penis growth

  1. aDiscipleofGod

    thoughts and opinions on alcohol and penis health/growth gains/performance

    Do any of you guys drink regularly? If so does it hinder your ability to make gains? Help gains in any way like maybe stretching or any other way? Help or hinder your general penis health or performance in any way? Does a small amount of drinking have a different effect on your penis than a...
  2. R

    June 2017, Let's talk penis growth!

    I hope you or somebody out there can read this and shed some light or give some advice. Of course increasing the size of the penis is what I been trying to do. I approach it with diet and nutrition. I eat healthy as in vegetarian and nutrition I take are L argine every morning and I take blue...
  3. Chaoskampf

    looking for pumps above 2.75 inches in width

    Hi, I am using an UTIMI vacuum pump with 2.75 inches in width and 8.25 inch in length. I want to have a longer cylinder and especially a thicker one. However these cylinders do not exist according to my research. The Bathmate X50 has a nice length but it lacks the width. It looks like I have...
  4. orgasmic19

    TiTan Penis Growth Assistant Pills (Privacy)

    I was thinking about ordering TiTan pills and would this help with EQ and sex drive like increase horniest? I would also like to know how long would it get to my house because I still live with my parents and I am concerned about privacy and what would be the carrier? can you do two day shipping...
  5. acromegaly

    mk677 is legal gh

    mk677 is very good at stimualting natural production of gh. For research purposes the lab rat would take 25mg at bedtime. If the lab rat gets a hypo feeling it would eat a bunch of healthy food no carbs then go to sleep. it has recovery benifits like gh and the fat burning, but unlike gh no...
  6. Lightning

    The All New Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Here with Discounts!

    The All New, Long Awaited Bathmate HydroMax X50 Xtreme Hydro Penis Pump is Now Here! This New X-50 Replaces the Goliath and is for people looking to Achieve Maximum Penis Gains by Penis Pumping with a Hydro Pump. EXCLUSIVE! Get $140 in Discounts when you Order Exclusively...
  7. John_Wayne

    Circumcision and Schlong Growth Potential

    Hey Everyone, Lately, I've been thinking about how circumcision may act as a barrier to growth. In full disclosure, I was circumcised shortly after my birth. My parents told me that it was done for hygiene. When I do my PE stretches I feel the normal intensity within the tunica and...
  8. habban

    Tunica & Ligament Isolation Technique!

    Hello! This technique was shown to me from a guy at PE named Holownia. And i have studied this a little bit on myself and i have came up with a conclusion that will answer a lot of questions like: Usable penis size, visual penis size, and how to realize how much tunica + ligament gains you...
  9. S

    DHT Cream, HGH, Peptides...

    I haven't been on the forum for some time nor have I been doing any PE as of late. I was hanging (Captains Wrench), using a pro-extender, and a Bathmate on occasion. I did follow the newbie routine for a while....and incorporated jelq's and stretches into my own routine. While I did...
  10. R

    Which hormone (HGH or TEST) is more inportant for PE if you had to choose and why?

    Hallo Gainers, Question is in the title, Which do you choose and why. Maybe it is a sili question but I am curious about your opinions. Salute ;)
  11. johnny-wang

    DHT anyone?

    I am already very manly, been a scally my entire life albeit a bookworm . . . complicated I know. And even though I have a pretty face I still look fairly mean (bad boyish look) Problem is I look too young for my age (29) and have teenage girls giving me too much attention. So I am trying to...
  12. G

    Penis growth herbs increase penis length?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has any personal experience of any of these herbs. Like deer antler for example is suppose to increase the growth of the penis? Could these herbs be beneficial to growth combined with Penis enlargement exercises? I know herbs help with girth but what about...
  13. W

    New 2800 gram tension size genetics

    Hello all, I've recently purchased new replacement arms for my SG extender to replace the arms on a device ordered at the very beginning of this year because one arm seems to rub a little while increasing tension, it is still very functional it just requires a little finesse to get smooth...
  14. P

    foods that promote penis growth or cell division

    what are the foods or herbs or blends of drinks that should be taken on a regular basis that help in cell growth in penis....... i read around about vitamin c , castor oil , ashwagandha...etc but what are the specific ones that should be taken regularly???.... what have u guys been taking...
  15. P

    excessive skin growth

    guys i have been gaining loads of skin compared to my penis........ when traction wrapping or stretching during ADS......the skin and penis are strethced but the skin grows faster and is more when i stop all these and when my pensi returns to its normal size or a bit of...
  16. G

    Penis growth spurts - what is going to happen to me?

    Hi I'm 22 and ever since highshool and continuing after high school have been having dick growth spurts. I know a lot of you might think this is bullshit so I posted pictures of my last few growth spurts to prove it. But anyway my experience has not been as fun as you might think. Don't get me...
  17. H

    What to do about micropenis?

    Hi everyone! I have read threads regarding PE for micropenis but they usually end up without updates from users who are experiencing the same problems. This is my situation. I am 1" flaccid and about 4" erect. However, my girth is just a little thicker than my thumb (sighs). May I know...
  18. A

    not getting solid erection as before helpppp

    Hi guys: I started the ptogram2 weeks as ago and I'm noticing that i can't hold an erection as before. Don't know why. I have been eating raw beets since 4 days ago in all3 Daily meals. Dose it matter? Help please!!!!!! I'm 26
  19. B

    clitoris vs penis??

    I was reading on the internet about the clitoris, and I have some questions: Will a large clitoris mother have sons with a large penis? I've seen mentioned that clitoris never stops growing, at 40 it is 4x size of onset of puberty. What is the mechanism of growth and why doesn't it stop...
  20. Destroyurr

    Girth Guidelines?

    What concepts and guidelines for girth should be applied while doing and not doing PE? Not any specific exercises or routine, but some general and not so general guidelines for girth work because I want to get the maximum gains from girth as fast as humanely possible.