Jun 3, 2003
I just did my 30 day measurement, picked up another 1/4" in BPFS, total of 3/4" since concentrating on tunica stretching over the past 90 days...

One step closer... :)
Thats fantastic RB2 keep up the good work. What kind of exercises have you been doing to achieve these new gains? Above LOT manual stretches or something more fancy?

By the way is this RB from �other forum�?
Very nice gains RB2. Keep up the good work.

Have you concentrated on tunica because of a low LOT?
Originally posted by freakybig
Thats fantastic RB2 keep up the good work. What kind of exercises have you been doing to achieve these new gains? Above LOT manual stretches or something more fancy?

By the way is this RB from �other forum�?


Great, RB...I am also seeing some fantastic gains. When are you seeing the flaccid stretch calculate into erect gains? When I have seen the flaccid stretch move ahead it seems it is quite awhile before that was seen in erect measurement. It comes though. I have seen 3/4 inch bpfs in the past three months and am greatly encouraged.
Is that true that the BPFS translates into BPenis EnlargementL gains? If so, that's a big inspiration!

Yes, I am RB from thunder's and peforum. This board said minimum of three characters for a user name, so I added a 2, as in also, I guess... :)

Yes, I have a low LOT, around 7:00, so I have been concentrating on fake arm A and manual stretching at all angles above my lot.

Bib hypothesized based on his experience that eventually BPenis EnlargementL catches up to BPFS, although maybe not fully, either over time, or with behind the balls jelqing or when taking viagra. He stated you have to increase blood flow and arterial capacity in order to maximize penis volume, using a garden hose versus a fire hose as an example.

It seems to be widely reported that over time EL does catch up to FS, and that's what I'm hoping for. I have gained some erect length in addition to FS, just not as much...
I have found that the Flaccid Stretch stats does become the Erect BP stats over time.

I agree with the fact that if you say have a 9' BP cock and a 9.5' FS cock than you would need a nice real good hard one to get it to 9.5 Erect BP , but its certainly possible and wihtout Viagra.
Infact Ginkgo Biloba and Korean Ginseng over time will help ALOT with circulation as myself know all to well.

I am now 8.25' erect length BP and 7.4/7.5 in erect girth.
I myself dont take all the stats you guys do as I see no point, doing the flaccid stretch, none bone pressed.

The NBP will vary one hell of alot with any man as they have a fat pad, so its worthless mainly.

Anyways, nice gains dude.
Zulu, that's some fricking huge girth... How much of that is gain over what God gave ya? What did you do to get it?

Any problems getting into the girlfriend? Blowjobs out of the question?
Nearly 2 years of NPenis Enlargement.
Did alot of intense wet jelqs, Horses, Uli's, Anaconda Squeeze Stretches and other exercises that I made.

I can get into ma girl , but sumtimes its harder than usual.
I gotta like lube up well.
She can JUST get her mouth around it.

I am just going and going and wont stop with girth, see if I can reach 8' next.
Originally posted by REDZULU2003
Nearly 2 years of NPenis Enlargement.

The acronym NPenis Enlargement is not listed in any glossary that I can find: what's the N stand for?

I'm encouraged by the reports that EL will eventually catch up with FS. I'm getting what I think are good workouts and results with A-stretches and jelqs.

I'd also like to know what your pre-Penis Enlargement girth was, Redzulu, if you have that data.

My primary focus is now girth gain. The bends and A-stretches feel as if they're gonna make some major changes. And an exercise named Anaconda has GOT to be good...

Thanks, ATS. That's an important distinction. Maybe a thread devoted to pure NPenis Enlargement is in order.
well i think it is in a way ...since the hangers have a sep. forum ...but i know what you mean tho ...and for those of you that dont already know him...REDZULU is a great person he has helpped me alot since i got started Pe'ing ....he took it upon himself to be a kind of a mentor to me with out me having to ask him ....and he is a great motivator ..........but i still think with his intense stretching and pulling he does to his penis he gonna pop that sucker off one day tho ....lol....j/k RED....
RB, this is great news, congratulations! I'm very proud of you. What are your full stats now?
Damn, good work.
Red Zulu:

7,5" girth?! Oh my God! That's disgusting! ;)
Just kidding. Is it mid-shaft or base girth? Anyways, I want your girth, that's amazing! *thumbs up* (DLD, you gotta get those "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" smilies.)


You're long, dammit! :D I envy you.
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