Hey whats up Supra? I know you've got a lot of knowledge about both of these topics so I thought you'd be the man to ask. I just recently got interested in weight training and I'm wondering how I should scheduel it around my pe exercises. I have heard lots of mixed opinions from other forums and stuff on when the best time to do either is. The only reason I'm really concerned about this is when I workout my flacid hang goes to shit so I figure this has to have some inpact. So whenever you get a chance please get back to me cause I plan to start working out soon but I don't want to hurt any penis gains. Thanks.


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Ok to end all rumors, working out does not shrink your penis. On the contrary it would make it bigger. IE, from increased hormones, healthy body, and increases blood flow. Especially with leg workouts.

Now while you are working out it will shrink.

I will say that it does shrink flaccid size diring the workout for the simple reason, your penis is not being used and your body requires it to go else were for the workout, but after a hot shower and a a couple jelqs you are back to normal.

I do my Pe in the morning and I would out later in the after noon, that way to keep them apart form each other.
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From my experience, doing girth immediately after a workout is really good. Probably from the blood still pumping and more sensitivity than usual.

But I think trying to schedule your Penis Enlargement around the workout to take advantage of hormones is a waste of time. Testosterone, DHT, GH and I-GF1 and the main ones regarding penis growth, and test dht and gh take a long time to show their effects (days to weeks), and the rise in I-GF1 from a workout is minimal.
Another factor in causing "shrinkage" during workout is adrenaline. As the bodie's adrenaline rises it tends to cause the penis to shrivel up, as the blood is drawn to what the body sees as more important appendages (legs and arms).


I've never seen an increase in size from exercising. Intense or not. Almost always temporary shrinkage. Blood is being driven to the more important working muscles. Why would the penis need that extra blood during a bench press session or while running??
Mine don't shrink or get larger when i work out. I guess i'm not doing an intense routine like you guys.


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I have read that training and "building" the quadriceps muscle (front thigh) can increase blood flow to the genital area in general and penis in particular by up to 20%.

Don't know if that can increase size but it should help with erections, right?

Women usually like strong legs and a muscular ass - maybe it's some kind of subconscious recognition of "mating prowess" from the old days...


After a good workout, cardio and weights my flaccid hang is usually a bit fatter. i believe this is because it increases circulation throughout my body, that's just me though.
Working out the legs in general because of the amount of muscle mass down there will increase blood flow everywhere in the body. You want bigger arms.....do legs. We have all read the studies that intense leg workouts raise testosterone and hormones levels for long periods after working out. But, most people do suffer from shrinkage for a time after working out. This is because the other areas of the body are using the necessary hormones needed.

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