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Jun 4, 2003
Hi all, have not been hanging much, so decided to try again tonight and see what happened. Didn't have any weights in the house so put on the Bib Hanger and fastened the hook to the desk drawer and then just used my weight to pull back. Let my common sense dictate the pressure. Good lig pull and felt like the tunica was being pulled really good too. Stood up and leaned back and gave different attachments to different things, (different drawers) and was surprised as to how good it felt. Much easier than attaching the weights. Anyone tried this?
LOL, I dont have a desk or dresser handy that would allow me to do what you describe. Sounds interesting though. If you like it what the heck right?
Can anyone tell me how you attach a SIGNIFICANT weight safely to my penis?

I have seen photos of a competition that I think is done in the Orient - Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, wherever. The deal is thhey have this public competition where the guys wear robes with a rope somehow attached to their penises. They compete by pulling greater and greater weights. The recent winner pulled a loaded bus!

I have a friend who owns a tattoo and piercing studio. One of the guys working for him had tried lifting haevier and heavier loads with his penis, with a sort of noose tied around the neck of his penis. He succeeded in actually ripping the head right off the end of the shaft! His head was still attached by the urethera and corpora spongisoum, but he bled big time. The emergency room people stitched the glans back and it healed, fusing back onto the end of the corpora cavernosum (shaft). He doesn't lift stuff anymore.

But back to the guys in the orient. How does one SAFELY attach a load to the human penis? (My wife wants me to pull the car with her in it!)
The answer...very carefully! Seriously, you need to be careful and get some advice. I have a Bib Hanger that is available from can check his site via Thundersplace or Penis A hanger that squeezes the shaft of the penis and not pulling on the glans, head is a must. Some of the hangers I have seen are a noose around the head....not a good idea. Search the net and look up Bib Hanger. Anyone have a link to Bibs site??? GS
I have tryed hangin [now and again[ in the past.
Done it with thick string/rope and normal weights.

It did okay but as you can imagine the string hurt ma old man.
I dont have credit cards so I cant buy weight devices for this, so I have been thinking of making my own device with normal stuff at home.

I like the BIB hanger and the JAS Extender.
Torsion and hanging are my only alternatives in NPenis Enlargement.
Pumping is = 0000000000 to me.

Does anyone here have any ideas on how I could get the normal 10lb weight hanging from ma cock with summut that wont hurts as much????

Best answer I can give you Red is to make your own BIB. Check out the hangers forum at the top of the page on Thundersplace (coulda sworn I put thundersplace there last time. There's a thread with a link to diagrams and instructions on how to make one from inexpensive flexible hose. You should be able to hang 10lbs and eventually more that way. I currently hang between 12.5 and 17.5.lbs depending on how things feel. I do 20 minute sessions throughout the day. Logged only 3 hours total yesterday. Goal being to get in 5 or 6 hours a day of total hang time.
I made several hangers before I ended up getting a bib. If you are handy you can make one with PVC. PVC will be moldable if heated with a heat gun or carefully with a hand torch. I made mine an it worked okay, The BIB is better because you can really squeeze down on the shaft and not slip toward the glans. Thundersplace has a lot of info and some pictures. Just be careful not to get your head cold because you cut off circulation. GS
So, what's the greatest weight/load that any of you have ever put on your penis?

My wife is determined that I should pull the car with her in it, by pulling with her (my?) penis.

She has me up to lifting a 65-lb. cast iron anvil with the scrotum. That used to burn a little, but doesn't any more. But boy, does the bag hang low when I first get out of bed in the morning! :cool:
I have been using an alternative hanger. I bought it from UK ( I can hang up to 5 kgs for 10 minutes, then it slips from the penis. It seems to me an effective tool.
Inspired – how about this?

- Take one height adjusting chair

- Take one open desk to allow chair plus person to get under desk top

- Attach to underside of desk top suitably strong anchoring point

- Attach BIB to penis, sit on chair move into desk under anchoring point

- Adjust chair height to give optimal downward adjustment

- Attach BIB to anchoring point via small set of spring fishing scales

- Lower the chair and stretch the penis with scales indicating desired tension

Suitable clothing and this arrangement could be commuted to workplace! Just remember during fire drills that your dick is attached to the desk!

Hey, why not – it’s discreet and meets the criteria of work and stretch!

Let me know if anyone does this – my own height adjusting chair is too erratic and I can foresee pain! However I am inspired to get a new one!
Anyone here into sail boats? I have been considering the ropes and pulleys (sheets and blocks) you see criss-crossing all over a sail boat. Let your imagination run wild with the hookups you could use on your penis (or testicles - mine hang nearly to my knees now) - even while asleep in bed. Very adjustable, and when using blocks, you can multiply your pulling power.
I would strongly advise against hanging while sleeping. Or maybe there's some way to hang and, not cut off or slow down circulation and, sleep all night. The most I have hung from my penis for working sets in other words, not just to say "hey i can hang this much from my penis" 17.5lbs. Right now though I work with between 12.5 and 15lbs.
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