Jun 6, 2003
I have been doing this for a few weeks now.
Before your routine massage your tool with some muscle rub (the cream for sore muscles). It will improve your P.E. session greatly.

The reasoning -
The penis is made up of smooth muscle among other things. Smooth muscle you can't control the contraction or relaxation, so it is logical if you could make the smooth muscle relax that would equal a better workout.

Now I am hearing people yelling at the top of their lungs about how muscle rub is for skeletal muscles. Now open up your mind for a second, let that brain fart loose ;) and read on.

In order to accomplish such, the active ingredient has to be menthol, a optional active ingredient is camphor, but it must contain menthol.

A little about the ingredients -

Menthol is natural smooth muscle relaxer and improves blood flow to the area.

Camphor stimulates localized blood flow and reddening of the skin, the skin thing is why I say it is optional.

If you decide to try this get a rub that contains at least 10% of active ingredient. Also try to stay away from ones that contain alchohol, it will dry your skin. The ones that turn cold would be annoying also.

All of this is only temporary, but lasts long enough for a P.E. session.

Just think, some of the perks of arginine (in a temporary package) for a few dollars.

Cool...I'll give it a go.
Are you suggesting a cream like IcyHot? I once put that on my dick. I won't go into the details, but NEVER AGAIN!
The smooth muscle is covered by collagen and there isn't much that can penetrate it. This is why they have such problems with PGE1 being transdermal.

Ofcourse, I never argue with results.

I can imagine what you went through. thats a rough one on skin, I dont even want to try that on sensitive skin. Stuff that turns icy would be hard to deal with.
Could get some Menthol plant and apply the leaves to the penis.
I have loadz at home.
Or, you might could make your own mint syrup with the leaves Red and add some aloe to it.?
The brand i have tried is tiger balm arthrites rub, has 11% menthol and 11% camphor.

I am a big believer in holistic medicine. Presently I am testing a mixture. I have been mixing my own medicines for years and quite knowledgable in this feild.

Red, you could try the menthol mix but be careful. The wrong strength and it wont do nothing for you, too muchand it can cuase problems like burning your skin.
Yes it has msm in it.
If your skin is too sensitive try take a drop of rub and a drop of lotion so that its diluted.
i wasnt thinking of some peoples sensitivity, so test on small area first.
Well, MSM is one thing that can penetrate to the tunica. I'm a believer now. MSM is some good shit. Mixed with the methonal and you have a good ass Penis Enlargement aid.
I just went and bought that Tiger Balm and man......I can feel it through my veins, leading all the way back to my pre scrotal area.

My first thoughts: It was warm and when I started to stretch, it was a bit irratating. The skin is a little sore from the application. I will try it again tommorrow and see if I still get that type of stinging while stretching.
8, glad your giving it a go.
I dont do many stretching exercises, but if it irritated the skin try using less and possibly mixing a drop with hand lotion.
I know for a fact it really helps girth exercises like the jelq and uli, because thats mostly what i do.
I have noticed that I can get a better girth workout with this. How is your gains using it? How often do you use it?
What is the texture of this stuff like? Does it absorb right into the skin, or does it sort of campout on the outside? Reason I'm asking is that I want to implement wet jelqs into my routine and I'm wondering whether this stuff serves as a decent lube, or if it needs wiped off before the exercises begin, in favor of vaseline.
We discussed this topic way back on peforums.

Take a finger tip(a small one!) of tiger balm mix it with some baby oil and apply to your dick and wonder how nice it works;)

Never apply it pure!!!

And be careful not to ejaculate to quickly the first few times you apply. It creates some quite exciting sensation:D

I didn't use long time. Thanks for the reminder!

Ah, I forgot:

as an alternative you could use toothpaste with menthol.
Apply and wash off after a minut or so.
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