the way around your unit to give room for girth expansion. The most popular size tube is 2''x10''. This is because it lets you gain in girth, but after you pack you can still feel the girth expansion while gaining length in the tube, but check your erect width,so you will get the right size tube. You don't have to spend a small fortune to see if pumping is for you or not. You can go to an AutoZone and buy a MITYVACII pump for $29.95 complete with guage and go Pet Smart and buy an aquarium gravel cleaning tube for about $6.99, be sure that the cylinder wall is 1/16'' thick. They have different sizes from 1 1/4'', 1 3/4'' and 2''. After you get your tube go to home depot and look for Plasti-DIP Tool Dip. This is the rubberized coating for plier handles and other tools. If you can't get it there then go to an industrial supplier, they can get it for you. The stuff I got from mine was a LocTite product called ColorGuard. This is a good, cheap way to try pumping and if you decide it's not for you then you won't have wasted $120.00+ finding out. PLEASE, if you pursue pumping, which is a beneficial supplement to NPenis Enlargement, follow my above advice and follow Avocet8's pumping 101 routine over at �other forum� Place. Hope this helps guys. Pumping is a lot of fun and done right will really help to boost your gains. MMclean, for now, while you are thinking about a pump, you should try the visualization/ manual part of this routine. I was on a length plateau prior to coming up with these supersets and now I am making fast gains.
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