1. H

    Does girth excercise with the bathmate causes peyronies disease?

    Someone in the progress log section just told me that he read somewhere that doing length and girth exercises causes peyronies disease. He said girth exercises in particular causes peyronies disease. My question is, will I face this problem since I'm currently doing a length and girth routine...
  2. A

    Going on a break

    Hi. I am planning to take a 4/5 months break on my pe journey. The time i dedicate to my excercise is needed elsewhere. But i do not want to lose my gains. Can anyone plz suggest a routine Which i can follow in this period.
  3. B

    Question about skin using a enlagment pump

    Hello everyone I have a quick question, when i use my pump, i get this section of skin about 1/2 just under the head, that dont want to expand and looks like its stays atached to the shaft, the other day i maxed out my 3" pump and it looked like i had paronies desise, Anyone have a...
  4. A

    Back to clamping

    I have been doing PE for quite a while but never consistantly. I had done clamping in the past and i think its a great great excercise for girth. Recently im back to clamping with 3 sets of 10 min each with 5 min break inbetween and jelqs for restoring blood flow. I use a rubber pipe which is...
  5. A

    How to increase Flaccid length

    I am quite small when flaccid i.e 4.2. whats the best excercise to increase the flaccid length and girth permanently. Im 7.2 when erect.
  6. A

    Input required

    Im not new to PE, although not that regular i must say. I have never been consistant in my routine, but my irrergular PE has given me some gains and now im thinking of getting it a serious go. Im married with kids so i do pe in stealth. Mostly i have done jelqs (dry and wet) , stretches etc...
  7. S

    tunica tugs gains ??

    Hi guys . anyone got girth gains by using tunica tugs ??? in how long time ??? does it enlarge the glans too ?? or just the shaft ?? how many reps should do to maximize the gains ??? is it advanced exercise or newbie ???
  8. B

    Re-Results of the maturbation Jelq

    This excerise has done the most good for me. I warm up with my floor heater making sure my dick is relaxed stretchable. then i stretch jelq squeeze (both hands) for 30 or 45 min then i warm down...which helps you retain gains.If you want FAST results this definitelty the excercise for you...
  9. G

    Porn star Mandingo gets blow job by non porn star

    Anybody know where the rest of these pictures are or who the chick in it is? And btw been lurking and learning before joining and gained .3 in girth in about 30 days from rolling pin excersise(dangerous i know) , combined with cock ring sometimes. Went from 5.3 to 5.6....feels a lil...
  10. L

    Routine Review

    Hi everyone. I hope everyone's week is going great. I spent the past days reading the SRT post and DLD you are a genius! Now I'm trying to make a routine to fit around my work schedule. I inserted it in-depth below. I just need some veterans to look it over and I'm open to everyone's input. This...
  11. A

    Erect excercises

    Hi, What are some best excercises in an erect stage, plz share your thoughts. Towel raises are for pc muscle strengthning, right? What other erect excercises are out there especially for length gains Best
  12. B

    Dr. Miami on "Penis Enlargement"

    Dr. Miami, a celebrity Plastic Surgeon, was on the radio today speaking on the countless surgeries he has performed for celebrities. When asked about Penis enlargement he stated that theres nothing he can do for men that desire to gain length but there are procedures where they can acquire more...
  13. T

    Fat pad excercise

    So the fat pad. I have 6.3 bpel when I pull my fingers in But if not its 5.9 Is there a way to decrease the fat pad? What excercise a?
  14. Simyan

    Mind BLOWN by LengthMaster

    I smiled and glanced outside the window. The sun was luminating the park right below where I live. The marijuana in my mind, Length Master attached, I couldn't help but think.... Michael Salvini is a genius. After having educated myself on the proper use of the LM, I had my first proper...
  15. grosso

    congenital curved penis

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there is a way to correct a (upwards) curved penis. I have to point out that the curvature is congenital. I have heard that curvatures which occurs later can be correct even with manual exercises or surgery but what about congenital curvature? Is there...
  16. kofandy2001

    Penile plication surgery

    no it's for girth, but with some modifications you can correct curve. Pogzee will tell more.
  17. T

    Is there a tool for bpel?

    Is there a ring or anything you can put on your cock during sex that pushes back on your fat pad so your bpel is alive during sex?
  18. D

    What now?

    Hi all I've been doing PE (intermittently) for nearly 4 years now. The whole time I've basically alternated between jelqing and stretching routines. I have gained some (not that much) size but now I feel my routines do not have the same effect they once had. (Pretty predict able after a few...
  19. M

    Ligament Strength?

    During my exercise I be wanting to go all out but it's a piece of me that be nervous about doing it, I know that ligament is strong but I don't how strong it is to be taking a lot of tension from the length work, do anyone how much force to put on it because I really want to go all out and make...
  20. kofandy2001

    Pumping out my curve

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in pumping a curve penis into a straighter one. In theory with smaller tube you would have no where else to go but straight. I have a slight downward curve to the left. Had it fixed with surgery and l bented it again from aggressive...
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