dld blasters

  1. M

    Plateau Breaker! Newbies need not apply!

    Ok seriously this isn't for newbies, be warned!!!! Warmup: 10 mins Lengthmaster fulcrum DLD Blasters: Slide your dick in the LM hole to the point before your sac. Pull down doing DLD Blasters. Next strap into the Lengthmaster & do tunica twists straight up twisting bothe directions...
  2. S

    How long should a workout last?

    I have been PEing for almost an year now and yes I have gained 1.5 inches in NBPEL and 1.75" in BPEL I have decided to take things up a notch and increase the number of exercises and frequency. My penis is conditioned so there is no need to worry about injuries The problem is , my total workout...
  3. DutchAthletic92

    Not gaining after 30 days with the length master

    Hi MOS, I'm lagging behind in gains... Since I have my LM I have gained consistently but now I can't push beyond that 7.3" mark.... it's been 30 days now and I haven't gained anything. I'm now starting to think that I rushed into it. Way too enthousiastic lol. I'm doing pre tunica bundle...
  4. S

    0.5" gain in length in a week wtf??????

    So recently i have been following the matters of size phase 2 and I injured my penis skin cause i didnt trim my pubic hair LOL. anyways, this made me stop doing jelqs for about a week so i made up for it by doing the basic stretching in phase one twice a day with the help of DLD blasters. WTF...
  5. megamike

    DLD Blasters Vs __________ stretches

    what does each of them target? and which is better for length and attacking the tunica, does __________ act more on it since there is a twisting-then pulling-action like the bundle stretches? and which would be recommended to be combined with the newbie routine?
  6. ffs

    Training 2x/day as a newbie?

    This is my third go at PE. The first time, I got sick and had to take a break. The second time, I fell out of routine from my hand strength not being enough and didn't have a lengthmaster. This time around, I'm not playing games. 3 years of potential gains down the toilet, and I don't...
  7. M

    girth gains using time under tension

    back when i was focusing on length i used a routine based on the principle time under tension and it worked well basically i was doing stretches then i would stay in the extender for 1.5 hours then i would do dld blasters and stay in the extender for 1.5 hours and finally i would hang 2 sets...
  8. T

    How long do I hold the dual fulcrum stretch and DLD blasters?

    I have a program Im doing and have dual fulcrum stretch in it along with the DLD Blasters. But I don't know how long too hold each stretch. Also is it possible to do the A stretch with length master?
  9. C

    Breaking the plateau

    Hi guys I've been doing PE for just over 2 years now and it's become a great part of my life, having gained just under an inch so far. I started with good ol' JP90 then moved onto my own manual routine for a few months. I then started hanging first with the BIB but then quit that...
  10. B

    How to grip the head on basic stretches

    I think I have been doing it wrong all along which is why I haven't gained anymore. Whenever I try manual stretches it always feels like there is to much pressure on the head, I also don't feel anything along the tunica, shaft, or ligaments usually. I am circumsized. Anyone have any videos on...
  11. orgasmic19

    How does penis enlargement work and are PI's necessary?

    Okay, from my understanding the penis needs only 24 hours to recover before it's next training session. The tissue in the penis needs to be stretched and expanded consistently for growth. If I am not wrong fatigue plays a big part for maximum growth. And, intensity and proper form play a big...
  12. IAmSpartacus71

    Flaccid Bend for penis girth?

    As you can see in the link here: https://okaydick.com/penis-enlargement-exercises/flaccid-bend This website said this exercise works for girth. Is it true? Can a flaccid exercise improve girth?
  13. B

    Stretching questions.

    i dont have the time to spend in the evenings doing stretches, so I have been doing them throughout the day, here and there when I go to the bathroom, my question is for these stretches, do I need to be doing the warm up and down, reason I dont have the time, is due to privacy,
  14. Big Schwanz Acht

    Reverse Kegel while stretching,

  15. T

    A doubt about DLD Blasters and the A stretch.

    Hi guys, I hope you a are well, I´ve been doing a basic stretching routine, in all angles, for 15 secs I do quick kegels, then I release the kegels and I stretch for 15 doing a reverse kegel. Then Im determined to do de dld blasters, I do the warm up and all the previous stuff, but I find really...
  16. Ronin_OZ

    A stretch - does anyone still use it?

    Hi everyone, I have been noticing that a lot of routines, now days, don't include the A stretch. I was wondering why not? It gives a good stretch. But what I noticed most is how loose and pliable my penis felt after doing them. So I started thinking maybe it could be integrated as a warm up with...
  17. Lightning

    Top Poster of the Year Contest - Grand Prize

    So far the top 10 posters of the year that are qualified for the Ultimate PE Package, XBox/PS Package or cash are... Munto 1616 CokeCanCock 1611 LONGERDICK7+ 1394 kyomoto 1153 templnite 1033 BigBeardBig 964 Big Schwanz Acht 771 acromegaly 663 stillwantmore2 425 habban 368 Threak-X...
  18. AboveAvgAries

    PE and the bodybuilding perspective

    Hey there ~ first post here so bear with me. I've been doing PE and in touch with DLD for at least 6 months so I consider myself a newbie, always learning. I love the body and how it works. Through the newbie program and SRT on / off I have definitely seen gains, and hope to help others...
  19. M

    great gain

    started two.months ago bearly.measured cause I didn't really.gain.my.first month and.i went from 5.5 to.6.5 hell yaaaa feeling like a king and girth went.from 5.5 to.6
  20. M

    .what can.I.do.to.better my.routine

    I.wake up.put on.entender for.4 hours then.go.to.go.work.rest 4hours get off do Manuel.stretch basic.newbie all.angles.3x and the rotary starch takes.about 30min.and.then jelqing for.20min then.put.on.device.for.2hours then.lkegals for20min then.rest.for.3hours then.bath mate before bed 5min...
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