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  1. G

    Tapered Girth

    Hi all, at the moment I’m doing some jelqs size genetics stretching and dld superset bathmate/SSJ’s. My girth is 6’’ base girth 5.25 mid and 5 just below head. What exercise would be good to equal it out? I would like to get to 6’’ all over.
  2. S

    Girth from stretches?

    I can’t do much girth work for now, so I’m just curious if anyone gains from straight stretches, ie if i do the newbie routine sans jelq, plus phallosan, should i expect any girth? Just wondering, thanks!
  3. Mick09

    What Jelqing Technique Do You Use?

    So this is how I’ve been jelqing for the past 10 years (type 1): Start completely flaccid, with an o-grip around the base. Start stimulating the penis, and as you get aroused kegel some blood into the penis and then clamp off at the base. Keep repeating this process (stimulating, kegeling...
  4. B

    Train through low EQ?

    I've been doing a new pumping routine that has me working everyday. My base girth has grown 5/8" and midshaft only grew 1/8" within 2 weeks. I noticed after adding jelqing to my routine my EQ started declining. My glans generally wouldn't fill up, but I noticed my width got 1/8" bigger...
  5. stillwantmore

    How To Do Measured Pics So People Take You Seriously

    Pretty simple. I know some of us act like a ruler or tape measure is our penis' equivalent of garlic to a vampire. However, it's really not that hard (pun intended) to get a good measured shot. First, you need the right tools. To measure girth, you need a tape measure as shown below. Yes, you...
  6. Egghead1

    Does Cockring use after a girth session help with overall tunica stretching?

    Now my question doesn't necessarily have to do with the use of a cockring specifically but almost anything that has to do with keeping that temporary girth pump throughout the day. From my understanding from experience and from SRT, keeping your temporary girth expansion throughout the day will...
  7. E

    Thinking on buying a Phallosan to use in place of SG

    As the title says I’ve been think lately of getting a phallosan to use in place my sizegentics/VLC setup. The issue with my SG is its rather a utter headache to deal with wearing it out daily or at work for an extended about of time. One issue being due to the overall length in my case. And...
  8. Mick09

    Phallosan for Girth?

    Anyone use the phallosan for girth? I never even heard of this thing til today, so this is new to me. I'm wondering about using it for bundled stretches, which are supposedly very good for girth. I've never benefited from bundled stretches at all, but maybe they'd work for me if I did them...
  9. W

    back in after long layoff-Large base girth?

    So I was pretty involved for a time 3-5 years ago for about 3 years. I went from 5.9-6.1x 5.1 to 6.8x 5.4 or so over that time training 30 minutes 4x a week or so mostly deep stretching jelqs ulis etc no equipment per se. Good results in my mind and turned from skeptic to believer as a simple...
  10. T

    If I'm doing the newbie stretch routine plus hanging for 60 minutes...

    Can I skip over the downward stretches since I'm basically stretching downward with weights for 60 minutes?
  11. J

    whats their girth ? Rico strong and Wesley Pipes

    hello guys who you guys think is thicker Wesley Pipes or Rico Strong and what BASE girth do they have ? my guess is that wesley pipes 4.8 inches in base girth and 5.2 inches in base girth for Rico strong or maybe im wrong and Wesley is 4.7 in BG and Rico is 5 in BG but i seriously dont...
  12. K

    My current workout

    I'm not faithful to pe as I should and sometimes go weeks without doing any pe. No reason why but now I'm going to be dedicated and so far one solid week in the books. My current routine is 5 minutes in Bathmate then do 150 jelqs. I repeat this 3 times and at the end do 10 minutes of...
  13. B

    The Girlfriend says thanks for helping me get to 6 1/2 x 5 inches

    she said tell you all thanks, now she has a dick she cant get enough of and wants more, she said I have been the best shes been with, we fucked for hours last night, so much I kept her screaming, below are some pics with a measurements.
  14. B

    Bathmate XX40 Permanent Girth Gains

    Haven't been active recently Just thought I would drop this question to all that have gained permanent Girth through the use of a Bathmate. Currently pre workout I am 6.125 Mid Girth and 6.75-7 Inch Base girth, I clamp Once for 20 Minutes in the morning with 4 to 5 Clamped Bends in this Time...
  15. B

    Girth Fluctuations - Normal

    Does Anybody Else Have girth Fluctuations and is it Normal? My Main Exercise is Clamping and Clamped Bends with a Random day every week using the Bathmate XX40 and Once every two weeks I will hang. I have been measuring every Week for the Past couple of Months and consecutively I am pretty...
  16. B

    BaseG Girth/MidShaft/Base

    Please do not Dismiss me as a Newbie as I have been on This website around 3 Maybe 4 Years now (Not an Account Holder until recent) Wanted to Thank the Brotherhood as the knowledge within this forum is Extremely powerful to Men worldwide. I Never measured before so do not really have...
  17. T

    Increase Base Girth?

    Hey, the way my dick naturally is means that i have a great girth at the glans and good girth at the shaft just below it. But beyond there my girth decreases until the base, where it is very measly and thin. All girth exercises i have read on here talk about giving great girth expansion at the...
  18. S

    Odd question for experts

    I'm not masturbating for now, is there a way to gain girth without doing erect exercises? Just wondering
  19. B

    bathmate vacuvin mod..

    Guys if you have not done the vacuvin mod on the bathmate, I suggest you do it. All I can say is holly hell the expantion I got of just 2x5, I know someone that is going either be in trouble when she gets it, or she is going to love it.
  20. C

    Penis shaft not growing. What's next?

    Hi guys I have seen some decent gains in BPEL over the last 2 years through various phases of manual and hanging work. I am currently just shy of 7" (target 8" cemented length), about an inch growth. What I have recently noticed is my gains seem to be coming from an extended base of my...
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